Villa Wedding Venues In Italy

After several discussions with other Destination Wedding Photographers that I’ve been lucky enough to know and work along side. One thing we all agree on is that Italy is nothing short of amazing for destination weddings. I’ve had plenty experience as an Italy Wedding Photographer and shot at a fair few venues up and down the country. I wanted to make an article about Villa Wedding Venues in Italy specifically though. These are venues I’d love to shoot weddings at or that I’m going to photograph weddings in. I’ve photographed weddings in other villas in Italy such as Villa Relais Vittoria as a Lake Como Wedding Photographer and Villa Schuler in Sicily during my time as a Taormina Wedding Photographer.

For now though here are some villa wedding venues in Italy I’m either shooting at soon or would love to photograph at one day!

villa wedding venues in Italy

Villa Monte Nero

Villa Monte Nero is an alluring old stone farmhouse that is a perfect wedding location for all the lovers! It provides a perfect outdoor wedding setup because of its flawless structure while keeping its old rural charm. The staff give attention to every detail making the wedding a memorable experience for you to cherish.

Villa Monte Nero is located in the countryside of lovely Tuscan, in the midst of the natural tract of Montenero. Built on many acres of land, it is surrounded with lush trees and spacious greenery which makes it a perfect photography spot and you can also go for long walks engaged in nature. As a Tuscany Wedding Photographer, this is a venue I’ve not yet photographed a wedding in, though its somewhere I’d love to. I think its really intimate and full of character.

The enchanted old stone farmhouse has recently been rebuilt and has nine en-suite rooms in conventional Tuscan styling. All nine rooms have their own separate bathrooms with some amazing common spaces. Apart from the bedrooms, they have two huge dining rooms, a spacious living room, a well stocked kitchen and awesome grounds with the most amazing view a place can offer.

The villa offers great 360 degree sight on the encompassing countryside that can be seen from the pool or the in the open air dining area. It also has many checked paths that can be taken by either a walk or bicycle. There are various waterfalls and some lakes as well. There is likewise a great collection of spas that consist of a warm Jacuzzi, massage area and salt cave where you can relax in your own exclusive haven. It also offers catering service and wine tasting on demand.

The closest town Volterra is only few kms away. It is a celebrated town, that has an amusing history throughout the years. Somewhat further apart, there are likewise the most delightful cities such as Florence and Siena San Gimignano.

Villa Podernovo

Villa Podernovo is an awesome venue to plan a wedding with the help of their wedding organizers who will be glad to help you in orchestrating a memorable day. The units of this villa can likewise be rented separately if the entire place is not already reserved by a huge gathering. I’m delighted that I have actually a wedding coming up here soon and cant wait to make some Villa Podernovo Wedding Photography.

The villa is situated just 500 meters from Monticiano which is not a long way from the awesome middle age town of Siena, which is known throughout the world for its Palio horserace. The old towns of Pienza and Montalcino are hardly few kilometers away and all the major tuscan cities can be reached in a maximum of 2 hours via vehicle. Apart from this, the whole region is rich in history and attractions, for example, the exceptional San Galgano Abbey, which is famous for its renowned Sword in the Stone which would provide some of the great locations for photography and is also common for wedding ceremonies to take place here. In fact the wedding I’m shooting here soon are having their ceremony here meaning I get to make some Abbey of San Galgano wedding photography too!

Villa Podernovo is a charming stone farmhouse which dates back to the eighteenth century, and is now changed into an exquisite holiday purpose villa. It consists of two separate structures which are Capanna and the Casolare. The Capanna is the area to spend the daytime while the latter is used as a sleeping area which can facilitate up to eighteen people.

The villa is carefully enhanced with tuscan styled furniture and all its original attributes such as earthenware floors and chestnut radiated roofs have been kept up. Although old and rustic, the furnishing of the villa is classy and agreeable, just like an original country house. The place doesn’t have any air conditioning system but since its located 450 meters over the ocean level, temperature is normally cool even in summer and all the units are furnished with fans as well.

In Monticiano, just 500 meters away, there are all sorts of shops and services available such as a store, a conventional Tuscan restaurant, a wine bar, a drug store and even a doctor’s clinic

Villa Di Uglignano

The Villa Di Uglignano was constructed in the seventeenth century by the legislative head of Livorno. It is said that Napoleon Bonaparte resided at the villa toward the start of the eighteenth century and, in recognition of this event, some of the rooms are named in his honor.

The Villa Di Uglignano is situated in the core of Tuscany, only 10 km outside of Volterra. The zone is spotted with little enchanting towns brimming with history, for example, Volterra and Monteriggioni. In about an hour’s drive from the place, visitors can arrive at Tuscany’s excellent Florence and Siena just and the ever so known Chianti wine locale which is celebrated both for its awesome encompassing scenes and for the incredible red wines made in the region. Encircled by wonderful garden, the huge luxuy villa close Volterra is rented privately to permit visitors the most extreme degree of security. Because of its large space and extra security, the place is ideal for special occasions such as weddings.

This elite villa in Tuscany is bordered by a marvellous garden with trees as old as hundreds of years where visitors can appreciate the calm of the Tuscan countryside. This spot provides a perfect place for beautiful wedding photography as well!

The villa offers visitors some beautiful nurseries and a huge outside pool, furnished with services, for example, a sauna, showers, changing areas, bar, open air table tennis and patio seats. Inside the villa, there is a private projection room, a few game rooms with a billiard table, roulette and indoor table tennis with a large kitchen equipped with all the items of necessity. The villa originally has eleven bedrooms and it is rented with schoolhouse which has four additional bedrooms making it a total of fifteen bedrooms and thus can provide accommodation to a group of thirty people easily. Many extra services are also available that can be provided upon demand which incorporate a private chef, wedding organizer, baby sitter, caterer and much more.

Villa Catureglio

Villa Catureglio is located again in Tuscany and its perfect for destination weddings in Tuscany. It dates back to the thirteenth century. It is set in a segregated location in the lower regions of the Alpe Apuane, over the Garfagnana Valley and very near to the radiantly walled town of Lucca.

Villa Catureglio is an evergreen all year round location for weddings and festivities, authorized for civil services. The ceremony can take place in the frescoed chapel house. Although it is fit to accommodate gatherings and dinners for up to one hundred and twenty people, it can also arrange small private gatherings, in decorated gardens or even inside an old traditional barn.

The weddings taken place at the Villa Catugregilo are beautiful and stylish. This villa is perfect for small to mid size wedding accommodation. The place has its own unique style and charm. The couple is married in front of their family and friends just two hours before the sunset which provides for some amazing pictures. A group of people such as caterers, musicians, photographers and videographers strive to make your event a memorable one. This place makes getting married in Tuscany really special.

The villa is originally a 13C sustained tower. It has gloriously proportioned rooms, with high channeled roofs, cool tiled floors and some unique frescoes. The rooms are outfitted with a blend of contemporary and antique Italian furnishings. It can accommodate sixteen people in six double bedrooms with each pair sharing a shower suite. Additionally, it has one room with four single beds and a washroom. Apart from this, the villa also has a drawing room, kitchen, dining room, two playrooms, cloakroom, Internet access, 12m pool and private nurseries. There is additionally a separate bungalow accommodating twenty five people altogether with the sharing of the second pool. So, it is not a place for you if you huge list of guests to invite at your wedding! Cleaning and cooking services can be provided on demand.

Villa Del Balbianello

Villa Del Balbianello is situated on a lush foreland on Lake Como. As far as Lake Como Weddings go this is possible the most grand. Its one of the most sought after wedding venues on Lake Como. Due to its enchanted beauty and exquisite gardens, the villa will make you mesmerised. It is probably one of the most beautiful villas situated on Lake Como. The magical view also accounts for some best pictures you can get from here. Constructed in the late sixteenth century, the wonderful Villa Del Balbianello is known for its beautiful gardens, that truly highlights the colour of flowers and trees which is of the same shades as that of the Italian flag that is green, white and red.

This exquisite and romantic manor along with its outstanding gardens have facilitated many journalists, researchers and explorers, including Tally Guido Monzino, who was the last owner of the place. It’s 38 km from the town of Como and can either be reached on foot or a taxi boat can be taken from Lido di Lenno.

The villa is found on the top of Lavedo and provides a breathtaking view of western shore of Lake Como and Isola Comacina. It nowadays is available for private gatherings such as weddings, other occasions and even set for filming or shooting. Some famous filmed here include A Month To The Lake, James Bond: Casino Royale and Star Wars. Also, the wedding of Anakin Skywalker and Princess Padmé Amidala took place at this historic villa! This is why, the place is becoming famous for weddings.

The structure of Villa Del Balbianello is made from two marvelous can possibly visit the finely equipped rooms, encompassed by an eminent garden that stretches on to an enormous terrace directly on the lake, which gives a 270 perspective on the surrounding scenery.

Although you cannot stay at the villa itself, but there are many places surrounding the villa which can accommodate your stay.

Destination Wedding Photographers Words

Like I said at the start of this post, destination wedding photographers will tell you that Italy is just incredible for weddings and just about anywhere in this country will make for an amazing wedding. Hopefully though this short article on villa wedding venues in Italy will give you some inspiration when it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue you’re looking for. If you like my work and what you see then please get in touch if you’re planing a wedding in Italy. I would love to hear all about you and your wedding. Please feel free to look through my reviews and other blog posts.