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When choosing a place as romantic and beautiful as Sicily for your wedding you’ll not be short of amazing wedding venues. One of the many reasons I love being a Sicily Wedding Photographer. Being a small island off the coast of mainland Italy you will be limited. However, it’s great to be limited to so many beautiful places to host your wedding. The island is so full of great venues I’ve written an article on Sicily wedding venues. From small intimate Sicilian venues to huge dramatic luxury wedding venues. The nature of wedding photography will always result in amazing photos. Taking my camera to an event full of emotions from wedding ceremonies to speeches will always result in emotive images. Though having a wedding at a Sicilian Wedding Venue will add an extra smash of wow to your wedding photography. There are many reasons to have a wedding in Sicily and every one of them is super justifiable!

Sicily wedding photographer

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Sicily Wedding Photographer

Taormina Sicily

The most popular wedding destination for Sicily weddings is Taormina. You can read about Charlotte and Johannes’ wedding here. Know as one of the most beautiful towns in the world with breathtaking views over Mount Etna and the Ionian coast. Not yet even mentioning the well preserved antique ruins. It’s such a romantic town and with the views, bustling streets, awesome restaurants, ice cream bars and cafes. Taormina is the perfect destination for both you as a couple and your wedding guests. Imagine making your own history here as a new married couple, that start of your new life together. In a place that has inspired many famous poets, writers and movie makers. Your wedding photography will be little short of breathtaking if you’re having your wedding here.


Sicilian Wedding Ceremonies

You can if you choose to get married anywhere in the world. Though if you want the wedding ceremony to be legal you’re limited. Luckily Sicilian Wedding Ceremonies can be legal and with the help of a good wedding planner they can advise you on understanding the legal side of getting married in Italy. One of the best things about wedding ceremonies anywhere in Italy is that they’re always going to be stunning. Sicily  is home to some amazing places for you to say your vows. As a Sicily Wedding Photographer it’s one of the reasons I love doing what I do. Watching beautiful people in the most beautiful of places saying the most beautiful things to each other. What I do is much more than taking pictures. I’m documenting the history and capturing real authentic moments that make couples relive these moments like they’re happening all over again. My style as a wedding photographer is something personal to me. Something I invest a lot of time in. Like most other destination wedding photographers I do invest a lot so as not to take a second of what I do for granted.