Candid Wedding Photographers

candid wedding photographers

Some Candid Wedding Photos

My Self and my trusty Sony cameras have been taking candid wedding photos since I first got them in 2019. The three years to that I was still making beautiful candid images with my Canon cameras. But what does it really mean to take a candid photograph? I wanted to share some of my views and some of my work as a wedding photographer that gets high praise for all of my wedding photography from around the world from The Cotswolds to London and internationally.

The word Candid is an adjective meaning “truthful and straightforward”. The dictionary also describes it as; “(of a photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject’s knowledge.” The dictionary also goes on to quote; “it is better to let the photographer mingle among the guests and take candid shots”

If you look through my portfolio you’ll notice that there are plenty of documentary-style or reportage images. This is because when I’m shooting on a wedding day, I’m always trying to document the moments and how things feel.

Combination Of Candid and Luxury Photography

I always want a level of elegance and luxury in my work. I know how much money people invest in their weddings and I want to illustrate this in my work. That doesn’t mean that everything has to be posed and staged to get high-end wedding photography. By shooting with a more fly-on-the-wall style I’m able to get the most candid and natural wedding photos whilst maintaining a really high standard of photography. Whether I’m shooting weddings in London or somewhere in the countryside. This kind of photography is really sought after.

Reasons To Hire A Candid Wedding Photographer

I think the best reason couples hire candid wedding photographers, is so that they can have their weddings captured in a way that really represents the story. The candid moments that happen throughout a wedding day are the moments that really matter. These are so easily missed by brides and grooms throughout a wedding day. So hiring someone who is going to focus more on those moments over a photographer who wants to make more staged photos is a great idea.

Perhaps you’re camera shy and you don’t want a photographer telling you to smile, or even worse asking you to “say cheese!” Agh I’m getting shivers just thinking about that! Shooting candidly throughout the day ensures that your getting coverage and photos that are going to be much more natural. This will really represent who you and your wedding guests really are. When you come to looking back at your wedding photographs you’ll both connect with them more and enjoy them more.

Candid Photography Packages

I’ve been putting together candid photography packages for couples all over the world. My experience as a destination wedding photographer is that people all have different views on how a wedding should be. Perhaps you want something small and intimate and you only need a couple of hours of coverage. In most cases, couples hire me for a full day from bride and groom preparations through to the evening.

Here are some Candid Wedding Photos that I’ve taken at weddings over the years;

wedding guests candidly enjoying food at wedding

candid wedding moment of bride in the morning

candid wedding photogrpahy of bride

natural and canid moment of bride after her wedding ceremony

a candid wedding moment of groom waiting for his bride

candid wedding photography of groom crying in wedding ceremony

father of the bride captured candidly kissing his daughters hand

bride and groom watching wedding spech in candid moment

perfect candid moment of bridesmaid looking at bride

wedding photogrpahy captured candidly of bridesmaid

beautiful candid moment of bride kissing her grandma

candid wedding photogrpahy of couple at wedding in italy

documentary candid moment of wedding guest crying at scarlett hall

destination wedding photogrpaher captures wedding ceremony

candid london wedding photogrpaher with bride

candid moment captured at adare manor of bride and groom

candid lake district wedding photogrpaher

candid moment of bride opening up her wedding gift

bride hugs her sister during candid wedding photography moment

candid photograph of couple though wedding guests in yorkshire

groom captured in candid wedding photo in sicily

candid photos

natural moment of bride arriving at her wedding

candid moment of guest drinking beer

bride wipes tear in emotional moment at wedding

wedding guest cries dueing wedding cermeony

relaxing wedding captured in candid way

real and natural moment of bride and her father

candid wedding photography packages

candid wedding photogrpahy of wedding moment