Wedding Venues on Lake Como

4 Stunning Venues On One Of Italys Most Beautiful Lakes

Wedding planning always seems to be a daunting task but when done right, it’s an absolute treat for both guests and hosts to participate in. And when there’s a destination wedding involved, it’s a whole different ball game to say the least. With so many Wedding Venues on Lake Como how do you choose!?

Italy’s Lake Como isn’t your average wedding destination. The serene locality is renowned for a number of reasons, considered as the ultimate hotspot for celebrity vacationing and the most happening wedding location around the world. 

From the gorgeous blue waters and bustling lakeside towns to the stunning views worth your every little glance, Lake Como is definitely the place to make your dream wedding vision come to life.

And just in case you’re curious on where to host your fairytale event, Ive done a little research on the top four most enchanting wedding venues in the local area. Designed using the most refined forms of modern day architecture, art and design, there’s more reasons than one to throw your wedding event of the year this season at none other than Lake Como.

Villa Relais Vittoria- A True Amalgamation of Splendid Luxury & Ancient History

Wedding Venues on Lake Como

Steps away from the gorgeous beach and with a capacity to host a total of 60 guests, the alluring Vila Relais Vittoria is the perfect wedding venue for those looking to host an intimate affair for close friends and family. The venue is located inside a seaside resort and offers guests a total of 13 rooms where a total of 26 people can stay with sheer ease. 

This historical destination in Italy is present right in front of the serene lake, giving viewers the greatest opportunity to cherish the breathtaking views with a cocktail of their choice or even indulge in diving or snorkeling if desired. Renowned for its remarkable elegance as well as great attention to little details, this villa is a true fantasy that has come to life. 

My recent wedding here with Jo and Mark can give you taste of a wedding here and what its like for me being a Lake Como Wedding Photographer.

As much as this post is about wedding venues, I wanted to mention a planner worth mentioning who ive worked with on both this Lake Como Wedding and also during my time as a Tuscany Wedding Photographer on the Poppi Wedding of Mark and Megan. Gio of Accent Events worked tirelessly to ensure her clients had just the best weddings ever, which in turn allowed me to capture the most magical moments in the most natural way. A great relationship between wedding planner and destination wedding photographer.

Villa Pliniana- Taking Your Upscale Event To a Whole New Level of Splendour 

waters of lake Como

The spectacular Villa Pliniana is an ideal location for couples that wish to host an event of their dreams in the gorgeous Lake Como region. Managed by the well renowned Sereno Hotels, this villa is sure to take your breath away immaculately.

This destination is the third part of the ever so popular Sereno Hotels exquisite property collection. I can say that it’s doing great justice to its name. The villa was constructed by renowned names like Count Giovanni and it was he who decided to transform this fresh spring into something worth every bit of your time and investment. Today, the Villa Pliniana is a stunning and iconic location. 

The ever so charming owner is one that will give you a guide of his property in the most majestic manner possible. The tour begins with a visit to countless luxury themed suites that are built over a large stream of gushing water beneath. If you actually take a closer look, you’ll see how intricately the Villa Pliniana is made into the waterfalls. This comes with state of the art security systems including bomb proof technology. 

With around 18 acres of seamlessly created gardens, there are around 19 bedrooms and four huge apartments- making way for the most gorgeous escape ever. There are also three villas that stand alone and can be rented separately for private functions and other wedding related festivities. 

The villa has beautiful architecture with high vaulted ceilings and is wonderfully furnished with masterpiece paintings, furniture, pianos and more. This includes terrazzo floors, majestic halls and gorgeous gold leaf themed mirrors. Not to mention the alluring terraces giving viewers a grand view for a number of milestone events.

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo- Redefining Luxury & Refinement To a Whole New Level

groom awaiting his wedding day

An absolute steal when it comes to the best wedding venues in Lake Como, The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is just the place to be when I talk about luxury and sheer refinement of the finest kind. 

This five star venue gives you a striking appeal with its awe inspiring scenery and warm welcoming nature. Situated at the beautiful in the middle of the beautiful Lake Como, this venue also overlooks the grand Bellagio as well as the striking Grigne mountains. 

The team of expertise at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo understand that weddings are a once in a lifetime event and hence are sure to pull out all the stops to give your destination wedding that extra special touch of glamour beyond bounds.

Whether you as a couple plan on having the most traditional themed wedding, comprising of a sit down dinner or are on the lookout for a modern themed cocktail event- you’ll be surprised to find how versatile this events venue actually is. 

The stylish interiors alongside the breathtaking backdrops and more give you plenty of reasons to book the ordeal for an unforgettable night of fun and laughter. This includes the serene array of gardens for exchanging your vows and even countless lakeside villages nearby where the staff is sure to assist you with their services. And to end your wedding festivities in great style, how about bidding farewell to guests with a brunch that’s simply sensational?

Villa Del Balbianello – The Place That Spells Dramatic & Wow Appeal For All The Right Reasons 

Lake Como views

If I had to choose one place that’s surely not worth missing out upon when visiting the attractive Lake Como, this has got to be it. The Villa Del Balbianello appears dramatically into the stunning blue waters of the lake with a simply WOW appeal that’s undeniably attractive when you arrive by a boat. 

This villa also has its claim to fame, appearing in one of the renowned James Bond movies, Casino Royale as well as the hit sensational blockbuster Star Wars. 

Capable of housing guests of around 120, this location opens up its wedding slot for exclusive bookings only where the public is barred from entering. With that being said, the villa is closed for tourists on both Mondays and Wednesdays too. 

The villa’s grandeur and superb arched loggia also has views to cherish your big day in the best manner possible where guests can enjoy romantic themed vibes as they stare and enjoy the beautiful lakeside view. This all comes with a fine dining experience, all prepared by the most renowned catering companies in the area. Now that’s what we call majestic and grandeur at its best. 


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