Getting Married In Tuscany

Why People Love To Marry Here


Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions Italy has to offer, so it’s no surprise that it has become incredibly popular with engaged couples and those looking for a romantic getaway. Whether you’ve been dreaming of a Tuscan wedding for many years, or are only just starting your research now, read on to learn all the reasons why you should be getting married in Tuscany. 

Beautiful Architecture and Breath-Taking Landscapes 

Getting Married In Tuscany

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is one of the most culturally interesting and beautiful cities in the world. Whether you choose to hold your wedding within the city or out in one of the famous wineries, ensure you take some time to explore the city with your loved one to fully appreciate the history, art, and culture it offers. 

Outside the city and small medieval towns you’ll find villas, wineries, vineyards, olive groves, and fields of sunflowers. The rolling hills offer the perfect backdrop for your wedding, and images of the sunrise and sunset are perfect to tell the story of your day. 

Wherever you choose to hold your ceremony, you’ll be spoiled for choice for incredible destination wedding photos you can proudly display in your home forever and share with future generations. 

Incredible Food and Wine 

Tuscany is well known for its amazing food and wine. Any wine enthusiast is familiar with Chianti, made in the region from Sangiovese grapes, but there is plenty more to try while you’re there. The food in Tuscany is fresh and elegant, offering simple and adventurous dishes for you to serve at your wedding. 

Many wedding venues in Tuscany even serve their own wine and olive oil at the weddings they host, which is the perfect authentic touch for your destination wedding. Just like Mark + Megans Poppi Wedding!

Tuscan Weather 

Tuscan Weather

Italy, and Tuscany specifically, can almost guarantee you perfect weather for your wedding. If you’ve been dreaming of a wedding ceremony outside under the sun, or eating, drinking and partying outside until long after the sun has set, Tuscany is a perfect location. While you can’t be guaranteed perfect weather – it is a close thing – as the climate is mild and dry year-round, and hot and sunny in the summer. 

(Perfect for your wedding photographer!) 

Relaxed Pace of Life 

confetti shot in italy

It doesn’t matter how well prepared you are, or how much you trust your wedding planner, weddings are stressful. Everyone has to get the timing right, you have to rely on other people to do what you’ve planned, and you can’t control the weather. If you’re planning a wedding in a fast-paced place, like London or New York, the location will probably only add to your stress, even if you love the city. 

Things are a little bit different in Tuscany. Tuscans believe in a relaxed way of life, and it’s quite likely that state of mind will rub off on you, too. Don’t be surprised if you’re happy to sit back with glass of wine and let the professionals handle the details. 

Any Style Venue You Can Dream Of 

style of wedding venue

Tuscany really does offer a wide array of venues to choose from, so don’t feel that just because you are considering Tuscany for a wedding destination that you have to get married at a winery. While, of course, the wineries in the region make perfect private wedding venues, there are also chapels, historic civic halls, churches, villas and country homes, farmhouses, and exclusive palace-like hotels. A personal favourite of mine is Borgo Corsignano. I love shooting here.

If you can dream it, you’ll be able to find it in Tuscany. 

Fun Italian Transport 

Wedding Photographer Tuscany

Arriving on a Vespa may not be for everyone, but if you and your fiancé love fun Italian transport, vintage small Italian cars, or harbour a love for Italian supercars, where better to arrive or leave your ceremony in style than Tuscany? Zip away from the chapel on matching Vespas, or speed away in a 70s Ferrari – what could be better and give your photographer more opportunities to help you create amazing memories? 

Tuscany is a Perfect Starting Point for Your Honeymoon 

italian honeymoon

Tuscany is centrally located within Italy, so it makes the perfect place to start your honeymoon travelling around Italy (north to the lakes and mountains, or south to the beaches and Mediterranean climate), Europe, or beyond.  

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