Foxtail Barns Wedding Photography

There are so many wedding venues that label themselves as unique and having shot at so many, they really are. Here though at Foxtail barns, it’s a brand new wedding venue. Meaning if you’re getting married here in 2021 or 2022 you’ll be getting married where only a few have before. It’s this same reason I’m excited to make some Foxtail Barns Wedding Photography here. I love being a wedding photographer and creative. Having somewhere new with plenty of character and the grounds here are gorgeous.

Foxtail Barns Wedding Photography

The Staffordshire wedding venue will grasp your wedding guests right away with the beautiful driveway that leads up to Foxtail Barns. Your wedding party and guest will drive through a secluded woodland and drive near the quirky wedding night accommodation before getting to the car park. From there your guests will head towards the barn. The wedding venue is set in one of the most highly regarded areas of natural beauty. We’re not even in the venue yet and it already sounds amazing.

Staffordshire Wedding Venue

The wedding venue describes itself as a relaxing, elegant, and welcoming space. A perfect setting for your drinks reception after your wedding ceremony. The perfect place for your guest to hang out whilst I take the newlyweds away for a mini portrait shoot of just the two of them. If the weather is great in the Staffordshire countryside, your wedding guests can enjoy the English country gardens that surround the barn too.

For the bridal preparations here at Foxtail Barns, you’ll have your own private dressing room. The wedding venue describes the bridal prep room as spacious, elegant, and incredible. It’s flooded with plenty of natural light too which for me as a wedding photographer makes for gorgeous, natural, and relaxed wedding photos.

Foxtail Barns Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremonies At Foxtail Barns

Before wedding ceremonies begin at Foxtail Barn, they ask that all of your wedding guests are seated 10 minutes before the ceremony begins. The Orangery at the venue is the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony. With its huge glass window and glass roof, no matter the weather the light in there will be incredible. It can seat up to 150 guests. They describe the venue as having rustic charm with natural timber and modern innovation. You can maybe see how as a photographer I’m excited to make Foxtail Barns Wedding Photography in the future.

Best Fox Tail Barns Wedding Photography

The best wedding photographer that you could choose for you wedding is the wedding photographer whose style you resonate with. Have a look at the photos on their website. Perhaps they have some award winning wedding photos they want to share with you so you know they are respected by their peers. If you looks through their wedding pictures and can see yourself in those images. Be sure to book a call with the photographer and see if you connect with them on a personal level too.

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Wedding Breakfast + Reception

They have an incredible setting inside the venue for your wedding breakfast and reception. They have a vaulted-ceiling party barn. Yeah, I wasn’t sure what that meant either but it sounds good and if you’ve already seen the venue online you’ll have seen it too. Having such a nice space is important for weddings because it affects how your guests feel. If they feel good, then you feel good and if you AND they feel great then your wedding photos are going to look amazing.

Wedding Photography At Foxtail Barns

I’m guessing if you’re on this page on my website then you’re actually looking for someone to capture your wedding photography at Foxtail Barns. This is a venue I’m extremely excited to shoot at. This is because for me the most important thing about shooting weddings is the people. And here the people are guaranteed to have the most incredible day. This means I’ll be having an incredible time capturing them all. From the bridesmaids with the bride in the morning when all of the tension is building. To The evening reception when everyone is celebrating hard after the first dance.

If you like what you see on my website through then please get in touch, I’d love to hear your plans for this amazing Staffordshire wedding venue.


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