Tuscany Wedding Photographer

wedding photo being taken in tuscany Italy

Tuscany or “Toscana” in Italian is one of my favourite, if not my favourite places to photograph weddings in Italy. Brides and grooms love it here too. It’s your most special day with the most special people in your life. So you have chosen one of the most beautiful places in the world to celebrate this day.

Makes sense to me.

As a Tuscany Wedding Photographer I understand all of the above. You want a slightly less traditional wedding but with all the core components of a wedding.

Reflecting on your laid-back, beautiful wedding where the people are the most important thing to you.

I create images that show you who you really are and document the connections between people in the most beautiful environments.

If you’re planning a Tuscany wedding and are looking for a wedding photographer then I’d love to hear more about your plans and visions. Please give me a call or drop me a message and see if I could be the perfect photographer to capture your day.

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An Italian Wedding Photographer

This heading isn’t entirely accurate, but what I mean by this is that Italy is a place I love to shoot weddings in and have some experience in. I’ve photographed weddings in Sorrento, Lake Como (In Laglio, George Clooney hhometown) and Poppi, a beautiful town in Tuscany. I also have upcoming weddings on Lake Garda and on the Isle of Sicily. With so much beautiful scenery all over Italy its a super hot with weddings and I’m super excited to shoot many more. Like other destination wedding photographers will tell you, this isn’t a job we take for granted and I put everything in to my work.

I hope the images on this page will give you an indication of how I shoot a wedding. Organically, is the word I like to use. Or Authentic. I don’t want to be known for “taking photos” I want to be known as the photographer who gets within the wedding to capture the moments, emotions and atmosphere. This way you’ll look back at you’re wedding as if you are there all over again.

wedding car in the tuscan countryside for photoshoot

Why Get Married In Tuscany?

23,000 kilometres of pure beauty. Breathtaking landscapes across Siena, historic buildings in Florence, and gorgeous vineyards of Chianti. The birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Tuscany has it all and I even wrote a full article on why so many people choose to get married here. Tuscany is a huge tourist location though you can find so much peace and tranquillity here. Its in one of the most romantic countries in the world too. The history here is so vast that I find it fascinating that your wedding day will in a way become a part of this history. Its such a treat for your wedding guests too! They’ll get to visit Pisa or the Michelangelo’s “David”. The light here in Tuscany is incredible, the food and the wine too. The question really is “Why wouldn’t you get married in Tuscany!?”


Tuscany Wedding Photographer


A Tuscan Wedding

Bridal Preparations In Italy

You’ll notice during the slideshow above the beautiful light during the bridal preparations. It’s one of my favourite times to photograph and capture at a wedding. It’s full of anticipation, excitement and sometimes nerves. There always seem to be waves of calm and then of nerves and tension. Mark + Megan’s Wedding was a good example of this, though it was much calmer than anything else. The girls all hung out on a balcony with beautiful views over the Tuscan hills. They were all having their make-up done in between driving champagne and getting their bridesmaids dressed. They pretty much had fun and made it an awesome experience. A morning full of laughter, light, moments, emotions and excitement. It’s one my my most delightful tasks being a Tuscany Wedding Photographer and I can’t wait to become part of many more wedding stories here. This linked wedding was beautiful and logistically planned by Gio of Accent Events.

Asian Weddings In Tuscany

In the heart of the picturesque Tuscan landscape, where rolling hills meet vineyards and cypress trees line the horizon, Asian wedding photos in Tuscany capture a blend of timeless romance and cultural richness. Against the backdrop of historic villas and quaint villages, couples dressed in vibrant traditional attire, adorned with intricate embroidery and opulent accessories, create a striking contrast with the rustic charm of the surroundings. The warm Tuscan sunlight bathes the celebration, enhancing the colours and emotions as the couple embarks on a new chapter of their lives. Every snapshot frames not just the love between two individuals but also the fusion of diverse traditions in a setting that seamlessly blends the elegance of Asia with the rustic allure of Tuscany, resulting in a visual tapestry that tells a unique and enchanting love story.

aisian wedding couple during photo shoot in artimino

Artimino in Tuscany a beautiful location for wedding photos

Tuscany Wedding Venues

I don’t think there is a website big enough to go on and explain about the all of the amazing wedding venues in Tuscany. However here is a short list of Tuscany Wedding venues I’ve either photographed weddings at or would love to shoot a wedding at. I do have a more detailed post on weddings venues in Tuscany. Just click here to read it.

Borgo Corsignano, Casentino

Castello di Casole, Siena

Villa Vistarenni, Chianti

Castiglion del Bosco

Villa Vignamaggio