Luxury Wedding Venues

When it comes to finding a wedding venue you’ll want to choose somewhere that represents you guys, somewhere thats practical and somewhere thats pretty worthy of holding your celebrations. These luxury wedding venues may or may not be for you but they’ll at least give you some inspiration.

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury wedding venues to tie the knot in the United Kingdom then one of these may just take you eye. Its one of the biggest days of your life so why not seal the deal in the most impeccable manner possible in one of the best destinations around the UK. You dont have to jet off to somewhere exotic to find the perfect venue.

Whether you prefer to keep your occasion immaculate with regal and royal vibes or wish to take it up a notch with a stunning view of the London skyline, there is a venue here for everyone.

Here’s to love, laughter and your happily ever after with these top 5 picks for the most luxury wedding venues in the UK.

Hedsor House

Hedsor House is first on the list for fabulous locations in the UK to celebrate your big day. Located in the stunning and renowned Hedsor Park Taplow in Bucks, here’s an investment worth every little pound.

You’ll be taking a 45-minute drive off of West London to be transported to this magical venue. And brace yourselves as what I’m going to tell you next will surely be worth your while.

The Royal Bridal Suite located at the Hedsor House is considered to be the largest suite in all of Europe. Now that’s what I’d call luxury in the finest form.

And if you’re wondering as to what’s the best bit of it all, well it’s the bathroom of course! We’re talking a chandelier hanging in the shower ladies and gentlemen.

The huge estate comprises of a beautiful church that displays classic medieval beauty, picturesque if I must say so myself. Couples can make their way to the church by embarking on a romantic 500 meter walk across the woods. Did I mention an accolade of stunning views all around that guests’ at the venue can enjoy?

When you’ve got a luxurious venue as beautiful as this, what more can a couple ask for. Allow guests to park in an impressively decorated driveway, lined with captivating and luscious Rhododendron bushes.

The luxurious estate come wedding venue doesn’t come cheap. Prices begin from a whopping 5450 pounds plus an additional VAT for a period of 24 hours. And that’s exclusive of your hire.

BA London Eye

This might not be one of the first luxury wedding venues that springs to mind. However, if you’re a couple searching for a little individuality, far apart from all others, the British Airways acclaimed to fame London Eye is a luxurious wedding venue sure to set the right tone for your big event.

So how does one carry out their fairytale wedding at a pride laden place bursting with originality? Well it’s quite simple! Couples can book an all exclusive private capsule for their guests that has been solemnized by a well known registrar, designating from the registrar office in Lambeth.

But hold your horses’ right there as the London Eye has a number of specifications you must attain to. Each capsule only has the capacity to hold the bride, groom and a maximum limit of up to 20 guests only! Now that’s a small wedding reception indeed. So if you’re intending on keeping your event private and exclusive, this is the place to be.

Each wedding capsule has been decorated to absolute perfection. You’ll find an exquisite array of fresh blooming floral decorations whose aura uplifts the mood for a timely celebration.

As your capsule floats at the very top height of the Eye, your Registrar will ensure you and your better half are pronounced as man and wife in absolute glory and cheer. How thrilling is that?

As you slowly descend to ground level, the newly married couple, alongside their guests can enjoy a champagne toast and a lot of pictures of course. Who needs a backdrop when you’ve got a surreal view of London in your background?

Although the idea of tying the knot in mid-air is surely one comprising of sheer surrealism and fantasy, it’s important that the couple involved isn’t afraid of heights. And in case you are, it’s best you spend your investment in a more conservative approach than this.

Mussenden Temple


The Northern Island coast houses a seamless ancient beauty known as the Mussenden temple. Created in 1785, the temple was originally a part of an estate owned by the Bishop of Derry’s.

Couples wishing to incorporate luxury and classic romanticism vibes, alongside a touch of Renaissance glamour for their big day should surely consider this ancient beauty as their wedding venue.

The temple comes with facades of the seamlessly gorgeous Irish coastline where guests can enjoy food and wine while glancing at fabulous cliff edge episodes of the gigantic Atlantic Ocean. What a treat indeed.

Prices depend on how you wish to custom design the temple with fascinating décor, setting, and arrangements. It’s truly a spectacular wonderland comprising of a historic grade building that overlooks the sea.

Skibo Castle


Follow in the footsteps of the iconic couple Madonna and Guy Ritchie as you embrace the magnified beauty of the Skibo Castle in Dornoch, Scotland.

With the highest degree of exclusiveness available to members solely, this luxury wedding venue site is set on a classic Viking fort.

You’ll find activities that range from fishing, a stunning 18 hole golf course and horse riding too. Above all, you’ll have over 7500 acres of landscape to witness and explore with your loved ones. One of the most obvious luxury wedding venues on the list!

Limewood Hotel


Couples searching for luxury embraced with country vibes can opt for the renowned Limewood Hotel in Hampshire. All set and decked up at the New Forest National Park, couples can host an evening of absolute finesse and grandeur with nature surrounding their big day.

The couple and guests can also enjoy unwinding at the luxury spa or embark on evening tea at the spacious and graceful rooftop garden. This age-old country house comprises of modern day interior, making sure you welcome guests in the most sophisticated manner possible.

There you have it. A list of the best wedding venues in the UK that are surely worth witnessing for yourselves.  It’s truly a luxurious wedding affair beyond bounds.

There are many more luxury wedding venues in the UK these are just some that I thought could help you find yours.