Hawkstone Hall Wedding Photography

Hawkstone Hall is one of the most beautiful wedding venues set in the heart of Shropshire. Not long ago this wedding venue was relatively new to me but now I’m experienced in making Hawkstone Hall Wedding Photography something that makes my brides and grooms extremely happy.

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Hawkstone Hall Wedding Photography


Firstly though I want to quickly mention how good this wedding venue is from a wedding photographers perspective and if you’ve not yet chosen your wedding venue. Why you should consider it for your big day!

Luxury Wedding Venue Shropshire

Luxury Wedding Venue Shropshire

Hawkstone Hall & Gardens gives its brides and grooms a completely unique wedding for you to enjoy. After spending a little time speaking with the lovely staff that manage and run the place, there has been so much effort put into the refurbishment. And now the wedding venue has this beautiful classical feel with a modern twist.

The venue has the most beautiful bridal wing for bridal preparations. It really big and long. Plenty of space for brides and their bridesmaids to relax and get ready for the day ahead. You even get a personal butler service!

This image above was taken of Gemma just as the finishing touches where being done. It was only just a few minutes after id taken this photo in the bridal wing that we left for the chapel. The light at this venue is incredible. This is very good news for wedding photographers.

Hawkstone Hall Wedding Chapel

How amazing is it that this wedding venue has its very own chapel. Its literally attached to the hall and its absolutely stunning. From the floor to the ceiling, it makes me super excited to make more and more Hawkstone Hall Wedding Photography. From the outside of the chapel I really thought it had a tuscan type Italian vibe to it. But in a really nice way. This image you can see below is Gemma + Mike leaving the chapel after having just gotten married!

Hawkstone Hall Wedding Chapel

The Gardens

The gardens here make for not just an amazing location for wedding photos. But just for you wedding guests to enjoy and relax in. They help create the most beautiful atmosphere that will make your wedding the dream day you’ve always wanted it to be.

Hawkstone Hall Wedding Photography

I’m not one for taking couples away for long periods of time away from their wedding guests. So the fact that its super easy to get such great photos in a short period of time is a huge benefit and why I love shooting weddings at Hawkstone Hall.

You’ll see in my portfolio that I have a really natural approach to my shooting style and don’t like to make things awkward.

Hawkstone Hall Gardens Wedding Photos Bride at Hawkstone Hall

Wedding Ceremonies At Hawkstone Hall

Ive mentioned before about the chapel they have here, though there are other options to have your wedding ceremony here if you wish. They have a gorgeous tapestry room thats just up a few steps from the winter garden. I have some images of the winter garden below. Depending on how small you wanted your wedding you could have a very small intimate ceremony in the winter garden.

The Ballroom

The ballroom can also host your wedding ceremony with a maximum of 150 guests and for your wedding banquets you can have up to 120. This room is simply stunning and you can see from the images below, and after it wad dressed by Red Floral its looks amazing.

Hawkstone Hall BallroomHawkstone Hall Wedding Hawkstone Hall Wedding Reception Hawkstone Hall Wedding Details

Wedding Speech Photos

I genuinely cant get enough of wedding speeches. These ones at Gemma and Mikes wedding were super nice. Short, sweet and really meaningful. As a wedding photographer, its during the speeches that so many great moments happen. And to be able to capture them in the ambiance of the ballroom here at Hawkstone Hall is amazing.

Hawkstone Bride At Speeches

This wedding venue really is the perfect place for a wedding. From the drive up to the venue from the gate, it will wow and impress your guests. Though Hawkstone Hall’s modest character won’t make it over the top. It’s just got so much class with a modern edge.

The light in the rooms from the light that rolls over the Shropshire hills is to die for and as a wedding photographer, its so so good to shoot here.

Everything is incredibly convenient from the chapel next door to the on hand butler, you’ve really got a dream venue here.

If your looking for someone to capture your Hawkstone Hall Wedding Photography and you like what you’ve seen on my website then please get in touch. I’d love to hear all about you and your wedding and what personal touches you plan on bringing to this breathtaking wedding venue.