Look Amazing On Your Wedding Day

If you want to Look Amazing On Your Wedding Day and your worried that you or your partner are not keen on having your photograph taken. Then I’ve put together this short post that could give you some killer tips on making sure that your looking awesome on your wedding photos.

Domaine de Bruguieres Wedding photography

As a Destination Wedding Photographer I’ve captured couples all over the world, from all over the world. Though no matter where your wedding is your going to want to look your best and knowing your wedding photographer can really help with this!

Here are my top 5 tips on how you can look amazing on your wedding day.

Connect, Communicate & Get Comfortable With Your Wedding Photographer.

No matter who my couples are or how they feel about having their photograph taken I always take the time to get to know them, find out their personalities and how they feel about photography. If you can’t get on with, communicate or feel comfortable with your wedding photographer its going to make the photography a little more awkward and reduce the odds of getting you to look amazing on your wedding day.

Even if you want one hundred per cent natural photos all day long without a single portrait you’ll need to be comfortable with them. It’s one of the most intimate days of your life and someone you have only known for a short amount of time will be with you all day long. So take some time to chat and connect with who you’re choosing for this, having a video call part of your search for the right photographer is very important.

Luxury Floral Wedding In The Cotswolds

Ask Your Photographer For A Documentary Approach.

There could be many couples out there who are worried about their wedding and how the images will look as they don’t like posing for photographs. This is where you can either ask your wedding photographer to take a solely documentary approach to your wedding or find a photographer that only shoots this way. The best UK wedding photographers will always have a strong documentary approach to their work, though if you mention this to them they’ll be sure to focus on this more for you.

This image above was taken during Mark and Megans Tuscan wedding in Poppi. Being chosen as their Tuscany Wedding Photographer was such a great moment in my career and I’ve shot more weddings in Italy as a result.

Just Be Yourself

Many wedding couples will go into their weddings worrying about exactly how they want to look in the images afterward. They may already be putting Pinterest boards together. The tip here though is to try not to overcomplicate it. Ultimately on your wedding day, you just need to be yourself.

It’s you, the story, and the characters of the wedding day and the connections and moments between everyone that will ultimately be treasured. I find that when my clients give me feedback on their wedding images they always love the moments and emotions more than anything else. They love it when they can see people for who they are and the moments they create.

Just be yourself and you love, laugh and cry at your wedding images when your photographer delivers them. You’ll naturally look amazing on your wedding day if you are just being you.

Cotswolds Wedding Photographer

This above images was taken at Barnsley House in the Cotswolds. I love being a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer. I’m really excited to be shooting there again soon!

Have a Pre Wedding Shoot.

Not only will a pre-wedding shoot give you time to know your photographer but it will give your photographer time to get to know you.

Knowing my couples well is really important to me as the more I know them, their characters and personalities. The more I can shoot them organically and make sure their images represent them. For me its more like I’m taking photographs of who you are together as oppose to “pictures of you”. I hope that makes sense.

Couples always tell me they feel a little nervous before a pre wedding shoot and I dont blame them! I would feel exactly the same. I hate the idea of having my photo taken too! Thomas and Cherry told me they were really nervous before the shoot and I told them that by the time it was over they would want to do it all over again. Her response was “haha we’ll see! I’m really nervous!” By the end of it, they really did want to do it all over again.

Pre wedding shoot Nice

This image if from Cherry + Thomas’s Pre Wedding Shoot In Nice.

Tell It How It Is

Before your wedding takes place and when it boils down to booking your wedding photographer make sure you tell them exactly what you mind or don’t mind doing. For me, I like to pretty much let the day unfold and capture it all naturally with some minimal direction at times to make sure I’m bringing out the best in you. There are a minority of wedding photographers that are out there to try to make photos for them and their portfolio. So being clear from the start with your photographer about how you want your photography to be is important.

For most of couples we’ve already spoken about what they want from a wedding photographer and again tis is why the video call is so important. When I have these calls I let me couples know that I don’t want their weddings to be a photoshoot. I want you to have complete confidence that you’re going to have the most amazing wedding photos without worrying about having your picture taken or feeling uncomfortable.

Lake Como Wedding Photographer

I can’t love this photo anymore. As Mark and Joannes Lake Como Wedding Photographer I got to spend the day with them and their small wedding party. It was such an incredible day.

If you’d like to set up a free call or Zoom to get to know me or ask me anything wedding related please just get in touch. I hope I can be a part of your wedding story and make some award winning wedding photos of your wedding that you’ll cherish for many many years. 

I hope this article helped you in some way. Whenever your wedding is I’m sure you will look amazing on your wedding day.

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