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Hello and welcome to my website! Are you planning a Sicilian Wedding and on the lookout for a wedding photographer? I’d love to hear about your wedding plans and why you may have chosen Taormina as the location for your Italian wedding! I love hearing couple stories and what places mean what to each other. One thing you won’t need to tell me is that you’ve chosen Taormina because of its incredible beauty. Its one of the many reasons I love being a Taormina Wedding Photographer and why I can wait to get back here to capture more beautiful love stories in one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

Taormina Wedding Photographer

Why Marry In Taormina?

I can’t believe just how beautiful Taormina is and how perfect it is for weddings. This beautiful hilltop town on the East coast of Sicily is just below the active volcano that is Mount Etna. I mean just imagine getting married in one of the most beautiful places on earth, surrounded by all of your wedding guests, close family and friends and a volcano in the background. The answer to this question really is self explanatory though its more of a Why do I love photographing weddings in Taormina.

Apart from the obvious reasoning behind you wanting to have your wedding here I love hearing your reasons for a Sicily Wedding. Having a Skype with my couples and getting to know them and what their wedding means to them is one of the best parts of the job. I’m a huge people person and I love capturing the importance of your story through my photography. Read about Charlotte and Johannes Taormina Wedding.

Bride with Grandmother South of France wedding


Experienced Italian Wedding Photographer

As one of the lucky destination wedding photographers I have been lucky enough to photograph weddings in multiple locations in Italy. So working in the heat, interacting with locals, driving are all second nature to me now. Not just Italian weddings either, I’m an experienced destination wedding photographer. Having also shot weddings in France, Greece, Cyprus and Spain.

My Italian weddings have resulted in me shooting beauty in Laglio on Lake Como. Ive captured castle weddings on Lake Garda. Photographed love on the cliffs of Sorrento. Also I’ve documented magical weddings deep in the Tuscan hills. Here are just a few of my Italian wedding photographs.


Laglio, Lake Como

Lake Como Wedding Photographer


Malcesine, Lake Garda

lake Garda castle with bride


Poppi, Tuscany

Italy Wedding Venue

Taormina Wedding Pricing

The pricing for my wedding photography services are super transparent and only slightly differ on the timing of your wedding. If you think having looked through my work you think we could be a great match for your wedding in Taormina then please get in touch so I can send over my pricing information in more detail and so we can arrange a chat! Being your Taormina Wedding Photographer would be both special for not only me but special for you in allowing me to capture your wedding in the most beautiful way.

Taormina Wedding Planners

Ive only ever worked two wedding planners to date here in Taormina. One of them was Corrine of Sparx Weddings and Events. The other was the planning and events coordinators at The Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo. Both of the weddings I have photographed have both ran super smoothly and I’d highly reckoned both of these planners and coordinators.

Wedding Venues In Taormina

Pretty much anywhere you look in Italy will have an incredible wedding venue. Sicily is home to some beautiful ones though here I wanted to mention a few in Taormina. I have written a more in depth article on these wedding venues. Here is just a quick list of wedding venues in Taormina ive either photographed weddings as or would love to shoot at in the future. Hope this list is valuable and provides some inspiration.

Hotel Villa Schuler

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo

San Domenico Palace

Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea