How to Find the Right Wedding Photographer

If you happen to be on the lookout for the best photographer to capture moments for your big day, you’ve come to the right place. This post on How to Find the Right Wedding Photographer for Your Big Day will give you some guidance on what to look out for and how you can book the perfect wedding photographer for you.

Unlike other vendors responsible for elements such as food, décor and entertainment, wedding photographers are a difficult element to select as you can’t judge them as easily as others. In most scenarios, you actually don’t know about what you’ll have delivered until after your wedding has taken place. And that’s probably way too late if you ask me!

This is a bridal preparation image of  Yoon in London. Yoon and Tom booked me to be their Fulham Palace Wedding Photographer after finding my work on Instagram.

So what’s the real secret related to how you can find the right wedding photographer in the UK is a question many ponder on.

Wedding photographers in the UK can be sought after careful planning, research and a whole lot more. Aspects related to the level of professionalism, skill, artistic outlook and personal style for working are a few of the many essential things worth considering.

Here is some useful information to help you find everything you need to know about the right Wedding Photographers in the UK.


Get Referrals

Putting your trust into a wedding photographer for the first time calls for a whole lot of courage. And that means blindly booking someone isn’t the direction you should be heading in.

Get referrals from social media websites, friends, families and even other photographers about wedding photographers in the UK. Allow others to share their experience with you. Jot down all the negatives and positives and see how they balance out. And if the recommendations for the photographer involved are high, it’s safe to say you’re in the best hands.

Mark and Megan (seen below) were recommended me by a wedding planner to be their Tuscany Wedding Photographer.

Italy Wedding Venue

The image above was taken at Borgo Corsignano after Mark and Megan booked be as their Italy Wedding Photographer

Research The Photography Industry

Doing your homework is so crucial when it comes to finding the right wedding photographer for you. Begin searching via going through reviews of newly married couples (see some testimonials on my weddings page) in the UK and browsing both local and further afield photographers as many including myself will at least cover most of the UK.

View potential UK based photographer options by heading on to their blogs, websites and more. Getting a sense of their style of work can easily be done by looking at wedding shots they’ve captured as well as how they might tell a story. Their blogs may give off a stronger sense of why they took particular shots or what they shoot in the way they do.

Pay close attention to their website’s design and format too as that can pull out hints relating to their professionalism, sensibility and their personality too.

Checking out wedding photographers social media by checking Instagram Profiles along with their Facebook Pages is great too as you can see how up to date they are with their work.

Its one of the greatest compliments I receive in my line of work. When a couple gets in touch to tell me they have researched so many wedding photographers and I was the one they liked the most. This is what I was told by Andrew and Victoria when I was their Cotswolds Wedding Photographer.

Cotswolds Wedding Photographer

This is an image from Paul and Cecile’s wedding after they had booked me as their Barnsley House Wedding Photographer in the Cotswolds.

Get Face to Face (or Skype)

Choosing the right wedding photographer can solely not be judged upon looks alone. And that means meeting with your photographer either face to face or on Skype.

Schedule an interview with a potential photographer if you feel their costs align with your budget and you like what you see on their website. And don’t forget to call and see whether or not they’re available on the date of your wedding too! Photographers including myself book up years in advance and you dont want to spend all that time searching to find the right photographer to find out they are booked up!

The purpose behind in person meetings is to take an even closer look into their work and what they’re capable of. See whether or not your personalities cling when you interact with one another. And don’t be scared to talk about your expectations, venue styles you’d like to incorporate and how you’ve envisioned the photography for your big day.

Before Clare and Richie booked me as their Lake District Wedding Photographer we had a great call over Skype and they were really able to get more of a feel of who I was.

This is one of Clare and Richies wedding photos I took up in the Lake District as their New House Farm Wedding Photographer.

Connect With Your Photographer

Never underestimate the significance of the bond you share with your wedding photographer. Keep into consideration things like whether or not the photographer is keen on bringing your vision to life? Does the photographer present his or her suggestions in a clear manner? How professional is their mannerism of working? Does your wedding photographer listen to what you have to say?

Knowing who your photographer is to me is one of the most important things. Its one of the most intimate days of your life and you will have a complete stranger next to you snapping away all day long. I love to invest time to get to know who my couples are so that on the day we are both comfortable with each other and this helps with the authenticity of the images as well as the flow of the day.

A picture of me! I always want to put a face to my content. I even have a photo of me on my homepage!

Ste Walker of Stephen Walker Photography


Remember, developing a connection with your photographer on a personal level is as important as the images themselves. It’s they who will shadow your little moves on the biggest day of your life. So, the more comfortable you are around them, the greater the probability of getting pictures you desire. I was incredibly lucky to be Mark and Joannes Lake Como Wedding Photographer in Italy a while back and they had a really small wedding. I got to know everyone so well and they really welcomed me into their wedding party. Because they got to know me though they were so relaxed and the photos ended up super authentic.

If you would like to read more about my approach or would like to discuss your wedding with me head over to my contact page or have a look through my gallery and wedding information.

Thanks for reading.



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