Italy Wedding Locations

Top 4 Locations to Consider When Planning a Wedding in Italy

Having the wedding of your dreams isn’t a farfetched reality in today’s day and age. And when it comes to hosting the best wedding, all it takes is a little planning and organization. Being a destination wedding photographer I’ve been lucky enough to shoot weddings all over Italy and thats why I’ve put together this post with some Italy Wedding Locations for you to look at. I have some more specific posts on Wedding Venues on Lake Como as Well as Italy Wedding Venues in Tuscany.

Destination weddings are amazing for both guests and hosts. They’re fun, exclusive, exciting and give people the chance to travel to an exotic location while wishing the bride and groom well for their journey together as one. 

You may have come across the notion that Italians love doing everything larger than life. They’re a population that is termed heartwarming, welcoming, and full of life and so much more. Not to mention the fabulous food, thrilling locations to go sightseeing and of course that natural beauty that’s so hard to ignore. 

Planning a wedding in Italy is probably your best bet at making your guests cherish your event in more ways than one. It’s an event that will steal hearts in instant, allowing loved ones to remember your big day for all the right reasons. When getting married abroad there can be complications in the legal side but nothing that can’t be easily sorted with a good wedding planner.

If you happen to be tying the knot anytime soon, an Italian wedding is exactly what you need and there are some facts and figures to prove it. From which destinations in particular to choose and why you should choose them to activities to look forward to when hosting your fairytale event, here are the top reasons why planning a wedding in Italy is the best decision you’ll ever be making. So let’s not waste any more time and get right into it. 

Lake Como

Whether it’s the biggest names in the world of Hollywood to fashionistas and globe trotters across the globe, Lake Como is being termed as one of the hottest destination to say “I Do” and we can totally relate as to why. 

From that picture perfect coast to that splendid sunshine and those glorious villages, Lake Como is renowned for all the right reasons. The fact that all A-list celebrities can’t simply get enough. Yes, George Clooney and Madonna of course own private properties worth millions and they just can’t get enough of this Italian beauty. 

In fact I got this snap of Georges place whilst shooting here recently.

George Clooneys Villa Lake Como

Lake Como is an ideal spot for destination weddings as it has time and time again proved to provide couples with that sheer romanticism filled vibes that is hard to be seen anywhere else in the world. Whether it’s the alluring Balbianello Villa that overlooks the lake to other heartwarming locations sure to steal anyone’s breath away, it simply doesn’t get better than Italy’s little treasure, Lake Como. For example Villa Relais Vittoria is a beautiful location for a smaller intimate wedding.  But don’t get fooled by the fact that just because celebrities love to spend time there, it’s pricey. There are plenty of ways on how you can throw the event you’ve always planned for under a budget. 

Lake Como

Spectacular views for days

Located on some of the most finest looking hills, Lake Como is all about grandeur and sheer luxury. It’s brilliant location on the foot of the great Alps gives viewers a serene view of luscious greenery that’s calming and thrilling at the same time. This all comes with an exotic view of colorful floral elements and a lake that boasts of vividly gorgeous blue colors. As a destination wedding photographer I get excited to photograph my weddings abroad but just taking photos personally is something I love to do.

The most refined hotel accommodation around town

From luxury spa apartments to the most chic rustic guesthouses present around town, it’s time to take things to a whole new level with Lake Como’s state of the art hotel accommodation.

There are plenty of locations that are seen on the stunning lake shore, giving the viewer a serene glimpse of the lake with unrivalled views of nature’s finest offerings.

Italy Wedding Locations

Villages that depict that fairytale image

Lake Como is famous for a number of its seamless collection of villages. These little locations are full of the city’s rich and deep culture, giving visitors a wonderful little surprise whenever they visit. From the beautiful Lecco or the magnificent Bellagio you will both struggle and find it super easy to find the perfect location on the Lake.

Seamless array of activities for both guests and hosts to enjoy

From water sports and hill climbing to lakeside picnics, brunches and more, give your guests another reason to celebrate and cherish all of the city’s greatest offerings. This is a great reason to choose this location for your wedding and also to help convince your guests to come as there is so much for them to do!

It’s landmarks galore at one of Italy’s finest offerings

Lake Como isn’t your average destination for holding weddings. The city has a number of landmarks that attract individuals from all over the world. Whether it’s a day trip through some historic walking areas to the stunning Parco Valentino wildlife destination, visitors have plenty in store for them in terms of sightseeing. And that includes countless stunning backdrops that reveal the best that Lake Como has to offer, giving photographers the chance to take the best wedding pictures ever. One of the very reasons I love being a Lake Como Wedding Photographer. 


Sicily is surely one of Italy’s greatest cities when it comes to an ideal venue for pulling off the fairytale wedding of your dreams. The exclusive location is small but powerful, hitting all the right notes when it comes to sheer wedding bliss. The ancient history, backed by a powerful and rich culture is enticing for foreigners, not to mention it’s appreciation by the locals. And for a Sicily Wedding Photographer who’s in charge of capturing your wedding portraits to absolute perfection, it’s a splendid treat indeed to be amidst such an enchanting and magical destination. Here are 5 Reasons to have a Sicily Destination Wedding.

beautiful ancient culture, Sicilian history and traditions

The various faces, colors as well as shapes on offer at Italy’s beautiful destination of Sicily make life all the more worth living. The city is home to a wealth of rich traditions and culture. The fact that the island is present in the center of the Meditteranean with coasts that extends beyond belief is something truly worth witnessing in terms of heritage. 

Authentic Sicilian Cuisine

The taste of Sicily is renowned for a number of reasons and the city’s endless valleys, reserves and vineyards as well as flat lands give visitors another reason to celebrate refinement in cuisine that’s second to none.

colors and innovative art to take you and your guests’ breath away

From illuminations in festivals to juicy peeled pears, wooden cart decorations and more, there’s so much to learn and love here. You’re sure to find splendid fabrics, tassels, sculptures and seductive figures that reveal ancient art history that’s been blended with modernism of the best kind. 

guaranteed beauty in any town of Sicily

If wedding pictures strike your interest, Sicily is bombarded with countless alluring churches and a barricade of stunning noble palaces and more. You’re sure to find ancient ruins, classic temples, and old factories of even beautiful nature reserves whose beauty is beyond belief.

Paradise on earth

Sicily is more affordable than you can possibly imagine it to be. Being a truly authentic region of the country of Italy, mass tourism hasn’t arrived, allowing prices to be affordable. My most favourite place is Taormina and being a Taormina Wedding Photographer feels like having the best job in the world! And with the right wedding planner, you can plan an elegant wedding near the sea or book up a cozy tavern with a menu within budget.



As far as Italy Wedding Locations go Tuscany absolutely has to be considered. Tuscany is renowned as being a great wedding destination because this location practically has everything. From gourmet dining areas, to breathtaking scenes and it’s close proximity to cities like Pisa and Florence are just some of the many reasons couples should resort to this Italian beauty of a destination. Having been lucky enough to be a Tuscany Wedding Photographer I couldn’t recommend this region enough. There are some great Tuscany Wedding Venues available and you’ll not be short of choices!

The many hidden gems are truly worth a visit

While most of us have heard of Florentine as well as Chianti, there is a magical location called Maremma that houses rich Etruscan heritage and a plethora of untamed landscapes. Tuscany doesn’t just have to be in the beautiful warm green hills. If you search well enough Tuscany also has costal venues too.

hidden Italian gem

Lovely theatres act as heartwarming venues worth witnessing

There are an endless number of traditional theatres that allow individuals to rent them out for their big day. It’s the perfect wedding venue that comprises of modern day art and design as well as star studded architecture. For any wedding photographer out there today, there’s nothing not to love about the great backdrops and settings these venues provide. Mark and Megans Wedding in Poppi is a great example of how beautiful and amazing a Tuscany wedding can be.

Poppi wedding tuscany

Gorgeous textiles and designs make choosing your wedding attire so much simpler

You may have come across a number of clothes, leather goods and accessories that state that they’ve been made in Italy. Well it’s Tuscany that houses the country’s leading fashion and design manufacturing stores where you can get the best prices and designs combined into one. 

wedding venues in Italy

Lake Garda

Lake Garda Wedding Photographer

Located mid way between the fabulous cities of Venice and Milan, allow both you as a host and your guests to fall in love with one of Italy’s greatest and popular wedding destinations- Lake Garda. Malcesine Castle is one of the most beautiful things to look at in the whole of Italy! 

Unparallel scenery

When you’re on a destination wedding, it’s so important to choose a venue and a setting that’s absolutely gorgeous in one or more ways. The scenery should always match your occasion and when you’re surrounded with sheer natural bliss of Lake Garda, what’s not to love. 

Ideal location- in between Venice and Milan

Staying on the southern side of Lake Garda keeps you close to two powerhouse cities- Milan and Venice. You can either host your wedding parties there or plan a weekend honeymoon getaway at a fraction of the cost. 

Malcesine and Bardolino are the heart of Lake Garda

Malcesine has a great aesthetic appeal that involves medieval architecture and stunning terraces that make it intriguing and stunning for wedding portraits. The streets of Bardolino are bustling with multicolored harbors and incredible red wine and rustic vibes of the highest degree.