Whenever I meet a couple who are thinking of choosing me as their wedding photographer, one of the first things I ask them is “What is most important to you?”

It’s essential to me that I understand you and your relationship, as well as the other key relationships and personalities that will be present on the big day. This is how I’ll be able to see your story – the anticipation, the emotion, the energy, the excitement and the love, and then capture it.


I explain it more in this short video here….

Styles Of Wedding Photography


Feel The Emotion In Your Images

When I shoot a wedding I’m not a ‘fly on the wall’ shooting from the outside in. I shoot your wedding organically, from the inside out. That way you’ll feel the emotions in your wedding photos whenever you look back.

Treasure Your Memories

Your wedding photographs are not just for you – the moments and memories they preserve are for people who don’t even exist yet. Having your story told intimately and naturally will make sure those memories are there to be treasured forever.

Create Art

As well as telling your story I can work with you to make artwork that will stand the test of time. By taking a less traditional approach we can create images that stand out from other standard wedding photographers.

Relive Moments

Your wedding day will go faster than you can imagine. Your photos will help ensure you can relive the best moments you had, as well as seeing and feeling the ones that you missed.

Telling A Story

Most weddings follow a similar routine and tradition. What makes your wedding unique is the story unfolding throughout, and the people that make that story happen. I’ll be tuning in to that narrative, so I can tell the story of your wedding in a way that won’t look like anyone else’s.

I usually begin an enquiry process with a face-to-face meeting via Zoom. On the day itself I like to be able to integrate with your guests as if I were family member, recognising people and what they mean to each other. My style isn’t fly on the wall. I don’t want to shoot your wedding from the outside. I want to shoot it organically, from the inside, and this is something I’m very passionate about. That way you can look back at your wedding photographs like you were there, living it all over again.

Real Moments

bride kisses grandma on the head for wedding photo

Working With People

I believe the skill of a great wedding photographer comes both from camera craft, and the ability to read people and really understand and feel the moments that are occurring.

I’ll make sure that when you look back on your photographs, you’ll always feel like you are right there in the moment. Living it all over again. Every wedding is unique, and this is – I believe – the only way to ensure that you do justice to those unique details.

The emotions that come to the surface during a wedding day can be intense and surprising from the very first moment. I set out to create wedding photographs that deliver a double whammy. Each one should have a visual wow-factor that anyone can appreciate. But there should be a second wow, one that you and your family can really feel.

The way I shoot is very relaxed. I don’t like stagey setups (unless its subtle, non-stagey direction for portraits) and I often get mistaken for a guest because I don’t like to carry too much gear around with me. My perfect shot is one that makes the most out of an individual moment, exploiting natural light and real human reactions, whilst giving a sense of the space you’ve chosen, wherever that may be.




A small taste of how I capture energy, atmosphere, love, excitement and fun on a wedding day. Turn up your volume and brightness to really feel it!

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“Where do we even begin! We only ever leave reviews on services which have been 100% exceptional or extremely dire and it goes without saying that Stephen fits the former category.

From the moment we first contacted Stephen to a month after the wedding, Ste has been extremely polite and accessible. Any, and we literally mean “any”, query we had he will always provide a timely response. From our first Skype meeting, we knew 1 minute in he was the guy for us.

In today’s climate, it is very easy to be deceived by social media and the posts advertised. But with Ste, every photo was as advertised and the editing was exceptional. We honestly got exactly what we wanted. Every SINGLE photo captured the raw emotion felt and also had a dynamic editing style which is unrivalled and so unique – we haven’t seen anything like it in the market (and we’ve researched for 2 years!). It is amazing how Ste’s photos can make you relive every single emotion as if the day is happening all over again.

We should mention that we hired Stephen for our destination wedding in Albania. Although he had never been before, he fit right in and became good friends with all of the guests. He was fun but never unprofessional. He was there to capture every moment but never imposing. He was detailed but never slow. And most of all, he let us live the day and got real time photos of it all!

The only con with hiring Ste is that you will have difficulty picking your favourite photo! It is now 7 weeks since the wedding and we are still having a difficult time choosing which photos to frame – we want to frame every single one!

If you are reading this and are contemplating booking Ste, I would say it is an absolute no brainer. We made a lot of decisions when planning our wedding but we can safely say that hiring Ste was the best one.

Thank you for everything Ste and we cannot wait to book you for our future events!”

Ina + Arber