Planning A Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a wedding occasion that is away from your home town in a special and romantic location of your choice. Recently, more destination weddings are held in different places for different reasons known to the couple but mostly because they want a casual and fun environment to mark their big day. You get to kick off those heels and wear your flip flops or even go barefoot. Having a destination wedding means you get to spend a few more days with your guests and even check some things off your bucket list. Here are a few dos and don’ts you need to know when planning a destination wedding you’ve envisioned with all the beautiful sceneries surrounding you.

The Do’s:

1. Know yourselves: Knowing yourselves will help you determine the perfect place for your nuptial’s ceremony. Think about why you want a destination wedding and ask yourself, is there a country special to you and your partner? What type of venue do you envision? Will the weather condition be practical? Do you want an adventurous spot or a quiet and secluded, romantic spot? Are you eloping or do you want to show relatives and close ones around? Places such as Taormina are perfect places for your guests to have the most incredible holiday. This will help you with making your choice.

2. Visit ahead of time: When the location or destination is determined, you have to visit ahead of the ceremony. Go scout the place out and see if it fits what you want. Schedule time for multiple locations in case the one you desire doesn’t work out. A great excuse to go on holiday too!

3. Hire a professional wedding planner: You can hire and go along with a wedding planner to the location. Don’t assume you can organize it all by yourself.  You will also need a professional photographer to capture you as well as all the beauty around you. During Mark + Megans Tuscany Wedding in Poppi they hired professional wedding planner Gio of Accent Events and where not disappointed.

4. Choose a location that covers all your events: You could choose a location where you can have a ceremony and honeymoon together.

5. Create a wedding website: A wedding website goes a long way in helping you update your guests on progress, location, and other minor information they will need. This will help you keep guests informed to make things easier, and so they don’t feel left out. 

6. Inform your guests on time: It is very important to make sure your guests are aware of the date, time and venue way ahead of time. This will give them enough time to clear their schedules. 

7. Do local deals: Doing some local deals can also help in savings involved in the unequal exchange of monetary value. You can have some local cash in hand or a tour credit card that has international access and can be used overseas. For Jo and Marks wedding that I shot as their Lake Como Wedding Photographer they sourced their flowers locally near the venue though took me as their photographer.

The Dont’s

1. Don’t assume a destination wedding is cheaper: Don’t assume that a destination wedding will be cheaper because of fewer guests. You will still have to spend a significant amount of money to make it perfect. Also speaking as a Taormina Wedding Photographer it’s not cheap in places like this but its extremely close to perfect!

2. No procrastinating: You have to put things in place ahead of time. Don’t procrastinate no matter how minor you think the issue might be. Research the length of time and be well informed on all the details. I’ve worked for couples in the past as an Italy Wedding Photographer and at times they’ve told me they have left things too late.

3. Don’t assume your guest’s list: Don’t assume some guests might not be able to make it. Assume they are all coming. You might think some won’t come, but they might actually surprise you by showing up. To avoid inconveniences, assume they are all attending your wedding.

4. Don’t forget traditions: Just as we have traditions at home, there are also traditions at the place you are going to. Don’t ignore their traditions and culture because it might add a bit of spice to the whole celebration.

5. Don’t underestimate the weather or temperature: Don’t forget to make preparations in accordance with the temperature. Knowing the location will help you with knowing the changes in temperature and making the preparations that will suit the venue ahead. It was super warm in Tuscany in August.

6. Don’t leave your guests hanging: Some people naturally do not like to travel to foreign places. You need to keep them updated and in the know. Make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

7. Don’t forget suppliers at home: When having a destination wedding, don’t forget suppliers at home because of the distance. As a destination wedding photographer, I shoot a lot of couples based in the UK. This is a huge advantage because I’m a native and also it’s much easier to meet and build trust with me. I love to get to know my couples as much as possible before a destination wedding and this helps the authenticity of the wedding photos afterward. My Style of photography really works with destination locations and I love it more than anything!

8. Don’t bankrupt your guests: You can help with arranging cheaper lodgings depending on the location. Try not to put them through too many expenses. Any airfares that do not involve the ceremony should be charged to the guests themselves. But be sure to take charge of the one that has to do with the ceremony. During my time as a Sicily Wedding Photographer my expenses certainly begin to add up when shooting in beautiful locations such as Taormina.

Following these dos and don’ts will help you greatly in having a smooth and fun ceremony. You can kick off your shoes and enjoy yourselves.

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