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The Cotswolds is one of the most beautiful places in the UK. If not the world. It’s a massively popular tourist destination for anyone in the UK or from afar. As a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer, I find it no surprise why it’s such a popular destination for weddings. Its rich history, beautiful countryside and its countless listed buildings make it a place any couple should consider for their wedding.

Cotswolds Wedding Photographer

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The Cotswolds is actually the largest of all of the AONB locations in England and Wales. To any couple who are planning a wedding here, just having the title “an area of outstanding beauty” is pretty amazing for a wedding location. The area is home to some incredible Cotswolds wedding venues and I would find it difficult trying to narrow down a choice for my wedding for sure. One of the great things I love about shooting weddings here is driving through the rolling hills and valleys. What a place to have a camera, what a place to be a photographer. So with the location being so beautiful and your beautiful wedding taking place here, you have a recipe for something special. It’s not surprising that just seeing so much Cotswolds Wedding Photography can make any couple want to have their wedding here.

As a wedding photographer, it’s hard to pin down what my favourite thing to photograph at a wedding is. I mean for sure its the people and the connections between them as the day passes through stages from bridal preparations through to the evening reception and first dance. The getting ready bit has always been interesting for me though. It’s the last time the bride will be waking using her maiden name. It’s the time when the bridesmaids will all be together supporting their friend as she goes through a mixture of emotions. The anticipation and the excitement are great and I love capturing all of it. During Cecile’s wedding morning at her wedding at Barnsley House she had a really relaxed morning and things were really emotional between her and her friends. In their eyes I was the best cotswolds wedding photographer for them, though please read on and see more of my work to make your own mind up.

cotswolds bride at wedding

The Cotswolds covers 787 square miles and is mainly spread across Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. One of my favourite Cotswold wedding venues is in Oxfordshire, Caswell House. I photographed Victoria and Andrews wedding here on a gorgeous Cotswolds day. The area does also go into parts of Wiltshire, Somerset, Worcestershire and Warwickshire too. These locations are such wonderful places for your wedding guests to come visit too. There is so much for them to do the day before or after your wedding from visiting Sudley Castle, Falconing at Moreton-in-Marsh or taking photos at The Cotswolds Wildlife Park. The place is perfect for weddings in so many ways.

Oxfordshire wedding preparations

Beautiful Wedding Ceremonies

I’ve mentioned the morning part of a wedding day being one of my favourite times of the day, though the most magical part has to be the wedding ceremony. When It comes to being a photographer one of the key ingredients in the light. If its the beautiful outdoor light during a summer wedding during an outdoor ceremony or an indoor stone building ceremony just like at Caswell House. The ceremony is what weddings are deeply all about, though some would argue that the party at the end of the wedding breakfast is more important! For me, once I’ve got to know my couples it’s really nice for me to see them exchange vows and make their promises to each other.

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Cotswolds Wedding Photographer

12 Cotswolds Wedding Photos

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Caswell House Wedding Photographer

Luxury Floral Wedding In The Cotswolds caswell house wedding

Confetti being thrown in the cotswolds wedding vows at caswell houseWedding flowers in the cotswolds Caswell House wedding photos wedding pictures caswell house

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Cotswolds Wedding Venues

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue in the Cotswolds it’s really tricky because it’s home to so many beautiful ones. The Cotswolds is an extremely popular place for holidays from people all over the world. That’s how beautiful it is here. One of the great things about wedding venues here though is no matter if your venue is in the heart of Gloucestershire or the boarders of Oxfordshire you’re guaranteed to have golden stone and rolling hills wherever you look.

Before even arriving at your wedding venue your guests will no doubt travel through lively market towns and quintessentially English villages. They’ll drive past castles and country houses. It will turn your wedding into a complete experience for your wedding guests. That’s before they’ve even arrived at the venue.

Another great thing about Cotswolds wedding venues is that you’re sure to end up with fabulous wedding suppliers. McQueens flowers are popular in the area and I’ve worked alongside great Makeup Artists and been lucky to sample some of the amazing food that has been supplied to weddings over the years.

When it comes to venues here though, here are just a few of my favorites;

Barnsley House

This venue is set in the picture-perfect Cotswold village and has a storybook garden to die for. You’ll be taking endless photos on your mobile phone for sure. It has a very very nice spa and the whole place is filled with character. During Paul and Cecile’s outdoor wedding here we had the perfect weather and it was just an incredible day. You can find more of this wedding on my blog.

Barnsley House, Barnsley, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 5EE


Caswell House

This exclusive barn wedding venue is another venue that you just know is on the Cotswolds. ┬áIt gets me excited to be a Cotswolds wedding photographer here as it’s just the Cotswolds in a wedding venue. With its history dating back to the 15th century, your wedding will become apart of something special. Made up of several Cotswold Stone Buildings and an Ancient Orchard this wedding venue has plenty of elegance. Andrew and Victoria’s wedding here was amazing and one of my favorite times of the day was everyone enjoying the setting sun whilst sipping drinks outside looking out over the Oxfordshire countryside.

Caswell House, Caswell Lane, Brize Norton, OX18 3NJ

Calcot Spa

This is a more discreet, intimate, and warm wedding venue in the Cotswolds. They have a gorgeous converted barn with amazing ceilings and a stunning courtyard with lime trees and stables. Like most wedding venues here it’s bursting with character and it’s the perfect canvas for the most gorgeous wedding. I’m super excited to be a Calcot Spa Wedding Photographer. It’s a place that has so much potential to set the background for the most wonderful wedding photography.

Calcot & Spa, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8YJ


Cripps Barn


If you’re looking for a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer to cover your wedding in this beautiful location I would love to hear from you. I’d love to have a chat and hear all about your plans, perhaps get to know you a little or more for you to get to know me as understand my approach to weddings.