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Hey I’m Ste, a wedding photographer shooting weddings all across Italy from Sicily to Lake Como.

Welcome to my site and my page on all things Italian Weddings and also about my journey as an Italy Wedding Photographer. Firstly I wanted to write about why I think Italian Weddings are so popular and why I love them too. Then I’ll mention more about me shooting weddings in Italy and share with you some of my favorite images I’ve taken here. You’ll not be surprised why so many destination wedding photographers are keen to shoot weddings in Italy.

Italy Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photos In Italy

Now I’m guessing if you’re on this page then you may have very well have set your mind on having your wedding in Italy or may have already booked! If this is the case then all of the above you’re already sold on. If you have booked your wedding venue and are perhaps looking for an Italy Wedding Photographer hopefully some of these images I have taken at Italian weddings can help provide some inspiration.

All of these images are photographs I have taken at real weddings in Italy. Instead of just posting some of my favorite photos, I have also added a little text so you can find out more about the image, why I took the photo, and why I love it.

I hope you enjoy the images and they somehow provide some value.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer to capture your wedding in Italy, I’d love to hear from you and to hear all about your wedding.

Photogenic Weddings In Tuscany

In August of 2023, I flew out to Pisa with my cameras and the excitement of shooting a three-day wedding event in Artimino. It’s just 20km from Florence and nestled beautifully in the gentle hills of Carmignano. The actual wedding venue itself; Tenuta di Artimino is a Unesco World Heritage site. Getting married here means you’ll be surrounded by the Tuscan hills and countryside. Meaning your wedding photographs will have the warmest and most beautiful feeling to them.

A wonderful bride of mine once said; “You really seem to capture the soul of a wedding.”

It’s one of my favourite compliments as a wedding photographer and I’m bringing this up as I think this wedding venue has a really good “soul” to it. To be honest, Itlay is a pretty soulful place and many of the locations and Italian wedding venues have such a great vibe to them. But as I’m discussing this particular wedding venue I want to tell you that its just steeped in history and the local village is so authentic and if its good Italian wine and food you’re looking for. Along with a beautiful and soulful location for your wedding, this is a perfect location. Your wedding photos will really soak up all of the above-mentioned Itlay vibes just with you in them as newlyweds.

Artimino in Tuscany a beautiful location for wedding photos

Eloping In Italy

Okay, so I’m adding this new section to my “all things Italy” on my website in 2023 as I recently photographed an elopement in the Dolomite mountains. I have photographed elopements in the past but never in a place as remote, extreme and beautiful as this before!

These Italian Elopement Photos are some of my favourite images I’ve ever taken. I was taking the photos and a good friend of mine was shooting the video for Karassa + Bryan. We stayed at Cortina in the Alps after spending a couple of days in Venice.

This particular elopement was photographed over three locations in Italy. First in Cortina and the surrounding areas. Then onto Lake Braise where the newlyweds took a romantic Italian boat ride on the lake. The final day was in the most photogenic area of Cadini di Misurina, a group of mountains in the eastern Dolomites in the Province of Belluno.

I loved being their wedding photographer in Italy for this amazing elopement and You can see more of this dolomites wedding of Bryan and Karassa.

Italy wedding photographer shooting an elopement.

eloping in Italy bride and groom during photo shoot in the dolomites

Couple hug after saying vows in Italy with photographer

Dolomites Elopement & Wedding Photographer

Looking For Wedding Photographers In Italy?

Romantic Italy

I think one of the main reasons couples love to get married in Italy is because of its romance. The Renaissance is still alive in Italy and with the amazing Tuscan hills and the beauty of Lake Como’s shores and the character of the locations in Sicily. There is just something truly romantic about weddings in Italy and having my camera with me in these beautiful locations is just amazing. Italy Wedding Locations are wide spread and I think if anyone told you that they were going to have their wedding in Italy, you wold just instantly know that it would be incredible.

Italian Cities

Another great reason people choose to have their wedding in Italy is because of its great cities. Know I know the more popular Italian wedding destinations are not in the cities. However, Tuscany had great cities such as Pisa, Florence and Siena. Lake Como is close to Milan and Verona near to Lake Garda. All great cites which provide super easy access for your guests to travel  into. Planning a wedding in Italy can be daunting but having these easily accessible locations relatively close to your wedding venue is a huge help.

Perfect Weather For Photography

The weather is another huge positive in choosing to get married in Italy. All year round the weather in Italy is much better than it is in the UK. As a Sicily Wedding Photographer recently I photographed a wedding in Taormina and the weather was just incredible. The only thing you do have to consider is the timing of your wedding ceremony. Keeping an eye on annual temperatures to time it perfectly. Of course the weather is extremely likely to be great for you. I did shoot a wedding on Lake Como and the weather was perfect up until we went out onto the lake on an Italian style boat. All of a sudden a storm just unpredictably rolled over the mountains!

Italian Food

One of my favourite things to do. Apart from photographing weddings is to try new foods and eat like the locals when I’m abroad. The food in Italy is amazing! Not only does it taste great but it looks great too! You know very well if your to host your wedding in Italy then your guests are going to have incredible food and they’ll be thanking your for it for sure!

Wedding Venues In Italy

Ive arrived with my camera at many weddings all over Europe though my heart has to stay with Italy when it comes to wedding venues. From deep countryside Italian stone buildings to exquisite luxury villas on the shores of Lake Como. Any wedding venue in Italy is going to be something special. Feel free to look across my pages including those that talk about wedding venues in Taormina and across other areas of Italy.


Sorrento, Amalfi Coast

My most recent Italian Wedding work. Sorrento is right up there in my opinion as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Most people have heard of it and the luckiest people have visited. If you want to see many more photos from this Sorrento Wedding At Villa Zagara you won’t be disappointed. After flying into Naples I took the short trip along the west coastline of Italy via coach to reach Sorrento. Its a I love to have my camera out all of the time anyway. So throw in some beautiful human beings and a wedding and I’m in my element. Cant wait to get back out here.

Bride and her father embrace during Italian wedding reception in Sorrento.

Taormina, Sicily

This image was taken in Taormina high up on the hill not far from Castle Mola. I love being a Taormina Wedding Photographer because I think this could be one of my favorite places I’ve been to! There is just something different about the sun in Italy it just looks and feels great. After Charlotte’s bridal preparation at Hotel Villa Schuler, they had a beautiful ceremony in a church central to Taormina. Then we all traveled up near Chiesa Madonna Della Rocca for the reception. The light was just beautiful and very “Italian”. I suggested they went out as a couple and enjoyed the Italian sunset. If you haven’t decided on your wedding location in Italy you must consider Taormina!

Newlyweds pose in the Taormina twilight.

Lake Como, Como

Jo and Mark had their intimate wedding at Villa Relais Vittoria in Laglio. It’s one of the most beautiful wedding venues on Lake Como. Once the preparations and ceremony were over. The small wedding party took a trip out onto the lake on a very Italian style boat. This one of their favourite moments from the wedding and having been there with them makes this image super meaningful to me. I love being a Lake Como Wedding Photographer. You can’t turn your head without seeing another incredible view. Here are 7 reasons to have your wedding here.

Couple share a smile under the Sorrento sunshine.

Malcesine, Lake Garda

Vikky and Anthony had their beautiful Italian wedding at Malcesine Castle. Here you can see Vikki enjoying being a princess on the castle rooftops with Lake Garda and the Italian Mountains in the background. I love this photo because it shows the grandeur that Lake Garda has to offer. All whilst Vikki is feeling on top of the world on her wedding day.

Bride twirls in beautiful dress at lake Garda castle.

The image below is also from Vikki and Anthonys Lake Garda Wedding. I just love how moody the light and skies are. We were off out taking some photos on the shores of the lake and I really wanted to capture the atmosphere. I asked them if they would like to walk along the jetty to enjoy the lake alone together. Then I stayed back and captured from a distance. There are many Do’s and Dont’s of planning a destination wedding. A good “do” would be to consider Malcesine as the location for your destination wedding.


Poppi, Tuscany

Wedding speeches are one of my favourite things about being a wedding photographer. The moments that happen during the speeches end up with almost every emotion. During Mark + Megans Tuscany Wedding In Poppi things were no different. I love this wedding photo because of the outdoor Tuscan feel with the added emotive look on Megans face. The venue here is Borgo Corsignano and a venue you must check out even if your not getting married here. You can see why I love this venue here.

Emotional father proudly embraces his bride daughter after Italian wedding ceremony.

As a Tuscany Wedding Photographer I’ve been super lucky to have photographed here and I love this image below of how excited Megan is and also the anticipation on Marks face. Taking pictures at all of these Italian weddings makes me so privileged to be able to do what I do and I always give my all, which has led me to develop a skill in being in the right place at the right time.

Bride and groom pose as a rainbow pierces distant storm.

I’d love to hear from you if you’re planning a wedding your wedding in Italy.