Cyprus Wedding Photographer

Cyprus wedding on hotel roof

Cyprus is known as the “All Year Round” island. Thats why I love bing a Cyprus Wedding Photographer. Weddings here are always either huge celebrations, intimate ceremonies or incredible parties. Some weddings I photograph sometimes have a mix of all three! I was lucky enough to have my wedding here in Cyprus many years ago over in Aphrodite Hills.

If you’ve arrive here on my website and this page specifically then there is a good chance your actually looking for a Cyprus Wedding Photographer to document and capture your wedding. If this is the case then please have a look through my website, my gallery and find out more about me and then get in touch! I love weddings and love Cyprus weddings more! I’m not surprised why destination wedding photographers want to shoot weddings here.

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Photographing In the Mediterranean

Some of the reasons I became a Cyprus Wedding Photographer are that the weather is great all year round here and the sunsets and golden hours are just beautiful. They have nice warm clear waters that I can dip into when photographing to get specific shots if I need too. Weddings are meant to look good and you cant really go wrong with the stunning scenery Cyprus has to offer.

Wedding Dress With A Cypriot Backdrop

During Jo and Matts Cyprus wedding it was great to see a beautiful and elegant wedding dress mixed in with a Cypriot backdrop. Cyprus is known for its stunning scenery and throw in a wedding dress and beautiful bride and her groom and your left with amazing wedding photos.

Why Marry Here

Why Marry In Cyprus

I mentioned why I became a Cyprus Wedding Photographer and I’ve also mentioned that I got married here myself many years ago. So why do some couples decide to marry in Cyprus?  If you’ve already booked your wedding venue and are well underway with the wedding planning then you’ll probably know this anyway. However these are some of the amazing reasons people keep going back to this awesome island.

The Scenery is just incredible. Clear waters sandy beaches and beautiful villages. Weather your wedding is high up in the mountains or on the golden beaches your wedding photos will look amazing and so will you.

Your wedding guests are guaranteed to have a great time! Your wedding is already going to look amazing and with your guests going to have a great time at your wedding its a recipe for success!

The weather is great here and one of the strong reasons for me being a Cyprus Wedding Photographer.

Cyprus Wedding Photographer

Cyprus Wedding Photographer