About Me

For me, wedding photography is such a personal service. An intimate and emotion-filled day full of love happiness and magic. Getting to know your photographer on a personal level is just as important as selecting your wedding dress. You wouldn’t just say “oh that dress looks nice”. You have to feel it, connect with it, and know that it’s right.

Get to know your wedding photographer.

This is me and my family…

Stephen Walker standing with his cameras



My eldest son Oscar. A cheeky kid with the kindest soul. Melts all hearts he lays eyes on. Lover of all people and a natural extrovert!



Louie is my youngest and is difficult to describe as all he does is eat, sleep, and smile. Cuddles are not recommended as difficult to let go!

My Son Louie


My wife Vicki. Although I’m the guy with the camera and the guy who captures magical stories for everyone. Vicki is the real reason I’m able to do what I do. She’s an incredible wife, mother and best friend.

So there you have it. About me.

In a nutshell I’m a man crazy about his family. I love to travel as far and as often as I can. When I shoot weddings overseas I take my family with me when I can. I love to be with them and I want my children to travel as much as possible.

I’m a big fan of any form of visual art. I especially love movies. Not just in the way everyone loves movies. I’m always enjoying and appreciating the cinematography, the light, the composition. I love stories and adventure. I love the outdoors and meeting strangers.

We don’t have long on they awesome planet so I want to experience as much of everything as possible.

If you think I could be the right guy to document your wedding whilst creating art for you then I would love for you to be a part of my life’s adventure!