Reasons to Honeymoon in Italy

Italy is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This is why many people make their way to this beautiful country to enjoy holidays, weddings and more. As one of the many destination wedding photographers who cover Italy its somewhere I love to work in. In addition to being a hot tourism location, it is also a great place to visit for honeymoons. In fact it’s one of the most popular honeymoon locations. If you are getting married abroad anytime soon then one of the important decisions you have to make is regarding where you will go for your honeymoon. If you are still thinking about a place then you should definitely have Italy on the list of places you have shortlisted. 

reasons to honeymoon in italy

Here are 6 reasons that make Italy a great place for your honeymoon!

Romantic Atmosphere

Europe is known for its romantic sites. Paris may be known as the city of love but Italy is no less of a romantic place.  When it comes to romantic places in Europe, even though a more popular choice will be Paris, once you research you would understand that Italy offers a very romantic experience as well. The entire country has a very romantic atmosphere. However if we have to highlight one specific place in Italy then Venice can be a great place to spend your honeymoon in. A romantic boat ride with your new spouse in Venice can be a great romantic experience.  It will be an experience that you will never forget and talk about for the years to come. As you move through the canals on the romantic boat, you can also enjoy the scenic views the city has to offer. With so many Italy wedding locations the also results in so many amazing places across Italy for the honeymoon too!

Amazing Wine 

In addition to having a delicious cuisine and some amazing fast food, Italy is also known for its amazing wine. No romantic honeymoon tour is complete without a dinner at a fancy restaurant with one of the best and the most delicious wines in the world. If you love wine then you should definitely visit Chianti located in Central Tuscany. The wine that comes from Chianti is named according to the location it is produced in. The Chianti wine is one of the most popular wines in Italy and all of Europe. During my time as a Tuscany Wedding Photographer I was lucky enough to go on a wine tasting experience and I was juts out there working but its an experience that I always love to remember. 

You Can Get Good Honeymoon Deals

When it comes to choosing the best location for your honeymoon, you need to see many different factors like the cuisine, romantic experience and other similar things. Price is also one of the important factors you need to keep it mind. After spending so much on your wedding, you’ll ms likely wan  be cost efficient. You can find many amazing honeymoon deals for Italy. If you and your spouse are looking for the best romantic experience without having to spend a large amount of money then Italy can be a great location for that. There are many websites that offer promotional honeymoon deals for Italy. 

Amazing Cuisine 

If there is one thing that Italy is known for, it is the incredible food that is filled with divine flavour and presented beautifully. Wherever you go within Italy, you will definitely find amazing food such as pasta and pizza. Being natives of this country, the pasta and pizza you eat here will never be the same anywhere else. 

Now, eating amazing and delicious pasta and pizza and their other native dishes aren’t complete without wine and Italy has one of Europe’s best wineries with wine that tastes heavenly. Just imagine yourself, on your honeymoon eating pasta and drinking wine and just looking out into the horizon. Now that’s the life and that’s definitely the best honeymoon!

Historically Significant

Europe all over is a great place to go visit because of the historical relevance. But if you are going for a honeymoon then Italy is a definite must. The beautiful historical buildings hold so many stories and so much relevance. From the beautiful and delicately managed architecture to the beautiful 19th-century churches and buildings that are still standing up. 

You can go to places where historical figures visited and you can read up on it. Italy is a place where you can definitely soak up the history and for a minute, just imagine you are a part of it. If you are a history buff and are interested to visit these paces then you and your partner should definitely visit Italy. 

Breath-Taking Views

Last, but definitely not the least, its Italy’s gorgeous views. From the beautiful architecture to the natural beauty that is Italy, it may just take your breath away. Honeymooning in Italy is the best way to start a marriage, the scenic beauty in Italy is enough to make you feel romantic and to make you feel like love conquers all. 

When I was out shooting in Italy as a Taormina Wedding Photographer I was on the east coast of Sicily and was blown away by how beautiful the view of Etna. Here is an image below that i have printed out at home.

With beautiful cliffs, mountains, and oceanic beauty it is almost as if you have stepped into heaven. You will feel on top of the clouds and feel like there is love all around. One of the best places to see beautiful Italy is by going on top of the Venice bell Towers and just take in God’s natural beauty. 

Italy is a great destination to go to for a honeymoon. Why you may ask? Simply because when you think of Europe you think of scenic beauty, food and romance. Italy is the one place where the food is just as famous as the beautiful weather and that makes it a great place to spend a weekend, let alone your honeymoon. So, don’t waste time. Book your flights, get the visa and make it happen.  


With so many Italy wedding locations to choose from this makes deciding on the location of your Italian honeymoon just as tricky. If you’ve also chosen Italy as a location for your wedding you’ll have probably done plenty of research when you’ve looked through al of the best wedding venues in Italy. This may give you an advantage on looking for Honeymoon spots. One final thing to consider perhaps is what time of year to have your honeymoon too. Its getting more popular for couples to have their honeymoons much later than the actual wedding. An article I wrote on the Best time of year for an Italy wedding may give you some advice on when is best to have your honeymoon in Italy.