Best Places To Elope In Europe

Europe may be considered a small continent but it amasses a great number of beautiful locations that are perfect to keep your elopement. Whether you’re looking for a private and small ceremony with your close friends and family or want to go for a lavish setting, Europe has all the relevant locations to fulfil your requirements. I hope this short list of the best places to elope in Europe can give you some inspiration for your dream day.

Europe is home to several beautiful countries; there is no comparing one to another. Elope in Europe and you will just love every minute of your special day with your partner surrounded by beautiful locations. Destination wedding photographers around the world flock to Europe every year capturing some go the most beautiful elopements.

best places to elope in europe

When it comes to elopements and destination weddings in Europe there is are so many locations available for you to choose from. I’ve put together some of the most popular and exclusive locations for you to make your selection process a bit easier. From beautiful outdoor locations in enchanting gardens to eloping in the most romantic cities of Europe. The article covers the different countries that you can go to and the perfect spot for you to elope, depending on your preference.


As an Italy Wedding Photographer I know it is one of those countries that have a variety of gorgeous and lavish locations readily available for you all year round. There’s no stopping you from eloping in the glamorous locations here. Italy wedding locations can be difficult to narrow down due to the number of amazing locations.


Being a Tuscany wedding photographer i’ve been lucky enough to photograph some beautiful weddings here. I’m yet to photograph an elopement but I can reassure you that this whole region, wether your getting married in Siena to Florence is the perfect location for a romantic elopement. The stunning natural surroundings, breathtaking landscapes and its relaxed atmosphere tied in with the beautiful buildings really makes it one of the best places to elope in Europe. With there being quite a few regions for destination weddings in Tuscany you can be spoiled for choice. Though thats not too bad a thing when it comes to planning a wedding in Italy.

Palazzo Venart

Palazzo Venart is one of the most exclusive and leading hotels of all time! Wouldn’t you want to elope here? With elegantly decorated rooms that are based on the Venetian culture, it is a sight for sore eyes. You’ll be in awe of the well decorated and beautifully painted interior. Not forgetting those gondola rides that you can easily hop on in Venice. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? There is so much history here and you floating around the canals here would make for the most beautiful wedding photography.

Hotel Santa Caterina

Another one of the most beautiful hotels in Europe is the Hotel Santa Caterina on the Amalfi coast. Being located on a cliff near the beach, this location is ideal for you to elope with your partner. With beautiful views, the sea right next to you, and a beautiful room to be in, what else could you ask for? Amalfi coast wedding photographers are super keen to shoot here as well as other Amalfi coast wedding venues as its just incredibly beautiful. Bask in the sun during the day or have lunch at the hotel’s restaurant that overlooks the ocean. Your ceremonies would be held beautifully along the beach, in the gardens or indoors, wherever you want them to be! Whatever you decide, they’ll all be equally beautiful.


France is known to be the country of lovers and the various amount of romantic places it has to offer. There are so many places available for you to declare your love for someone and elope. You’ll see countless number of proposals taking place in France specifically because of its connection to being a place of love.

La Lauren

If you are looking for an outdoor elopement La Lauren is one of the best places to elope in Europe. This beautiful venue is located in the lavender fields of Provence. Lavender fields. Doesn’t that sound romantic? This private and intimate location is perfect for lovers to get eloped and spend some quality time together. Not only are the lavender fields the most unique and prominent part of the venue, but you also have beautiful views of the mountain range in the surrounding area.

Domain Du Clos Castaing

The unique and distinct feature of this location is that it’s extremely private, away from the city and away from all the hustle and bustle. You can enjoy your time with your special one in this intimate location. With a lavish swimming pool, looking out to the Dordogne river is the ideal area to utilize with your significant other. You can invite your close friends and family to make sure that you have the best time with them. You’ll find that this chateau is as beautiful from the inside as it is from the outside. With warm and aesthetically set rooms, you’ll not want to leave here!

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Elope in Europe in the most luxurious hotel possible. The Park Hyatt Hotel is the epitome of luxury. You and your significant other are bound to be drowning in lavish cuisine and surrounding. Paris being the heart of France and home to the Eiffel Tower, it is the perfect romantic spot for your elopement.


Thinking of eloping but can’t decide where to go? Ireland is the ideal place for you. With a range of different locations available here, you can opt for whichever type you want. From indoors to outdoors, find the perfect location for your elopement!

Howth Head

Are you in search of an outdoor location where you and your significant other can elope? Howth Head is the perfect place for you as it is a waterside, with a great view of the ocean. It’s a secluded area, so you’re away from the noise of the city and are surround by nature and its beauty. It is a common route for joggers during the day time so you can set your timing differently or be open to strangers watch you while you elope. On the other hand, not only do you have views of the ocean, but you also get a panoramic view of Dublin city. It’s a beautiful location to place your elopement ceremony.

Dromoland Castle

This castle is perfect if you require privacy and don’t want too many people around when getting eloped. With beautiful gardens and fountains surrounding the castle, you’re sure to have great views from the windows of your rooms. This is the ideal location for people who want to experience a different kind of setting when it comes to getting married. This castle is secluded with a beautiful and exterior. You can get many vintage pictures here, along with a whole lot of privacy!


You’ll find that there are countless places in Germany that you can elope because the country is a beautiful sight, wherever you turn! With natural locations to luxurious villas, you can have it all.

Kuhflucht Waterfalls

Thinking of getting your elopement done outdoors, surrounding the beautiful sound of water rushing down. You can gather up a few friends or family and have a sweet ceremony that is, both, according to your requirements and incredibly beautiful

Villa Sorgenfrei

If you’re looking for a luxurious villa where you and your guests can spend a lavish time together, then look no further. The villa Sorgenfrei is the perfect place for your elopement. With a beautiful interior, you and your significant other are sure to fall in love with this place. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, it’s sure to leave you and your guests in awe of this place. It is the ideal place to host a private wedding; one in which you are surrounded by people you want to be around.

Rastatt Favorite Palace

Elope in Europe like a royal! The Rastatt Favorite Palace is a delight as it was made to be exclusive. With lavish dining halls and its beautiful interior, you’re bound to create great memories here. With gardens and fountains surrounding the entire palace, you and your significant other can go stroll around on romantic walks.

Elopement Wedding Photographer

If you’re planning to elope in Europe, I hope this short list of the best places to elope in Europe provide you with some ideas or inspiration. Figure out what kind of ceremony you want and what sort of atmosphere you hope to have. Do you want your friends and family to be there or would you prefer just you and your partner to elope secretly? As a destination wedding photographer I love to travel and both travel and weddings are something i’m super passionate about. No matter which place you choose, you’re sure to end up with a beautiful location.