When To Book Your Wedding Photographer

You’re planning a wedding and need to do a million and one things. Though of these one million things some are more important than others. You’ll most likely book a wedding venue first then you’ll start looking at other wedding suppliers. Knowing when to book your wedding photographer though can be vital in getting the right photographer for you.  I’ve had couples book me 2-3 years in the past and i’ve also had couple book me for their wedding 2 week before the big day.

You should book your wedding photographer 9 months before your wedding.

This is the average time though I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to this question really. Each bride and groom to be will have their own feelings on how much time they should give to book all of their suppliers. In 2020 more couples really seem to have their wedding photographer as their most important supplier.

You may be a couple that wants to be super prepared and ensure you get the best suppliers. Though you could be super relaxed and just book things nearer the time.

Here are some things to consider when deciding on when to book your wedding photographer specifically. Though this information can also be applied to your other wedding suppliers too.

Do you have a popular wedding date?

As you can probably already imagine, Saturdays are the most popular days of the week to get married and August is most probably the most popular month. For me personally I always seem to book up the first few weeks in September too.

If you’re planning a wedding on a Saturday in August there are going to be many more weddings going a head that day than say a Thursday in February.

This means that a higher percentage of good wedding photographers are going to be already booked for your August wedding. This may give you a stronger incentive to book a key supplier like your wedding photographer much earlier.

Though if you have a Thursday wedding in february then you could leave it later. Nothing however is guaranteed.

Another thing to factor in to this is that more and more couples are having destination weddings and these couples are booking their destination wedding photographers from the UK. This means that photographers may be away for longer reducing their availability.

How important is wedding photography to you?

When wrote the article “Don’t Book A Wedding Photographer Before Reading This” I mention a lot about how important it is to have a good wedding photographer. However this isn’t always important to everyone I understand that. Some people value photography more than others.

With this is mind. If you’re someone who’s not so bothered about having amazing photos and all your moments captured in the most beautiful way then your choice when it comes to booking a wedding photographer won’t be as important.

Though if you really value photography and are really excited about investing in having your wedding captured  just the way you want it to be. Then you might want to start looking sooner to find the right wedding photographer for you.

This is when knowing when to book your wedding photographer becomes important. As you could spend days, weeks or months looking for the right wedding photographer only to find out they’re unavailable.

How Much Is It Going To Cost?

Depending on your wedding budget and how much you want to spend on your photographer, this can be another this to consider when deciding on when to book your wedding photographer. The average cost of a wedding photographer may be more than you want to pay. Or wedding photography may be really important to you and you want to pay well over the average.

If this is the case you may want to leave more time so you can book your photographer earlier or allow you more time to shuffle your budget around ensuring you get the right wedding photographer for you.

How Much Is A Wedding Photographer In The UK?

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Hannah + Andrews Wedding

Hannah + Andrew originally  booked me as their wedding photographer around 9 months before their wedding. Here are a few images from their wedding. I hope you enjoy these images. Be sure to have your brightness and sound on!

If you’re getting married soon and need to book a wedding photographer id love to hear from you if you think I could be the right wedding photographer for you.

I’m an experienced photographer shooting weddings from the Cotswolds to the Lake District and from Lake Como to various locations in Tuscany.