The Wedding Photographer That Makes You Feel Comfortable

When you first see your wedding photos you’ll want to see beautiful images that blow you away. You will want to have plenty of images of your guests having a great time and you will want more photos of special moments and emotions, rather that lots of posed photos and too many images of people stood around looking uncomfortable.

Having an inexperienced wedding photographer or one that’s not particularly great with working with people will end up with you feeling really uncomfortable on your wedding day, or looking back on your wedding photos thinking everyone looks awkward.

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“I don’t like the idea of having my photo taken either.”

Couples who invest time into finding out who the photographer is and what their values are should never have to end up with awkward images or loads and loads of wedding photos of things that just don’t matter.

As I’m not too keen on having my own photograph taken myself, I really understand that couples don’t want to be told what to do or be posed all day long.

If my experience as an international wedding photographer has taught me one thing, its that; couples just want to enjoy their wedding day, make sure their guests are having a great time and they want me to capture this all beautifully. Also, when I’m taking photos of couples alone together, I’m always making sure they feel comfortable 100% of the time.

“You’ll never feel awkward or uncomfortable.”

So get in touch with me, arrange a video call so that we can agree in person that feeling awkward or uncomfortable should never be a part of any wedding. And that when it comes to wedding photography, its all about the moments, people having a good time, capturing the interactions between all of the important people in your lives and all whilst not having your wedding turned into a photo shoot.

You’ll never be awkwardly posed and you will end up with wedding photos you will completely fall in love with. You will go from feeling unsure about how your wedding photos might turn out, to you being blown away with how good you look in the photos and amazed with all of the images of the people you love having the best time ever.

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A full review

“We chose Steve as our wedding photographer because we loved the laid back style of his work. We didn’t get a chance to meet him in person before the day but spoke to him on the phone several times. He completely understood what we wanted to achieve and on the day he simply turned up and created magic! We are SO pleased with the results, in fact, they massively exceeded our expectations. Steve was friendly to us and all of our guests and he blended into the background perfectly (don’t take that personally Steve!). When we received the photos we couldn’t believe some of the shots he had captured, we didn’t know he was there! We would absolutely urge you to use Steve for your wedding / special occasion. We have already recommended him to some friends who are getting married later this year. Thank you Steve! Rachel & David Kendall x”


The cost of my wedding photography services is simple and transparent.

They do differ slightly depending on when and where your wedding is though.

So please get in touch. I would love to hear from you and hear about your wedding.

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