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Have you ever been to that wedding. The one were you’ve had a great morning getting ready. You’re super eager to see the day unfold. The ceremony comes, the couple look amazing and everything is perfect.

Then you head to the reception and grab a canapé and a wine. You’re really getting into the vibe of the day. The next thing the photographer has pulled out a list and starts ordering people about. Arranging and rearranging people for long periods of time.

You see, I really don’t think that’s what couples want anymore.

You’ll most likely want a couple of group photos with your parents and grandparents as these guys are the most important to you, I get that.

If you are looking for something more traditional, you won’t have to look far. There are many traditional photographers out there for sure.

Though if you’re like me and just love the authenticity of great moments, just getting on with your wedding without worrying about staged or artificial moments.

Then I’m sure what follows next will intrigue you.

No Standing Around For Hours

Now you’ve started planning your wedding, you’ll be investing not only your hard earned money, but time too.

The last thing you’ll want to be doing is wasting time standing around for ages on your wedding day.

Couples of mine have commented on how much they loved how much their wedding day had no standing around.

Worst case scenario on booking someone that shoots more staged stuff?

You’ll miss out of BOTH awesome moments whilst your photographer is setting things up AND there will be less real moments happening as people will be waiting for instructions.

I’m not sure any couple want that.


2020 Portfolio

A short story of Emma and James

This is Emma + James’s wedding, and after our initial conversation after they enquired. One thing stuck with me about why they decided to go ahead and book me.

They said they wanted someone that was not only a really competent photographer. But also, someone who they knew they would feel comfortable around and who they felt like they really knew the person behind the camera.

Then I started to think about all of my weddings and that I don’t really feel like an outsider. Photographing people and the connections between those people is the main task for me on a wedding day. I feel like I know the people I’m photographing as I’m always reading them and working out what’s going to happen next between them.


Emma + James
Emma + James

The idea of having your photograph taken isn’t the most comfortable feeling for anyone. For you below, I’ve written my thoughts on awkward posing.

No Awkward Posing

How many people do you know that love having their photo taken? We’ve all got that one friend I’m sure. However, most people haven’t fallen in love with having their photo taken. Still, most couples still want to look amazing on their wedding day and in their wedding photos.

The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here. You’ve spent all that time making sure everything looks perfect.

Can you imagine looking and feeling great up until the point where the photographer wants to do some awkward posing. Thats going to not only change how you feel but how you look too most likely.

I’m guessing you’re more likely to want a photographer thats taken the time to understand who YOU are and then just captures just that.

When you’re having your wedding portraits taken by me, they’re more of you and your partner enjoying each others company how you would do normally with some minor direction from me.

This way, you can just be who you both are and this will reflect if your wedding photos.

Though there is always the photographer that will say to you “Smile Guys!” if thats more you’re thing.

A full review

“We chose Steve as our wedding photographer because we loved the laid back style of his work. We didn’t get a chance to meet him in person before the day but spoke to him on the phone several times. He completely understood what we wanted to achieve and on the day he simply turned up and created magic! We are SO pleased with the results, in fact, they massively exceeded our expectations. Steve was friendly to us and all of our guests and he blended into the background perfectly (don’t take that personally Steve!). When we received the photos we couldn’t believe some of the shots he had captured, we didn’t know he was there! We would absolutely urge you to use Steve for your wedding / special occasion. We have already recommended him to some friends who are getting married later this year. Thank you Steve! Rachel & David Kendall x”


The cost of my wedding photography services is simple and transparent.

They do differ slightly depending on when and where your wedding is though.

So please get in touch. I would love to hear from you and hear about your wedding.

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