How Much Is A Wedding Photographer In The UK?

The average cost for a wedding photographer in the UK is £1590.

This average cost is based on one photographer covering your wedding for a full day and providing you with all of the fully processed digital images in high resolution.

One of the fist things you’ll need to book for your wedding is a wedding venue. Though secondly i’ve put the photographer. Yeah sure, I’m a wedding photographer, but the importance of it is something I’m super passionate about.

Ultimately these decisions when it comes down to planning your wedding are all going to revolve around what’s important to you. Though for most I think wedding photography is relatively high on the list as all you will have left longer after the wedding cake has been eaten and the dress is stored away is your wedding photographs.

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Obviously you can only decide how much of your budget you’ll want to set aside for wedding photography but when it comes down to this part of your vendor choosing, its a perfect example of you really getting what you pay for.

The cost of a wedding photographer will vary on numerous factors such as experience, quality of work, location of the photographer, how many photographers will be there as well as how long you want the photographer there for on the day.

Most photographers including myself always recommend a Skype/Video call to get to know each other, ask any questions and be clear on what you’re really looking for.

There are sometimes additional costs but most of the time they are extremely transparent. For example you may want to include a pre wedding shoot or a fine art wedding album. You may want parent albums or priority editing.

Best thing to do is arrange a chat with a potential photographer that looks like a good fit for you and have a discussion about options.

How Much Is A Wedding Photographer In The UK

Reasons To Hire A Professional Over A Beginner

Peace Of Mind

As you can imagine a wedding day will go by super fast. During this time your mind will be busy and going through plenty of emotions. Can you imagine getting your wedding photos back and them turning out to be nothing like what you wanted. Or even worse, just really bad photos.

Its going to be a much more relaxed day knowing that love got a proven wedding photographer on board who fits in with your personality and your wedding.

You’ll know after looking at a photographers work and having a call with them if you can trust them. If you have 100% trust in them then you’ll be sure to have much more fun and a much more relaxed wedding.

Their Better Than Uncle Bob

“Uncle Bob” is a term known in the photography industry used for the guest at a wedding with a super fancy camera. Us photographers have nothing against these guys but we do hear of terrible stories. Stories where couples have decided to chose a family friend or family member to take care of the photography.

Whilst these guys have great cameras, there is much much more to wedding photography than the equipment. Its like getting the best food ingredients you can from around the world and then giving them to someone who struggles to make beans on toast to cook with them. Good gear doesn’t mean good pictures.

Wedding photographers have fantastic skills in light, knowing where to be at the right time, composition, editing, timing, working with people, working in bad light. Nothing from this list is done by the camera.

One Opportunity 

This wedding is only going to happen once. You cant do it again if things go wrong. Having confidence in your photographer is super important. There are so many photographers to chose from as the market is pretty huge. It’s easy to end up  booking the wrong photographer for you. There are inexperienced photographers and there are some that may be great on the surface but don’t have a proven track record. Good idea to read the reviews left by past couples.

How Much Is A Wedding Photographer

How To Pick The Right Wedding Photographer For You

It all has to boil down to trust.

My advice would be to look through the photographers work and just see if you like their work.

Does it look appealing, can you imagine yourself in those photos?

This is the first step really, just liking the images you see.

The next thing is pretty huge for me. This is “How do you feel with the photographer as a person?” Yeah you may not actually meet in person with your photographer before booking but you can read their about me page and get a feel of the type of person they are.

After that you can really get to know them by arranging a call with them. I find it help so much with all of the couples i’ve booked in the past. With your wedding being once of the most intimate and special days of your life you have to have some sort of connection with the person who’s going to have a front row seat to it all.

Imagine having the best photographer in the world at your wedding but you didn’t feel comfortable around them.

Having a connection will help you relax and be yourself more. This will then result in much more relaxed and organic images thats you’re gonna love to look back on.

I always thing that as long as you’ve taken your time to consider your options and have got to know a photographer, whoever you chose will be the right one. Trust yourself too.

You can read more about my approach here.

Wedding Photographer Cost

To summarise this article on How Much Is A Wedding Photographer In The UK;

The costs are the costs. You just have to find the right photographer for you who you both trust and fits within your budget. I’m super open to any questions you may have regarding your wedding and would love to arrange a call with you if you’re planning a wedding anytime soon.

I photograph weddings all over from the Cotswolds to the Lake District and Lake Como to Tuscany. No matter where your wedding is i’m ready.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!

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