Weddings In Sicily

Congratulations! You’re engaged, and you’re thinking about locations for a destination wedding. You need a location that will make your wedding the most memorable and beautiful wedding you and your guests will attend for many years to come. Is Sicily on your shortlist? If not, it should be – and though images of weddings on this beautiful island will likely be enough to sway you, here are 5 reasons you should choose Sicily for your destination wedding. As an Italy Wedding Photographer I’ve been incredibly lucky to shoot here on more than one occasion. Somewhere I highly recommend you consider for a destination wedding.


Sicily is an island off the coast of Italy that is undeniably romantic. In the summer the island is rich with the smell of blooming flowers, Mediterranean kitchens, and sea air. Sicily is an island with a slower pace of life to the ones we live here in the UK, and if you’re looking for a location that will naturally help you stay calm on the days leading up to your big day, this is it. Stroll hand and hand along the beaches and dine in the restaurants in the villages, all under a warm sun, surrounded by history. Sicily has a rich history of cherishing marriage, and historically, a Sicilian’s wedding day has always been the most important day of their lives. 

Beautiful Weather

While no location will guarantee beautiful weather, you’ll have a much better chance of a clear blue sky and warm temperatures here than anywhere in the UK. Plan your wedding in the Summer for comfortably warm weather (average of 26C in July), though you can continue to rely on good weather right through October. 

Sicily is Steeped with History 

Sicily has retained a lot of its historic traditions and customs, and the island has an abundance of Baroque architecture, historical sites, and a rich folklore. It is the perfect location for your guests to stay and get away from their busy lives at home, and you can stay in the beautiful hotels and suites after your wedding to start your honeymoon immediately. Best of all, Sicily is close to North Africa, Malta, mainland Italy, and isn’t far from Greece, so you can continue your travels on your honeymoon. 

A Wedding Photographer’s Dream

Weddings in Sicily always produce stunning photos for you to cherish forever, and the beautiful scenery and architecture offers endless opportunities to get the wedding photos you dream of. Everywhere you turn in Sicily is a photo opportunity, and whether you decide to get married in one of their ancient chapels or on one of their sandy beaches, you’ll have photos you’ll never want to put away. For a beach location, Taormina weddings are always popular and incredibly beautiful, and when your beach wedding concludes you can visit the ancient structures or hike up Mount Etna. Being a Taormina Wedding Photographer could maybe be my favourite thing about shooting weddings in Italy.

Sicilian Food and Wine 

If you or your partner are foodies (or just love a great meal) you can’t overlook Sicily for its amazing culture of food. Sicily has historically been an island where people from all nearby lands have come together to trade or rest on a long journey, which helped it become a melting pot of local cultures which still exists in their kitchens. Sicilian food has a strong flavour, mixing sweet and acidic to create refreshing and delicious meals, mixed with more traditional Italian meals. While in Sicily, you can drink wine made on the island, and if you’re a wine connoisseur you won’t be short of new wine to taste and share with your guests. 

Sold on a Sicilian wedding? If so, you can read about some more about me being a Sicily wedding Photographer, but if you’re still considering other destinations in Italy, check out this post about the best Italy Wedding Locations to find more incredible locations to investigate.