Asian Wedding At Knowsley Hall

Ayesha and Assad booked me to photograph their Asian Wedding At Knowsley Hall after we had a meeting in Manchester over a nice coffee. I’d photographed weddings at Knowsley Hall before and with the venue being so close to where I live I was super excited to shoot here again. Not only because I love to shoot here but because after meeting with the bride and groom to be I knew it was going to be an emotional and fun filled day.

Asian Wedding At Knowsley Hall

Bridal Make Up At Knowsley Hall

After Ayesha and her mum where pretty much ready for the wedding, all that need to be down was the finishing touches to the brides make up and she also had to select the rings and bangles Ayesha wanted to wear. I love to make photos of the finer details as theses can be super intricate things that can be easily forgotten about many years after your wedding has passed. One of my favourite things about shooting bridal preparations is the changes in mood. Every wedding is different but sometimes there are no nerves about the wedding ceremony at the start of the preparations and then they flood out toward the end. Sometimes the opposite. Either way It’s such a privilege to be able to witness how emotional people can get and be the one to document it all.

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The Wedding Ceremony

The short walk from one of the bridal preparation rooms to the wedding ceremony room is pretty short but the decor of the venue as a bride walks these final moments before she meets her groom are pretty awesome. You can see in this image below Ayesha is walking though the main hall and the place is simply stunning! Off into the 18th century hall that has had visitors from royalty and the wedding ceremony begins. Although Ayesha and Assad were pretty emotional, they pretty much smiled from ear to ear the whole time!

Photographic Portraits For Newlyweds

When the bride and groom are looking this awesome in their Asian Wedding attire and the venue is as beautiful as Knowsley Hall is. It would be incredibly rude not to have a short wonder around the estate grounds and make some photographic portraits for the newlyweds. This place is a dream to make Knowsley Hall Wedding Photography. Not much to say here really other than it was such a beautiful session. It was great to see them just enjoying each other company as they had only been married for a couple of hours.

Speeches And Asian Dancing

There wasn’t actually a first dance at this wedding. It was my first Asian Wedding At Knowsley Hall and I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the party side of things. I love to travel and I love to experience new cultures and getting to meet people from different cultural backgrounds too. The wedding party did not disappoint and with the surprise of some asian dancers it was pretty awesome! The speeches were beautifully romantic and authentic. Another things about weddings I feel really privileged about. People say some of the most intimate words of their lives to each other and I get a front row seat to it all. So thanks again Ayesha and Assad for allowing me to be such a part of this moment in your lives!

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