Cotswolds Weddings vs Lake District Weddings

If you have got engaged recently and decided upon getting married in England, then you must be looking for some beautiful countryside options to get married. England is well known for its beautiful countrysides, areas of outstanding beauty and national parks.. The two of the most enchanting countryside locations in England without a doubt are the central Cotswolds and the Lake District. With plenty of experience as a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer and a Lake District Wedding Photographer I love both of these locations so much.  These two places have so many gorgeous places such as parks, museums, hotels, country inns and even castles where you can plan your wedding. Deciding between Cotswolds wedding locations alone is a difficult task but if you’re considering all of the Lake District wedding venues aswell, you’ll have too many choices! So i’ve put together a short article comparing the two locations.

Barnsley House Ceremony

The Landscape

It goes without saying that the landscape of a place plays a major role in selecting it for the wedding venue! The Cotswolds is extremely famous for its English countryside and stone houses, which would give you a feeling of stepping into a fantasy. Being an Area of Outstanding Beauty some of the best wedding venues available in the UK are in the Cotswolds. The dazzling warm stone houses and scrupulously tended gardens can make a perfect wedding venue. On the other hand, the Lake District is more of rough and extraordinary landscape. It is the largest national park in the UK and has the country’s highest mountains with many different lakes! So if you’re thinking of outdoor wedding venues in the Lake District you’ll not be disappointed. With some of the most breathtaking fells, lakes and wildlife which cannot be found in any other part of the country, it offers the best spot to get married if you are a nature lover. So, if you’re looking for the English charm of the Cotswolds or the outdoors of the Lake District you’ll end up with a super picturesque wedding either way.

Lake District Wedding Bride and Groom mountain scenery
Lake District Wedding – Clare + Richard

The Weather

Weather and climate of a place plays an important role in deciding which time of year to get married at! The Cotswolds is situated in the South West of England. The area has a calm oceanic climate with moderately warm instead of hot summers and cool to cold winters. It is very uncommon for Cotswolds to encounter any outrageous climate meaning the place can be visited any time of the year. Pretty much all year round you can look for outdoor wedding venues in the Cotswolds. But if you are planning on getting married in The Cotswolds, autumn is a good time to do so because the weather during that time can range from pleasantly mild to cooler days from September to November. Also, you can avoid the tourist season of summers as the place is flooded with tourists during the peak summer season. While if you are planning on getting married in the Lake District, the best time to do so would be between spring or summer as winters and autumns are generally wetter and colder. Although, it is indeed difficult to avoid the place in the sun, when clear skies amplify the scenery. But at the same time there is something interestingly attractive about a cold, tempestuous day in the Lakes, with jagged slopes transcending above you, and a thundering fire in your accommodation.

Formby Pre Wedding Shoot

The Venue

The wedding venue can probably be the hardest decision to make, as it will have the greatest impression on the look and feel of the day. In the Cotswolds countryside you’ll find that there are plenty of Cotswolds wedding venues for you to choose from! It covers an area of 800 miles. With a lot of beautiful state homes, country houses and ancient towns it has to offer, you will have tons of options to decide your perfect wedding venue in Cotswolds. Wether you’re looking for barn wedding venues in the Cotswolds or an enchanting manor house made of Cotswold stone you’ll end up with somewhere gorgeous for sure. Whereas, Lake District has a considerable number of choices where you can set up your wedding ceremony with both indoor and outdoor options available including meal areas for weddings. If you are more into religious components, and want it for your wedding, there are some truly amazing local churches available as well for you to arrange your wedding.

Cotswolds Wedding Photographer

The Food

When it comes to planning your wedding one of the huge decisions you’ll make is your food and drinks! If the quality of the food is not up to the mark, it would leave you and the guests disappointed. The Cotswolds is just like a paradise for foodies and offers a wonderful cluster of delicious food produced locally. The caterers work with some amazing local producers who help them in creating the best dishes by using some of the best and fresh ingredients. If you have picked Cotswolds for your big day, the caterers there will ensure that your guests get a special menu created according to your requirements that they will be discussing even long after your big day. They’ll gladly provide food according to the dietary requirements of your guests to guarantee that everybody gets the meal of their desire. If you decide to go for the Lake District, the incredible chefs there will ensure that you and your guests are very much taken care of throughout you stay. They prepare some of the best quality food with perfect presentation that everyone recommends! Regardless of whether it’s breakfast or the main wedding feast itself, you won’t be disappointed! Furthermore, the area itself is home to countless exceptionally restaurants and cafes. So, if you even decide extend your stay for some more time, you can checkout many restaurants available at Lake District.

Cotswolds Wedding Photography

As a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer I just love to make wedding photos here. Photos nowadays have become a crucial part of the wedding as they help to re live the memories just like they happened. Your choice in location will have an impact on your wedding photos for sure! The amazing landscape, enchanting chocolate box towns, and fantastic houses at Cotswolds offer you endless chances to capture excellent memories of your big day. Wedding photographers can work with you to breathe life into each one of your images and recount the story of your big day all the way. Whether it is catching the affection between you, your partner, family and members, as a documentary wedding photographer who loves to shoot weddings from the inside out. You can keep these memories alive until the end of time. Also, the Cotswolds is one of the most preferred spots on in the UK for photographers to shoot wedding because of the versatility it has to offer.

Lake District Wedding Photography

With all the encompassing beauty Lake District has to offer, it is also one of the best places for some iconic pictures. This is why I love being a Lake District Wedding Photographer. One thing of which you can be certain of is that your wedding photographs will be full of life and picturesque here. What preferable scenery than the excellent fells and lakes! Even if it rains on your big day, it won’t spoil the pictures because a rainy day can create some of the most eye catching photos for you to cherish. Providing you have a wedding photographer who know what there doing. There are a lot of choices for extremely creative outdoor shoots of your wedding day and it makes for a stunning backdrop for any family photos you may like. The Lake District is also a popular for couples to have honeymoons in the Lake District. So if you decide on staying here for a few days after your wedding you’ll most likely be taking plenty of photos yourself!

Outdoor wedding venues in the lake district

Romantic Locations

Even in the least cheesy way, romance has so much to do with weddings. One of the great things about having to decide on there two locations is going to visit them before deciding! You could enjoy romantic weekends away whilst venue hunting.  Once you are done with your wedding though, it would be a great chance for you to kick start your honeymoon in the cotswolds. With so many beautiful locations the place has to offer, you can explore the wonderful areas before you head off for your actual honeymoon. Regardless of whether you are coming only for the afternoon, or planning to stay there for a couple of evenings, you cannot ignore the enchanted and excellent towns and the peaceful hills. During the night time, you can even explore the pathways for strolls, nearby bars for drinks and dinner, and transform your night stay into a break from all the stress of the wedding o have a great time and relax. Even in Lake District, there are barely any spots as romantic as the Lakes themselves. After all, the place was home to some of the most romantic poets of all the time such as William Wordsworth. You can even visit Wordsworth’s childhood House. It is one of the most loved spot and treat for a romantic couple, so it’s no big surprise that such huge numbers of people come to get married here. Apart from this, the couples can enjoy many days at the beautiful Lake District after their wedding enjoying the different activities and adventures the place has to offer.

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A Wedding Photographers Final Words

Having shot weddings as a Barnsley House Wedding Photographer in the Cotswolds and gorgeous weddings in the Lake District as a New House Farm Wedding Photographer there is just no way I could decide on which of these locations I’d prefer. They are both wonderful and have such a wonderful feeling when you’re in them. Even the wedding guests at these sorts of weddings love the experience more as its as if they are on a nice weekend break in the countryside.

If you are looking at these two locations and will need a wedding photographer to shoot your wedding, i would love to be considered. Please have read through my reviews section to see why my couples have said. These reviews can also be found on google under my business name Stephen Walker Photography. If you like what you read and love what you see then please get in touch.