Barn Wedding Venues In The Cotswolds

Weddings are not just events but are the markings of a new life for couples. Couples obviously desire for this red-letter day to be perfect. There is quite a variety when it comes to choosing one’s venue and one of the very popular ones is barns. Barns add a very rustic appeal to the venue because of their high ceilings and shades of vintage browns. Getting married in the Cotswolds is extremely popular for good reason too. Its is known to be a very beautiful and majestic area of England and of course, it is also very famous for wedding venues. It provides couples with breathtaking destinations and venues for their special days. The entire region of The Cotswolds is known globally for its picturesque towns and views. If you are searching for barn venues in the gorgeous hillside of Cotswolds, you have come just to the right place. In this article I have 5 barn wedding venues and will also be briefing you about their main attractions. As a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer this is somewhere I love to shoot weddings. I super excited for my next visit for another amazing wedding.

Barn Wedding Venues In The Cotswolds


Merriscourt offers an extremely dreamy looking barn venue in the heart of The Cotswolds. It is truly the perfect place to tie the knot with its enchanting views as well as great service. The space is huge, and the accommodation is luxurious. What else does one need?  The Times has also featured them in their articles because the venue is truly a catch. It has huge windows within which means that it can fit in quite a crowd without it getting stuffy. Not to mention the fact that with a little flower decoration, the venue looks nothing less than one straight out of a movie shot in a gorgeous countryside. It can cater more than 130 guests each, as it has two interlinked barns perfect for a private and magical ceremony. A lawn is also part of the package which works amazingly for pictures and only complements the entire venue. 

Cripps Barn 

This venue is fairly new, but it has worked its way up very quickly and is now one of the most in-demand venues within this region. There is a reason for that. The pictures of the venue will definitely make you fall in love with it, at least that is how we feel. It is absolutely gorgeouswith its honey colored décor and sophisticated design. The place looks so incredible when it is decorated with garlands in pictures and so we cannot even imagine how beautiful it would look in person. The dark green highlights the honey colored walls so effortlessly and acts as an amazing backdrop as well. It has a capacity of about 150 people, fit for a small intimate event with loved ones. Their food is also very well-rated and their services are greatly praised because of their highly organized staff. The barn sells itself mostly because it is quite a sight for sore eyes. Of course, their great food along with their accommodation and customer service is just a cherry on top that makes it one of the best alternatives for your big day. 

Stone Barn 

This venue is famous for being unique. It has a very different feel and vibe than other barn venues. It has a quite sophisticated, rustic kind of architecture that only adds to its attraction. The Stone Barn has been renovated and turned into a venue with very minimal changes to maintain its originality and stonework. It has a separate dinner space that is beautifully decorated with flowers that add a pop of color to the light mahogany color of the interior walls. The barn looks extremely magical under warm yellow lights. It is quite a picture-perfect venue with a capacity that can accommodate 200 people. They usually cover the entire ceiling with fairy lights which makes it look very dreamy and lit up, only adding to the glam of the venue and making it perfect for pictures. Their team is also highly experienced, and their food is raved about by all their customers. If a person is looking for a slightly spacious venue without compromising the dreaminess and intimacy of barn weddings, this venue is perfect for them as it checks all the boxes. 

Priors Tithe Barn

The Priors Tithe Barn is yet another gorgeous venue for the day you tie the knot. It is amazing for quite a few of reasons. Firstly, this venue is very accessible. Secondly, it is embraced by a stunning lawn that has lush green grass which is a great place for your wedding pictures. With such a picturesque venue, your wedding album will not be less than extraordinary. In addition to this, there is also an extremely romantic getaway which is on a small island called Fiji house. It is quite near to the venue and has a very pretty bridge that leads up towards it. The barn also has a very small but mystic looking pond outside it. It has amazing wildflowers that surround it, making it look even more unreal. One can have their ceremony inside the barn or utilize the magnificent lawn outside, only to use the barn’s exterior as a wonderful backdrop. This venue is on the fancier side and is quite different from many other barn venue alternatives. It has a lot to offer and its details only add to its charm. This venue also especially facilitates same-sex marriages as well. Many of those who choose this space for their big day do it because of this venue’s authentic feel as it is very English.

The Kingscote Barn

This venue is for those who want a peaceful area reserved solely for them. The barn is amazing of course, but the lawn outside which overlooks the breathtaking valley is something else entirely. This venue also allows one to choose between an indoor or outdoor ceremony. The capacity is about 150 people. But that is for breakfast on the wedding day. If it is an evening of fun and music, the venue can facilitate about 200 guests. The colors and textures that have been used to design this barn make it ethereal. It has a lot of space if one looks closely, there are also tables outside placed and decorated beautifully with sheds. They act as a perfect resting place to enjoy the summer sun or the winter breeze. The staff of this venue guarantees the best quality and their customers’ claim that they did not leave unsatisfied. Once you see the venue for yourself, you will automatically be wowed and keep looking through the pictures because the place truly seems out of this world. It is one of the best venues one can find that highlight the beauty of the countryside so effortlessly.



A wedding day is very important and so all couples wish it to go by smoothly and perfectly. If you are a couple who is stressed looking for barn or outdoor wedding venues in the Cotswolds, we sincerely hope you found this article beneficial. These were some of the barn venues within the Cotswolds have been handpicked very carefully to include only the best of the best. Anyone who is looking for tranquil, stunning, intimate, and rustic looking venues should definitely consider this list as these are some of the finest options. Not to mention the fact that the service and accommodation that the management team of thesevenues provides is fantastic and is rated generously by countless customers who have chosen them for their special days. In any case, our aim was to provide you with relevant information so you can make an informed decision regarding this very important day of yours and we hope that we were successful in doing so.

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