Cotswolds Wedding Locations

The Cotswolds is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Not only the UK, the world. Its the perfect setting for a wedding and because its an area of outstanding beauty it makes it a super popular place for couples to get married.  Not only is it a great location for a wedding, its a great place to have a honeymoon too. Making it super practical if you love the Cotswolds enough!

The amount of Cotswolds Wedding Locations can be a little overwhelming as the place is so big and so beautiful.

So I thought I’d put together a short post about the different counties that make up the Cotswolds and one or two of the wedding venues that they offer. As a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer its somewhere I’m super proud to photograph at and also it makes me feel incredibly lucky to work here. Not only is this region amazing for weddings. Its also great if you’re thinking of having a honeymoon in the Cotswolds.

Cotswold Wedding Locations


Elmore Court

Elmore Court is a super nice wedding venue with stunning views over the Cotswolds and the River Severn. Dating all the way back to the 13th century. If you chose to get married here your wedding will become a part of this long history. When taking your vows here, you’ll have the house and gardens exclusively to yourself. A perfect place for wedding photography and an all round dream location for any wedding. Also amongst the many outdoor wedding venues in the cotswolds. Elmore Court is a really romantic location and if you’ve not had chance to look at their award winning building The Gillyflower be sure to!

What does Elmore Court offer?

Elmore court offers you a beautiful, unique and personal wedding experience. With exclusive use you’ll have the perfect intimate wedding here.


The house itself is an amazing backdrop to create the most perfect atmosphere for you wedding guests. As well as making your wedding photos look awesome. The gardens and outdoor areas create a perfect english vibe and to look at the wedding venue is beyond picturesque!


Elmore Court is located in the Gloucestershire village of Elmore and is just off the M5 motorway and close to the River Severn. Its about a 15 minute drive from Gloucester. With plenty of hotels etc in the area, its perfect fro your wedding guests.


First of all Elmore court does not express itself as a Hotel. They are a family home and want you to have that very feeling when you stay here. They have 16 bedrooms the main house and the team pride themselves on looking after its guests. Your stay here will include complete exclusivity and you’re guaranteed the most comfortable place for your wedding. They also have the Coach House. This is a private property close to the main house and has 2 double bedrooms and a sitting room with a sofa bed. A great place to stay the night before the wedding.

Cripps Barn

Cripps Barn is pretty well known amongst wedding photographers as its a very popular wedding venue and for very good reason. Its located in Bibury in Cirencester. This 18th century Cotswold stone barn can hold unto 150 for both your wedding ceremony and your wedding breakfast. An extra 50 are allowed for the evening reception all the way to 1am when the licence expires. As barn wedding venues in the Cotswolds go this place should be top on your places to consider.

What does Cripps Barn offer?

Cripps Barn can offer you legal civil marriage ceremonies for unto 150 people. You have have this either in the barn or alternatively in their woodland glade. There a a few local churches in which you can also have your wedding ceremony.


Cripps Barn really does pride itself on its food. Most people are “foodies” now and this is why Cripps Barn is the perfect wedding venue for you and your wedding guests. They cook their food on open flames and French rotisseries. They freshly prepare all of the food and use only the finest ingredients. If you like good wine to go with your great food then Cripps Barn have strong relationships with winemakers around Europe.


Cripps Barn is location just North East of Cirencester and its literally in the Area of Outstanding Beauty. Its just a short drive from both the M4 and the M5 motorways. The nearest major town is Cheltenham and is an excellent location for guests to stay.


If you looking for the perfect Inns, Hotels and Houses for accommodation then you’re in luck around here. Check out places such as Montreal House, The New Inn, The Stump and Casina Cottage. All located within a short drive from Cripps barn and its some of the finest accommodation in the area.

Clearwell Castle

Clearwell Castle is home to the recording rooms for bands like; Queen and Led Zeppelin. Its beautifully nestled in the Forest of Dean and it really is a fairytale dream wedding venue. Its a family run venue and its extremely elegant and has just beautiful rooms for wedding ceremonies and receptions. If you are set on getting married in the Cotswolds then be sure to check out this place.

What does Clearwell Castle offer?

Clearwell Castle offers complete exclusivity for your wedding and they have all inclusive wedding planners for you. They have a hands on experienced wedding planner. Just having your very own castle for a whole day is pretty impressive though if you want to see more of what they offer you can see this on their website.


If a castle backdrop isn’t enough for you then the rest of the grounds here are amazing. They have over 20 acres of grounds, gorgeous lawns and a beautiful bandstand making for lent of amazing photography opportunities. Their website has plenty of information and photographs for you to look at.


Across the River Severn from most of the other wedding venues in this article. Near Wye Valley its not too far from the M4 after passing through Chepstow.


They have 15 bedrooms here, not just bedrooms though, they’re castle bedrooms! To go with these they have three estate cottages and 24 refurbished guest rooms. These are just down the road at The Wyndham.


Hill View Farm

Weddings are supposed to be memorable, something that you can look back to and say that you had the perfect one. Hill View Farm is a beautiful and outstanding location that can make your wedding planning come true. From the location to the accommodation, everything is a perfect blend of serenity and uniqueness.

Hill View Farm is placed in the most ideal location to hold weddings and other events as well. The views that you get as you sit and enjoy your wedding are impeccable. The location offers you much more than just the views as you get the perfect type of accommodation for you as well. It’s all about comfort and tranquillity when it comes to Hill View Farm.

What does Hill View Farm offer?

Hill View Farm offers you many things when it comes to its location. From views to easy accessibility, you can have it all.


Create your wedding with stunning views of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire countryside as the background. The stunning and picturesque views of the location make it a perfect spot to have your wedding. You can choose whichever theme that you want and add your unique touch to the wedding. The space, along with the views will turn your entire wedding into a majestic affair.


The central location comes with a lot of benefits as you will have better access to the location from all over the country. Moreover, it is easily accessible as well since it is only a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes away from the M40 and Bicester train stations.


Hill View Farm also provides exceptional accommodation if you’re planning this location as a destination wedding or just want to make it more accessible for your guests to come. The comfortable accommodation is right next to where your wedding will be placed, therefore, making it a convenient spot.

All in all, it is the perfect spot to host a wedding if you’re thrilled with having a natural and outdoorsy location

Lains Barn

Lains Barn is the perfect location to host a wedding if you’re looking for a place that is ideally located near Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, or the Cotswold. It offers easy access to these locations while also providing the most beautiful ambiance to you for your wedding. As far as Cotswolds wedding venues go this is really somewhere to consider.

It is centrally located, close to the market town of Wantage, and offers you easy access of almost 15 miles from south of Oxford and barely an hour from London Paddington.

What does Lains Barn offer?

Lains Barn has much to offer its clients as it has a year of experience when it comes to hosting weddings and many other events. People seek this location out mainly because of the many services it has to offer you.

List of suppliers

While many wedding venues expect you to have your list of suppliers for the wedding decorations, Lains Barn has carefully come up with the perfect list of suppliers that you can opt for when choosing details about your wedding. This includes flower arrangements, décor and much more. However, if you’re looking for your own personal supplier, then you can opt for them as well.

Indoor/outdoor events

You get to choose whether you want to hold an indoor or outdoor event. Depending on your preference, either location can be easily set up for you. All you have to do is make sure to do your booking at the right time to avoid any issues.


Lains Barn can accommodate up to 180 seated guests in its location. The venue also accommodates for people with disabilities when it comes to parking and toilet access.

There’s more that this beautifully built barn has to offer you when it comes to your wedding. Enjoy food and drinks from their menu as you get exclusive access to Lains Barn’s gallery, large courtyard, and the entire barn itself.

Stratton Court Barn

Stratton Court Barn is an ideal location to hold a small wedding with great ambience, food, and service. You can easily go to visit the location to take a look around to see all that it has to offer to you. From the main bar to the outdoors, you can choose whichever kind of wedding you want and Stratton Court Barn will try to accommodate you as much as possible. The central location in Oxfordshire enables you easy access. This is beneficial for both, you and your guests.

What does Stratton Court Barn offer?

When it comes to Stratton Court Barn’s services, you’ll be left amazed at how efficient they are. Your wedding will not only take place in one of the most stunning locations in the UK, but you will also get impeccable service.

Indoor/Outdoor weddings

You get to choose whichever type of wedding you want. Whether you want a civil ceremony, wedding reception, or wedding breakfast, they’re here to accommodate for all of it. Choose from the beautiful space that they have to offer inside the barn and the outdoors where you can experience a completely different wedding. Either way, you will find that you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to how you want your wedding set up.


The ambience is beautiful. You can choose if you want to go for minimal decoration or go all out on your wedding. Take a look at the distinct things they have to offer. From table decorations to using the gardens for beautiful photos, you’re sure to find this location a perfect fit in terms of the ambience it provides.

Capacity and service

You can easily set up your wedding for around 80 people inside the barn. While you’re done with your ceremony and taking pictures outside in the garden, Stratton Court Barn’s team will be changing the settings inside the barn for your reception or breakfast.

With their quick service and the beautiful location, they have to offer, you’re surely not going to be left disappointed.


Shustoke Farm Barns

Shustoke Farm Barns are situated in the rural heart of Warwickshire countryside. The venue gives off a beautiful illusion with its vintage look and red bricks. Being located at the east of Coleshill, you will find that this venue is barely 20 minutes away from the city centres of Coventry and Birmingham. Therefore, making it easy to access for you and your guests.

What does Shustoke Farm Barns offer?

Shustoke Farm Barn offers you an exquisite and unique experience with its unique outlay. As you step foot on the barn, you will find yourself mesmerised by the 18th-century beauty. But aesthetics is not all that this barn has to offer you. It comes with a series of services for you.


The venue can hold up to 140 people for your ceremony and if you want to add more for the evening reception, then the total can go up to 200 people. This works great for you as you can invite more people for the reception later on which will mostly involve a lot of dancing!

Food and drinks

You can count on the Shustoke Farm Barn’s expertise when it comes to food and drinks. They have a menu allocated for you so that you can choose or customise whichever items you want for your wedding. Choose amongst drinks, canapés, main dishes, puddings, and evening food to decide your ultimate wedding menu.

The option of holding different ceremonies

Shustoke Farm Barns possess a civil wedding license that means that you can hold your marriage ceremony in the barn with about 140 people to witness it. Moreover, the location is close to a lot of other churches as well. So, if you choose to go for their services, then you can head back here to enjoy your time eating, drinking, and dancing away. Since they have permits to stay open till 1 am, you can extend your stay for a long time.

Shustoke Farm Barns offer you a unique experience as you get to make the most of your wedding with their exceptional service.

Compton Verney

Weddings are one of the most important days of our lives. So, why go for something mediocre when you can plan your wedding at a renowned art gallery? That’s what Compton Verney is. It has many unique features to offer its clients and will make sure that you have a memorable day. You and your guests will surely remember this day for a long time.

What does Compton Verney offer?

Compton Verney is an excellent choice to hold your wedding as it offers a variety of options and opportunities for you to have the wedding of the season. Not only is the location perfect, but they offer you much more than that.

Location and ambience

You get to choose between different locations present inside this art gallery. Choose amongst the Chapel, Adam Hall, Naples Gallery, British Portraits Gallery, Women’s library, and Al Fresco. Your choice will depend on the kind of wedding you want. Will it be a large-scale wedding or something intimate?

No matter which of these you choose, you will be surrounded by beautiful art around you. As you walk down the aisle or indulge in food and drinks, you, along with your guests, will be immersed in the beautiful collection that entails in the Compton Verney.

Ceremonies and Reception options

The Chapel, Adam Hall, different galleries, Women’s Library, and even their Courtyard is licensed to hold civil ceremonies. So, you have a lot of variety to choose from if you wish to hold your ceremony here.

Moreover, you’ll find that reception options are also great. Adam Hall is an exceptional choice as it offers a large capacity to hold receptions.

A unique and beautiful location is not all there is to the Compton Verney, your entire event is managed by their team who offers the exceptional skills to make sure everything is well taken care of. Since they only hold one wedding a day, you’ll get all the attention and impeccable service from them.

Hampton Manor

The Hampton Manor exudes luxury and elegance at the mere sight of it. While it portrays the look of an ancient and glamorous Manor, it is much more modern than most locations out there. From beautiful views and ideal locations to host your wedding, the Hampton Manor offers you this and so much more. Hosting a wedding at this picturesque location will leave and your guests in awe as you see the beautiful set up on the day of the wedding.

What does Hampton Manor offer?

Hampton Manor offers you so much more than just a venue for your wedding, it entails an entire experience. From getting ready to enjoy your food and drinks at your wedding, you can say that Hampton Manor manages it all.


As you go about finding locations for your wedding, there aren’t many places that offer you and your guests’ rooms. But, the Hampton Manor wants to elevate your experience and opens up 15 rooms for you and your guests to relax in. It will make you will right at home rather than just a wedding venue.


The Hampton Manor’s location is ideally set in Hampton-In-Arden. The venue offers you the courtyard as the prime spot to host your wedding where most of the action would take place. While you host your ceremonies and receptions in the courtyard, don’t forget about the other beautiful spots it has to offer. These can prove to be quite great for pictures as the location offers you the ultimate artistic ambience.

Wedding team

You won’t be left alone to plan everything out on your own. Hampton Manor’s wedding team will be there to assist you every step of the way. So, don’t be afraid as you will be able to have the best team on board to help you throughout the process.

From the accommodations to the team you’ll be paired with, you will find yourself with an exclusive experience that you will cherish for a long time.



Looking for something exclusive for your wedding? Syrencot is exactly what you’re looking for. This beautiful wedding venue is surrounded by a forest and tucked away from the bustling city centres giving you wedding the most peaceful location to hold your wedding. It is 20 minutes away from Andover but offers you seclusion that every wedding must-have.

What does Syrencot offer?

Syrencot offers you distinct options for your ceremonies, receptions, food and drinks, and accommodations. There’s nothing to be worried about as they cater to all your needs when it comes to your wedding.


Have the ceremony of your dreams as you walk into the secluded walled garden that Syrencot has to offer. Enjoy the views of nature as you walk down the aisle heading to the heart of Syrencot where all your guests wait for you to walk in. As you walk in, you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful outlay that this location has to offer you.

Syrencot is also licensed to hold outdoor ceremonies so you can enjoy whichever option you prefer. Either way, you will find yourself amongst a beautiful scene and impeccable management.


As you get done with your ceremony, your reception area in the Farm shed will be prepared for you to enjoy a fine dining experience. The ultra-luxe Farm shed is decorated polished metalwork interiors and exceptional statement lighting that makes this barn wedding the ultimate experience.

Food and drinks

You will be paired with Syrencot’s more skilful event team and caterers to get all the details of your menu in play. You can easily customise all that you want for your wedding and the teams will help your wishes come true in every way possible for them.

Invite up to 150 guests for your ultimate wedding and see how well Syrencot manages everything. From food and drinks to accommodation, everything will be according to how you have always wanted it to be.

Larmer Tree

Want your wedding to be held in a location that is away from the city’s busy and bustling life? Then Larmer Tree is the option for you. Spread across 11 acres of gardens, Larmer Tree is an exquisite location for your wedding to take place. From ornate buildings to a magical Roman Temple, you’ll have this all as a part of your wedding. Experience a unique and beautiful way to celebrate your wedding with Larmer Tree.

What does the Larmer Tree offer?

When it comes to the offerings of this location, you will find no stones unturned to turn your wedding into one of the most astounding one. The ceremonies, reception, and ambience, you will find that each of these is distinct from any other that you have been a part of.


Whether you want to hold your ceremony indoors or outdoors, you get to choose whatever you want depending on the weather. The Roman Temple, Lower Indian Room, The Jubilee Hall, and Tollard Royal Church are available for you to hold your ceremonies at. They’re all beautiful in their way and offer you a majestic experience.


You will find that you can easily call up 150 guests for your wedding dinner, whereas, the number can go up 250 for the evening party. You get to utilise the entire 11-acre garden for your wedding reception and enjoy your time with your loved ones. From singing and dancing to multiple games, you can avail all sorts of services from the Larmer Tree.


All you need to do is express what you want in the gardens, and Larmer Tree will try to set it up for you. From the beauty that nature offers you here and the stunning architecture, Larmer Tree also aids in the decoration of the entire set up according to your wishes.

Get the experience of a lifetime as you plan your wedding in this secluded location. From top management to the beautiful ambience, you will have it all with Larmer Tree.

Hamswell House

Hamswell House is a renowned destination, perfect for your wedding event. It gives off the vibes of a historic house with its pale walls and garden perfect for pictures. It is conveniently located almost a hundred miles away from London, and close proximity to other locations as well.

What Does Hamswell House Offer?

It has the entire natural beauty one my need around it. The garden is beautifully surrounded by countryside. This place could become your ideal choice for multiple reasons. It has comfortable and cozy vibes, since it is not a hotel or a club. It has orangery aura around itself because of the walls. It has huge windows which bring in all the light, making it a perfect match for your day. The stone roofs give of all the 18th centur vibes and add on to the aura of the big day. One can make effective use of the colors shades depicted, perfect shades of orange blending into the naturalistic view.

Outdoor And Indoor Accommodation

For those who have the guests exceeding the number 40 they can make good use of the lawn outside. The guests can be seated in the lawn and peacefully view the ceremony from there. The gets can enjoy their evening drinks on the terrace enjoying the stunning view it offers. The garden offers to get extremely beautiful pictures with the walls blending in the background.

The venue offers amazing wedding pictures, it has all the right amount of light outside in the lawn, as well as inside the manor because of the large windows. The terrace is an extension of the beauty this place holds. The garden is perfectly walled; it has an herb garden which opens up to an immense marquee which can be used for the celebration.


The marquee offers seating arrangements of up to 250 guests. If one wants to go for small scale wedding with minimum guests such arrangements can be accommodated easily as per demanded by the customers.


Hagley Hall

Finding a place to hold a large gathering event or a wedding is difficult. That is why there are specially rented housed and mansions in England that you can use for such big events. The décor and the outlook provide you with the perfect backdrop to your perfect evening.

History of Hagley Hall

This family-owned historical home that has been with the community for 250 years offers great landscape beauty and a majestic hall that can transform itself according to the kind of event you want. Though there is a long history attached to this house, what is important to know is that it is available for your next event.

What it Offers

If you are looking for a beautiful house that is set for parties and major events like weddings then Hagley Hall is the one for you.


In this description, it is not amiss to mention the beautiful Hagley Hall    that is decked with beauty from the hardwood floors to the beautiful chandeliers’ that elevate the elegance of the hall. With big windows that let the natural sunlight in, the Hall is the perfect choice if you are looking for someplace to get married in.


The grounds of Hagley Hall are a sight for sore eyes. With lush green grass and the outback’s looking beautiful, this is the perfect place to have an outdoor event. With almost perfect weather having a business party or any kind of event is perfect as long as you are having it outside.

This 18thcentury mansion is something that was once an heirloom to the Lyttelton family but now is a gift to the common man so that they can make their special day even more special and exciting by making their dreams come true in the Hagley Hall. So why wait? Book now, and make your dreams a reality.

Elmbridge Farm

Finding a venue, for any sort of event is difficult these days. Especially if you are looking for an outdoor one. Let it be a garden, a farm or any venue with the sky being the backdrop. That is why you have articles like this that will help you understand which venue is the best. That is why Elmbridge Farm is the best option for you.

What it Offers

If you are looking for an outdoor venue with beautiful landscapes, the sky and nature as your backdrop then you have found the one. At Elmbridge Farm, your dream will become the reality.

Outdoor Venue

This secluded farmland that encompasses around 50 acres of land offers you a chance to have your own private event without the fear of being interrupted by any unwanted guests. The privacy on the farm allows you to be true to yourself and enjoy the atmosphere that you have paid for. This is your special day; you get to enjoy!

Wedding and Seating Arrangements

This farm can hold up to 150 guests and is best to be booked somewhere around April to September because the weather helps the event come out better. Along with the seating arrangements, you can rent a tipi that will help create the vibe of the wedding along with the seating arrangements and the speakers. There is no party or wedding complete without a little bit of music so worry not, Elmbridge Farm has you covered in terms of speakers.

If you wish to only hire the farm for a wedding that is possible and if you wish to stay for longer, make a weekend trip out of it then you can hire the local cottages that are situated on the farm with all the catering facilities available to you. This is going to be your wedding and you deserve to have all the fun!

Curradine Barns

Whenever a couple decides to get married, there is always a theme. They can have a church-based wedding, a hall-based wedding or an outdoor farm wedding. This little article will be talking about a particular style of wedding that you can only get at Curradine Barns.

What Curradine Barns Offers

Outdoor weddings are a trend that doesn’t seem to be dying down and if you live in Worcestershire then the best place to have a wedding is outside. The beautiful weather and the scenery that is to die for is something that cannot be overlooked. That is why it makes sense for couples to go for a barn wedding. That too at Curradine Barns a place that is beautiful, breath-taking and has the most beautiful landscapes which will mesmerise you and your guests.

A Private Cottage

With two red-bricked barns and the countryside with gardens that make the whole experience amazing, this may just be the perfect place for you and your partner to say “I Do” to each other. With a private cottage, this is the perfect place for you to have an outdoor wedding and a more private and cosier after-party in the cottage to keep warm.

Food and Customer Care

This venue is perfect for outdoor scenic beauty and comes with a place to hang out with your friends and family after a ceremony. Along with this, the catering and the food is taken care of and is part of the package for choosing Curradine Barns. The people at Curradine Barns aim to provide their customers with the best of everything and make sure that their customers are taken care of, especially the couple that has recently gotten married.

At Curradine Barns, the aim is to provide the best service to the customer and make their event the most special event of their lives. Every customer has his or her own priority and at Curradine Barns, they help fulfil all their demands.

Cotswolds Wedding Photographers

As a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer I would highly recommend all of these wedding venues. Its an incredible part of the world and you like what you’ve seen on the rest of my website I’d love to be considered to shoot your wedding at one of these Cotswolds Wedding Locations. The real secret to amazing wedding photos is just having good people. It’s the guests and family members who make it so special. Though is does help having a beautiful wedding venue and if you’re getting married in the Cotswolds then you’re in for a treat for sure.