Sorrento Wedding At Villa Zagara

When I was growing up and into my early adulthood I always wanted to travel to Italy. I was never either fortunate enough to go or made the wrong choices when picking my holiday destinations. Since becoming an international destination wedding photographer this wedding marks my 8th wedding in Italy. This Sorrento Wedding At Villa Zagara really didn’t disappoint either. I can’t wait to tell you more about it below but for now, tune up your volume and brightness and enjoy just a small selection of these Italian wedding photos.

Sorrento Wedding At Villa Zagara

A Photographers Wedding

When Matthew and Lauren first reached out to me to enquire about having me at their wedding in Sorrento I was instantly complimented. This is because Matthew is a Director of Photography (DOP) based in LA. So as photography was so important to him I was instantly taken back by the compliment. Not mentioning that he’d told me he’d looked at a lot of photographers and was super impressed with my work the most. Anyway that’s enough narcissism on my part. I just wanted to mention it as it was my first experience in shooting such an important event for another professional photographer.

Italy Style Bride and Groom Prep

Matthew and Lauren got ready for their wedding day at separate locations in Sorrento. Lauren hung out with her bridesmaids and the mother of the bride at Villa Zagara. At the same time Matthew was with his groomsmen in the heart of Sorrento in an Italian apartment. Moving between the two wasn’t logistically difficult as I spend some time at the venue with Lauren before talking a short 10 minute walk to Matthew. Navigating through the narrow sorrento side streets was tricky but found the location easy enough. I then walked with Matthew and the groomsmen over to Zagara. Not before Lemon Cello shots all-round first!

It was so good getting to know everyone on the morning of the wedding. They really welcomed me in and I was getting some great preparation and build up to the ceremony photography that you can see below.

Italian Steps Ceremony

It was a really warm day on the day of the wedding, even though it was only October. Though being up high over the Amalfi Coast there was a gorgeous cool breeze coming in off the Mediterranean Sea. The people, the atmosphere, the location, the energy and the mood was all perfect for the next stage of this gorgeous wedding at Villa Zagara.  If you scroll back up you can see the steps that the ceremony took place on. With all of their favourite people around them Lauren and Matthew had. gorgeous wedding ceremony carried out by Carmela of CARMELA EVENTS. All the bridesmaids on one side of the steps and the groomsmen on the other side it was all just magical. The smiled, laughed and got emotional during it all and I’m really proud to have been there to capture it all.


Villa Zagara Portraits

It was really important for Matthew + Lauren that I put a lot of emphasis into capturing moments and making photographs of people having a great time. Though I briefly went with the newlyweds for a short walk around Villa Zagara for some portraits. This part of the wedding is great for both me as the wedding photographer and for the couple to have a brief couple of moments of themselves alone (whilst I document these intimate moments). Being an Italy wedding photographer gives me so much opportunity to shoot such beautiful photos in such beautiful locations.

Sorrento Dancing & Speeches

I’ve been to Sorrento a few times before for weddings. Once I came as a wedding guest and the other to photograph. In fact I’ve actually walked passed Villa Zagara a few times without even realising. It’s such an intimate spot. Perfect for hosting an Italian wedding breakfast. These speeches were nothing less that awesome, personal and superb. I don’t get to know the people at weddings too much but somehow I feel a connection to everyone. So when the speeches start its really great to shoot and I feel connected to what I’m shooting in front of me. Loved Matts special gift of a personalised video for Lauren too. Kudos Matthew!

Cake Cutting & Wedding Party

Here is the reason we cut cake at weddings and have a huge party at the end. Firstly cake tastes amazing and parties are just so much fun. There, thats all the reasoning you need. Outside cake cutting here Italian style and even though it was October it was still warm enough for all of the wedding guests to party late into the night! I’m going to let the photos do the talking for the last part of this blog.


Villa Zagara Wedding In Sorrento

So there you have it. I cant thank these guys enough for having me a long for this epic wedding in Italy. If you’re having a Sorrento wedding at Villa Zagara and your yet to hire a wedding photographer. Id love to hear more about you and your wedding plans here. No two weddings can ever be the same!

Thanks for reading. Comments appreciated!