Top 5 Staffordshire Wedding Venues

If you’re thinking of getting married in Staffordshire, I’ve put together a shortlist of the Top 5 Staffordshire Wedding Venues for some inspiration for you. It’s home to some incredible wedding venues from barns to manor houses and castles to halls. There is plenty of variety when looking for a wedding venue in the Staffordshire area.

 1. Foxtail Barns

When you’re looking for a venue that offers it all, Foxtail Barns is an obvious choice right off the bat. With both incredible indoor halls and gorgeous outdoor, you can virtually guarantee it has a space that will fit what you need. The entire property is beyond romantic, comprised of old red brick, oak beams, and all of the fragrant foliage you could ask for when hosting a ceremony. The countryside aesthetic and feeling are clear, but Foxtail Barns doesn’t use this at the expense of elegance. Everything here is sophisticated, stylish, and fairytale-esque but also well-balanced. The enchanting wood tones and natural touches present in the barn are inherently rustic. Yet, they’re also tempered by more modern industrial wrought iron light fixtures and contemporary décor options so that nothing feels too heavy-handed. There is no doubt that I’m incredibly excited to be making some amazing Foxtail Barns Wedding Photography real soon!

In short, it’s stunning and will ensure you feel like royalty when your wedding day rolls around. The looks are important, but the big day is nothing without all the practical bits figured out, and Foxtail Barns has you covered there, too. The grounds contain just about anything you could possibly need, so your ceremony goes off without a hitch, including a wedding night lodge, guest accommodations, and full-scale planning. Convenient, right?

Foxtail Barns Wedding Ceremony

2. Hoar Cross Hall

Despite sounding more like a Harry Potter reference than a wedding venue, Hoar Cross Hall is one of the best venues Staffordshire has to offer couples today. Its tagline is “where your dream wedding becomes reality,” and just one glance at the grounds and wedding package options supports that. The outside alone has all the English grandeur and charm you could hope for, meaning the special day or night will genuinely feel magical. You can rest assured you’ll remember the feeling for decades to come – and that your pictures will turn out amazing. The lush green landscaping, larger-than-life traditional architecture, and regal inside halls make any Hoar Cross Hall wedding photographer’s job easy, helping them pull off the perfect shot every time. I remember being Natalie and Scotts Hoarcross Hall Wedding Photographer and it was an amazing experience just being the photographer there.

As far as the actual wedding packages are concerned, they come in a wide range, so you get exactly what you want, and in the price range, you’re after. Venue hire only starts at about £2,000 and goes up to about £6,000. Meanwhile, bespoke packages are generally between £80 – £100 per guest with all the essentials from wedding furniture to the coordinator to multi-course breakfast and more included in the pricing.

Hoar Cross Hall Wedding

3. Ashes Barns

Really want to lean into that rustic, old-world charm on your wedding day? The Ashes Barns Staffordshire venue is probably the ideal fit. It’s intimate, full of character, and undoubtedly picturesque. Set in a beautiful rural setting that still allows easy access to neighboring Chesire and Shropshire, it feels exceptionally private while also providing the high-quality amenities that help make this location special. The barn’s stone flagged floors, and historic architecture offers a great warm, rustic vibe and makes for a lovely, casual wedding setting.

However, the real head-turner here surprisingly isn’t the main barn but is the 50-acre, sprawling grounds it rests on. Made up of lush lawns, an idyllic pond, relaxing brooks, apple orchards, and incredible vistas, they take your breath away and distinguish the venue among its stiff competition. For as relaxing as it all is, though, the Ashes Barns venue doesn’t slack off regarding the details or included features. Here, you get far more than just the basics. You also get a dedicated drinks reception (customized to your exact specifications, of course), evening reception, onsite accommodations for you and guests, a dressing room, and more in addition to the 150-guest capacity barn.

Ashes Barns

4. Sandon Hall

Sandon Hall is the next venue on the list is a particularly fancy, elegant option that should immediately be at the top of your list should you find your guest list hard to whittle down. The location is huge, able to host up to a thousand people on its 400 acres of well-kept countryside, and completely private – just you and your guests. However, it can also comfortably accommodate more intimate get-togethers and ceremonies in the venue’s famous barn, church, one of its varying rooms, or somewhere amid its extensive grounds.

Much like we expect with Ashes Barns, though, the latter is perhaps the most popular choice of all, particularly its incomparable garden. Although the entirety of the neo-Jacobean style house makes for a wonderful experience, every room providing a unique wedding setting and giving you (and your Sandon Hall photographer) the best photo backdrop possible. The venue’s bespoke wedding packages aren’t anything to fluff off either, coming complete with venue hire, wedding coordinator, décor, and master of ceremonies. Not a lot on paper, but it goes a long way when you consider just how many details you need to pore over before the big day.

top 5 Staffordshire wedding venues

5. Tutbury Castle

Like all the other wedding location options on our list, but still feel like they aren’t quite as grandiose, as impressive as you’re wanting? Well, we think even the pickiest among you might find your match in Tutbury Castle. As a real castle built in medieval times – and one that has seen some huge historical figures like Mary Queen of Scots and King Charles – it certainly has a dramatic flair that anyone can appreciate. This doesn’t just extend to the castle architecture, though. It’s also found in its scenic views, romantic grounds, and in its Great Hall’s authentic Tudor and Stuart furniture and décor, making the space, in particular, an absolute must-have for any and all who want to embrace the location’s deep historical roots fully.

However, space is limited to about 45 guests in total and thus isn’t suited for larger ceremonies. Still, have your heart on this fantastic castle? There’s also a beautiful Wedding Marquee available year-round, appropriate for anywhere from 80 to 130 guests. Check it out and consider reserving your spot soon, though. With wedding season in the not-to-distant future, it will get booked up quickly.

Ashes Barns Wedding

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post on the Top 5 Staffordshire Wedding Venues that I put together. No matter where you guys choose for your wedding, I hope you have the most incredible day. If you want to learn more about my wedding photography just click here.