Honeymoon In The Cotswolds

5 Hotels To Consider

As an experienced Cotswolds Wedding Photographer I thought it would be quite fitting to put together an article on having a Honeymoon In The Cotswolds. After all the honeymoon is one of the great things about weddings. My blog seems to be extremely heavy on the “wedding” side of things itself. Articles on planning your wedding or how to find an outdoor wedding venues in the Cotswolds I love putting posts together to help provide inspiration or advice on weddings.

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The Cotswolds is situated along a total of six counties that pride themselves on their beautiful landscapes and rich green pastures. The region it occupies is in fact so beautiful that it obtained the title of AONB, which stands for Area Of Outstanding Beauty. Known for the pretty picture of rolling hills, houses made up of yellow limestone bricks that give them an added glimmer, beautiful medieval churches and greenery all around the villages, The Cotswolds makes for an ideal location for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon. Although, it stretches quite a long way, the whole area is beautiful and can be considered for a visit that will guarantee you a timeless and memorable experience. However, with such a large area, it would be difficult to cover all of it. The Cotswolds is home to some stunning wedding venues, though now were talking about venues for your honeymoon.

If you are getting married in The Cotswolds you may already be familiar with some of these venues. Though to narrow your options down, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 best hotels that The Cotswolds has to offer to its guests, along with the relevant details to help you decide which one would be the perfect fit for you and your honeymoon in the Cotswolds.

The Lamb Inn – Burford, Cotswolds. 

The Lamb Inn personifies The Cotswolds as it does not skimp out on the signature limestone coloured bricks accompanied with the natural beauty of the place. This Inn is situated in such a manner that you have access to both the beautiful town of Burford, as well as to the rural scenery. Should you choose to visit this Inn, you can have the opportunity to bask in the nature by day and participate in the town activities by night. 

Facilities In Offer 

The Lamb Inn may be old but it has all the essential facilities you may need, including a restaurant, an old timey sitting room, free Wi-Fi, room service and most importantly, a bar. The customer service has been reported to be wonderful with enthusiastic staff that clearly loves having guests and treating them graciously. You can find a treat in the many pictures lining the walls of the hotel that display the changes that the hotel has gone through overtime. The one thing that leaves a lasting impression on all the visitors is the beautiful large garden that hides the back, which can be really fun to explore and walk around in or sit down with a cup of tea. 

Charges Of Staying 

The hotel offers double rooms that start from a price of 135 pounds which includes free wi-fi and breakfast, thus quite a generous offer. 

Thyme – Southrop, Cotswolds.

From a cookery school turned to hotel, the vibe that Thyme offers is that of a distinct country-chic one and is located at Gloucestershire, one of the most beautiful parts of The Cotswolds. 

Facilities In Offer 

One thing that can be said for sure is that you won’t run out of things to do as Thyme is home to a ton of great facilities that include an spacious parking, a restaurant that boasts of the recipes one can learn from the cooking classes that are still offered, a bar, pool, Wi-Fi, a special spa room that has multiple luxurious treatments available and even a tennis court. In addition to all that, the owners and their son are wonderful hosts that add to the comfortable yet luxurious experience of Thyme. 

Charges For Staying

The Thyme charges 355 pounds per double room, all year around. 

The Wild Rabbit – Kingham, Cotswolds.

The Wild Rabbit may well be the pride of Kingham, as it has been there since the 18th century but undergone renovation by the owner, who has done a fantastic job striking a balance between the antiquities of the enterprise and a modern twist that came with the renovation. 

Facilities In Offer

The unique selling point of The Wild Rabbit is that they endorse a completely organic menu which the staff is on hand to educate you on in the case of less information on the subject, as well prepare hearty meals of. Along with the typical facilities of free Wi-Fi, bar and restaurant, activities to partake in include the lavish Daylesford’s Haybarn spa for when you want to relax plus the open terraces and bikes to borrow and cycle on across the lovely views. 

Charges For Staying 

140 pounds per double room are the charges for staying here, which is quite a steal considering the ample facilities, which include breakfast and wi-fi within the package. 

Barnsley House – Cirencester, Cotswolds.

A brilliant take on an old time building renovated to the brand new and chic house that the Barnsley House is today, it offers an experience that is separate on its own due to the distinct golden stones and giant windows that make it up, along with the very royal interior and rooms. During my time as Paul + Cecile’s Barnsley House Wedding Photographer I had the pleasure of spending the day here and it really is wonderful. I even booked to go back there to stay as a guest.

Facilities In Offer 

The Barnsley house is home to a mega-collection of facilities that you can explore while staying there, including a restaurant with great food, room service for easy facilitation, Wi-Fi, a relaxing spa, a tennis court, a fitness centre and for your water wishes, it houses a Sauna as well as a swimming pool. This hotel is a true testament to luxury while you stay inside to accompany the vibrant pictures of nature you get to experience on the outside. 

Charges For Staying

Surprisingly steep rates of 319 pounds per double room here for the generous facilities that they offer. 

Oak House No.1 – Gloucestershire, Cotswolds.

Oak House No.1 is the name of the place that can easily win hearts with a large collecti0n of art, including paintings by Andy Warhol and a located at Tetbury. This house is similar to an air B&B, with a luscious and relatively modern take on the interior as compared to other places within The Cotswolds. 

Facilities In Offer 

Apart from the room service and free Wi-Fi, The Oak House offers its guests the opportunity to feast their eyes on a wonderful art collection that is the personal art collection of the owners Gary and Nicole Kennedy, who chose to adorn the walls of the place with it. The atmosphere of the hotel is relatively more modern but it doesn’t take away the timeless feel of the environment of The Cotswolds and houses a beautiful garden as well.  Yes to the giant chandelier along the green and red dining room as well. 

Charges For Staying

It’s priced at 495 pounds per double room, including free Wi-Fi and breakfast. 

Final Words 

These hotels rate at the top, at least in my opinion after research, among the many ample residential opportunities available at The Cotswolds across the whole area and hopefully the breakdown of the different features availability and other specifications will help you decide in choosing the perfect destination for your honeymoon in The Cotswolds.