Hoar Cross Hall Wedding Photographer

Absolutely love this wedding venue and weddings here a truly magical! There is a really grandeur feeling about weddings at stately homes and especially ones that are grade II listed buildings.  They actually mention this on their website and its so true, that no two weddings are the same. All weddings pretty much have a similar outline but every single wedding I photograph is completely unique. The reason for this is the people. Its the people that make the weddings what they truly are. Being a Hoar Cross Hall Wedding Photographer gives me the opportunity to shoot at and incredible venue though if there are no people to make the wedding spectacular then it really devaluates the wedding venue.

Bride and groom in garden area Thornton Manor House


Ceremonies and Celebrations

To get married at Hoar Cross Hall, you’ll have probably already chosen the Meynell Suite, The Halifax Suite, The Joynes Suite or a Church Ceremony. All of the ceremony suites are located at Hoar Cross Hall, though for a church ceremony here you have the Church Of The Holy Angels thats on a wooded ridge just outside the grounds of Hoar Cross Hall. Natalie + Scott had their ceremony here. Such a great place.


Wedding Photos At Hoar Cross Hall

I wanted to share with you just a few images I took here during Natalie and Scotts wedding at Hoar Cross Hall. Now I’m not by any means judging wedding venues at all. Though I believe that what truly makes a wedding magical and unique is the people. Now having said that if you have the magic, the love and energy of all the people then throw in an amazing wedding venue, thats what takes your wedding from amazing to perfect. Being a Hoar Cross Hall Wedding Photographer is something I’m super proud of and I’m already super excited about the next wedding I get the photograph here!