Why I Love Barnsley House Weddings

A Photographers Perspective

Barnsley House Weddings are just simply beautiful and as a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer this has to be up there as one of my favourite Cotswolds wedding venues in the entire area. The luxury wedding venue in Cirencester is the very picture perfect wedding venue you could hope for. With its gorgeous gardens that look like they’ve fallen right out of a fairytale and it beautiful characteristic buildings and accommodations, its got everything you want for a perfect Cotswold wedding. I decided that having been a Barnsley House Wedding Photographer before and I have more weddings in my diary to shoot here that I would write a short article on why I love shooting at this Cotswolds wedding venue and specifically from a photographers perspective.

Cotswolds Wedding Photographer

The Cotswolds Countryside

I’ve always said that weddings are all about people. It’s what truly makes the best wedding photographs and it’s the moments and magic between the people that make a wedding what it truly is. So does the location matter really? Absolutely it does! Because the location and the surroundings can change how people behave. If you’re getting married in the cotswolds then inviting your guests to this Area Of Outstanding Beauty will just make them feel amazing. They will feel relaxed and as if they were on holiday. Barnsley House in the small village of Barnsley in the Cotswolds is in the heart of it all. From a wedding photographers perspective its the ambience of the Cotswolds and how it effects people that I love and why I love shooting weddings at this venue.

Luxury Floral Wedding In The Cotswolds

Romantic Barnsley House

As far as Cotswolds Wedding Locations go you’ll be spoilt for choice, though on the Barnsley House website they that when you are these you can let the clocks stop, allow time to stand still and enjoy your wedding. You really can do this when you are there at this venue. There are no distractions when you are here. This goes for both you as the couple and also for the wedding guests. As a photographer here its great because everyone is perfectly secluded in this perfect romantic location. Its spacious though very intimate too so that everyone is close by. You can sense the romance in the air here and from looking around at the gardens and the history of the house it makes the photography really enjoyable knowing your bringing those characteristics into the wedding photos.

Romantic Barnsley House

Gardens and Accommodation

If your wedding photography is important to you then another great thing about this wedding venue it that they have the most beautiful gardens. In fact it all tied in so perfectly together that even the gardens spill into the accommodation areas. ┬áMany times over i’ve been asked if i could get a photo of a brides wedding dress on the morning of the wedding. The double with this usually is that wedding dresses look better on than they do off. When dress designers design the dress, they design it on. Anyway I thought this spot was a perfect location for a dress shot I ┬áhope you agree!

How To Get Your Wedding Dress Abroad

Natural Indoor Light

Most of those who have a basic understanding of photography will know that light is a very important ingredient to making good photos. As wedding photographer shooting here at Barnsley House the light is great. Especially indoors too. Sure the windows are not huge but they allow just the right amount of light through to help make beautiful wedding photographs. I just love this detail shot below that I took before the wedding breakfast took place.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

Whats not to love about outdoor wedding ceremonies? Especially as a wedding photographer. I do love shooting indoors and in churches too. Though from a photography perspective there are plenty of great reasons to have your wedding ceremony outdoors. If a wedding ceremony is going to be outside it must mean its at least going to be dry. This means that there will be a lot of natural light and spacious surrounds. This helps with composition and gives me the flexibility to move around a little more.

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A Cotswolds Wedding Photographer

To summarise why I love shooting weddings here. I think it’s the venues capability to create an ambiance that makes everyone want to have a good time. Its romantic, it has plenty of character and the backdrop just makes for that aesthetically pleasing backdrop whichever way you turn. I hope I get to return many times over and shot more wedding like this luxury floral wedding in the cotswolds I shot last July. If your on the fence about this wedding venue then all I can tell you is that you’ll be sure to have the most incredible wedding photos if you have the right wedding photographer for you. Of all of the Cotswolds wedding venues to choose from, you’ll be insane hands here for sure.

Good luck with your wedding planning and I hope you have the most incredible wedding ever!