Luxury Floral Wedding In The Cotswolds

How amazing it was to shoot in The Cotswolds again. Another reminder of why so many people choose to get married here. It’s no wonder why couples fly in from all over the world from Australia to the USA and across Europe to get married here. From a personal perspective I love photographing weddings here because I don’t get to visit The Cotswolds enough. Being a Cotswolds Wedding Photographer is something I’m really excited about.

Luxury Floral Wedding In The Cotswolds

Being a Barnsley House Wedding Photographer for Paul + Cecile was such a great experience. I loved hanging around the venue around mid to late morning before the late ceremony began. I could feel the excitement and anticipation and more and more guests began to arrive. Also watching McQueens Flowers set up was just incredible! If you’ve not seen their floristry skills then please check them out!

Humanist Wedding Ceremony

I mixture of guests from France and the UK amongst other places were all seated for the outdoor wedding ceremony and everyone was super excited. Such a beautiful place for a wedding ceremony. The service was conducted by the amazing, wonderful and super affable Laura Gimson. She’s a Humanist Celebrant from here own company Humanist Ceremonies.  There were nothing but smiles between all of the guests and the gorgeous couple Paul and Cecile. All together under a gorgeous tree decorated McQueens wedding flowers. Its difficult in the UK to commit to an outdoor wedding ceremony. The weather isn’t always the kindest and can be cruel sometimes. Though the weather could not have been more perfect on this day.

Timeless Cotswold Wedding Venue

If I was getting married in The Cotswolds I’d find it difficult to choose a wedding venue here. There are so many great venues and all with so much character. The things I love about this venue are simple. The gardens are just gorgeous. Its quite a selfless wedding venue really as its a place that your guests are going to love. They not only just love the venue but they’ll love being there too. Putting them all in a great mood enjoying your celebrations much more! They’ll already be feeling great that you’ve invited them to a Cotswold Wedding so having a venue like this just ties it all up perfectly.


If you’re planning a wedding in The Cotswolds or even anywhere else in the world I’d be delighted to hear from you. I’d love to get to know about the plans for you weddings and how you plan to celebrate your day. Barnsley House is one of the most luxury wedding venues in the UK and if its your wedding venue then I’ve no doubt you’ll have an amazing wedding here.