twenty nineteen

by stephen

A huge thank you to all of my couples this year who’ve wanted me to be the one to capture their wedding day. I don’t think I envy having to find a wedding photographer. There are some incredible photographers out there and personally knowing quite a few of them they all have the personality to go with their great work too.

So my first huge thats is again to my couples for having me along. At every single wedding I’ve been to i’ve always felt super welcomed and never out of place.

Thanks to my close family who support me in being able to have one of the best jobs in the world. I work extra hard for them and that hard work extends out to my couples who I always give my all for. This results in the work you see below.

A huge thank you also for those within my network and community that have supported, inspired and helped along the way too. For such a solitary job, those photographers that have personally been there for me as well as all my good friends at Ninedots. Having this support has been a huge help over the last 12 months and i’m super looking forward to maintaining that community spirt through 2020 and beyond.

It’s so easy to look forward at all of my weddings for 2020 and feel like they’re ages way, though i remember thinking that at the back end of 2018. Time goes by so fast and thats why i’m super privileged to freeze time and capture moments for people for a living. I’m super excited for all of my 2020 weddings so thanks also to those who’ve booked with me!

I hope to all of those reading this have the most wonderful Christmas time and it doesn’t go too fast. Enjoy every mouthful of the time with your family and i hope you all have an incredible 2020.

My opening photo is of a beautiful destination wedding I photographed in Taormina, Sicily. I was fortunate enough to visit twice this year and could possibly be my favourite places in Italy.