Tara + Edwards

Beautiful English Wedding

Tara and Edward, thank you guys so so much for having me along as your Thornton Manor Wedding Photographer. I loved shooting your wedding and being a part of your super special day. So many smiles, so much emotion and so much authenticity. From the moment you guys booked me and we met for your Thornton Manor Pre Wedding Shoot it was like i’d made two new friends. I super excited to share some of the images from your beautiful English wedding and I hope these images bring you tonnes and tonnes of happiness for many years to come. Here is a little snippet of your awesome day.

Beautiful Cheshire Wedding

Bridal Preparations At Thornton Manor

I love this huge well lit room that brides get ready in at Thornton Manor. There is plenty of room and the decor of the place is just beautiful. A matching location for the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids. As we had previously met on the pre wedding shoot I knew Tara a little and she quickly introduced me to the other girls. There was a great atmosphere in the room and it was great hanging out with them and documenting the morning before it all happened. There was plenty of emotion too. I love capturing these moments and allowing my couples to “feel” these emotions all over again exactly as they happen on the day. I was also able to see the groom Edward in the morning too. Although he was quite nervous about it all, he looked Uber cool and he didn’t look one bit nervous. Was such a great morning of wedding preparations.

Bride with bridesmaids getting ready wedding love Brides happy tears getting ready Thornton wedding black and white effect Close up of brides dress with hand on chest black and white effect Thornton Bride getting ready with friends Thornton Groom getting ready putting blazer on wedding

Romantic Cheshire Wedding Ceremony

I love the light so much at this venue. Its one of the main reasons I included it in my article Best Cheshire Wedding Venues. It was such a great ceremony too. Tied in with the beautiful light I absolutely adore these photos of Tara and Edwards wedding ceremony. They’re such lovely people I wish everyone could meet them. The reason it was such a great ceremony is because there were smiles, tears, laughs, love and lots of emotion. I feel super proud to have had a front row seat to these special and intimate moments between two awesome people.

The moment the groom sees the bride with her father Thornton wedding Bride and father of the bride walking down the isle Thornton wedding love Bride and groom showing emotion Thornton gazing at each other Thornton wedding Bride and groom looking into each others eyes Thornton Wedding love Bride and groom smiling at each other at ceremony Thornton Manor House Bride throwing confetti on groom Thornton Manor House


Thornton Manor Wedding Photos

This place is just amazing for wedding photography. Being a Cheshire Wedding Photographer its place I’m super excited to get back too! I had a great time making these portraits for Tara and Edward and it was nice to see them having a short break from all of the overload of attention from all of the wedding guests. This was the perfect opportunity for us them to enjoy some time together as newlyweds whilst enjoying the soft Cheshire sunset over Thornton Manor. These portraits are minimally posed and only mildly directed. This way I can ensure that the couple look incredible in the right light and also so they can be themselves and enjoy each others company bringing out more authenticity in the images.

Bride and groom in garden area Thornton Manor House bridal portrait thornton manor Bride and groom walking to Thornton Manor House northern Italy wedding