Winter Wedding At Fulham Palace

Fulham Palace is such a great wedding venue. When Yoon and Tom originally got in touch with me about their Winter Wedding At Fulham Palace I was excited as its somewhere I’d really wanted to shoot at. Once they had booked me and I was officially their Fulham Palace Wedding Photographer we arranged our pre wedding shoot down in London. It was really great to meet them both and for them to get to know me a little more too. We had already met over Skype, though meeting in person and me showing them that my shooting style really is laid back and less traditional was great. I hope you enjoy this short read about this winter wedding at Fulham Palace and why I love to photograph weddings here.


Bridal Preparations In Fulham

Yoon and her bridal party all got ready at a nearby hotel called The Lodge Hotel Putney. It was just a short drive from where the wedding ceremony was taking place. It’s amazing how even though most weddings consist of me going to a hotel room or house and a bride and bridesmaids getting ready. Yet every single wedding that I photograph they are all so so different. It because weddings are ultimately about the people. Yoon was super excited and so were all of the bridesmaids. The mother of the Bride was non stop smiling and anytime anyone looked at Yoon you could just see how happy they were. Once the make up was complete and the dress was on it was time to head to the All Saints Church over at Bishops Park.

Bridal Preparations In Fulham

London Bride Getting Ready Fulham Palace


Wedding Ceremony At All Saints Church

What a gorgeous church this is! I know Yoon and Tom where excited about getting married here it was such a lovely service. After the father of the bride had given Yoon away it was love and smiles all around. Yoons mum was playing some beautiful piano music too during some of the service. It’s such a huge place and has so much grandeur to it. Plus it was much warmer inside than it was outdoors! I remember being outside with Yoon, her father and her bridesmaids before we went in. It was super cold though I think the excitement might have gotten them warmed up a little! I love those little in-between moments though. Not during the bridal preparations or the wedding ceremony, but the times between the more major parts of a wedding. A wedding is ONE long day of all sorts of moments and I love to capture it all!

All Saints Church Bishops Park

Fulham Palace Venue Staff

I wanted to mention the guys that run this wedding venue. When all of the guests where enjoying their wedding breakfast I got chatting to James and Joanna who run all of the events there. They were so accommodating and really looked after myself and the second photographer Nav. I wanted to mention them because it got me thinking if they are being so good to me. Can you imagine how they must be treating their brides and grooms! I’m sure Yoon and Tom thanked them and I just wanted to thank them here in this post and I’m super excited to work there again soon!

Wedding Portraits At Fulham Palace

When I’m photographing weddings I really love to try and see more than what’s in front of me. Just like when there are two people talking I’ll think beyond just the people and try and focus on the connections between those people. I’m not a huge fan of posed photos. Thats why when I’m shooting my portraits, its not me posing my couples. It’s more of me giving some minor directions and then allowing couples to enjoy being together and capturing that. It’s not natural for couple to pose together in front of the camera. Thats why I don’t want them to pose. Tom and Yoon had already had a shoot with me and knew my relaxed approach to this. We were super lucky to have a dry day too for this November wedding.

Evening Reception and First Dance

Yoon and Toms evening reception was full of smiles laughs, masks and plenty of fun. Even though most weddings follow a similar format I always love how individual and unique they are. This always boils down to the people. There are always so many fun people that make weddings what they are. Especially wheat comes to the evening reception. A huge mention of the father of the bride and the bride dance as they danced to the song Gangnam Style! The energy was high the atmosphere was amazing and it was an all round pleasure to shoot this winter wedding at Fulham Palace. Yoon and Tom are super nice people and to have been able to capture this part of their history for them is something I’m incredibly proud of. Hopefully our paths will cross again and I get to see Tom “pull that face” behind Yoons back!

Fulham Palace Wedding Photos