Peckforton Castle Wedding

Wow, what a wedding this was! After doing their pre wedding shoot with Sarah and Sam they booked me for their Peckforton Castle Wedding. I was super humbled when they booked me for their wedding because Sarah is a graphic designer and has an artistic eye. So when she told me she love my work it was great! Both of there guys are super happy people and are always smiling and after a brief chat about their wedding party going to be awesome, I knew this was going to be an awesome wedding. Peckforton Castle is up there as one of the best Cheshire wedding venues and knowing its such a great place to shoot I was really excited about this one.

Here is a little about their wedding and some of their wedding photos to go with.

Great Hall First Dance

Sometimes I try not to see myself as a “wedding photographer” but more of a photographer of atmospheres, people and emotions. I love to focus on light and characters. Connections between people and try and show this in my work. This Great Hall First Dance photo does look like an obvious wedding photo, however I have really tried to incorporate light, people and creativity into the shot. The castle is a great venue for allowing me to do this. One of the many reasons I love being a Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographer. I also love in this image how all of Sam and Sarahs family and friends are surrounding them.

Great Hall First Dance


Wedding Preparations

Preparing for weddings, and by preparing I’m talking about the morning of. The wedding preparations can be a mix of all sorts of emotions. Happiness, love, excitement, nerves and more. I often overhear bridesmaids in the mornings of weddings say, “its quite calm here this morning”. They say it like they thought it was going to be chaotic. Though more often than not the bridal prep stage is always relaxed and fun. Though emotions do begin to build the closer it gets to the bride leaving for the ceremony. It was just like this whilst Sarah was getting ready and I really wanted a nice photo of her before she left the room to become Mrs Field. Love this dress by The Bridal Lounge! Awesome work by Rebecca Forshaw and Gabby too on the hair and make up!

Peckforton Castle bride in dress


Getting Married At Peckforton

The majority of couples that want a Peckforton Castle Wedding want a feeling of grandeur at their wedding. I mean if you’re choosing a castle for a wedding then that’s pretty much what your going to get wether you like it or not! Sarah and Sams ceremony was just this. They both looked incredible, they had the great hall decorated by Jo from Elegant Events and Sarahs bouquet made by May Flower Bloom. All this combined to allow for the most amazing wedding. As you can see during the ceremony, the place looked amazing, they looked amazing and the whole day was just incredible. I really hope you enjoy the rest of these images that I took being Sarah and Sams Cheshire Wedding Photographer.

wedding ceremony at Peckforton Castle