Black & White Wedding Photos

There is such a timeless aesthetic associated with black-and-white wedding photography. Removing the colours from the photographs somehow removes the association with the modern day. I suppose this isn’t just in relation to wedding photography. Any photo that is in black and white has this effect. When it comes to wedding photography though, there are so many great moments that happen throughout the day. It’s a great opportunity to use this desaturation technique to enhance the image’s purpose.

bride and her father dancing at Italian wedding in black and white

Black and White or Colour?

How to decide whether or not a photo should be in black and white is primarily personal preference. Through using my experience as a professional photographer specialising in capturing moments. Here is my opinion on whether or not a photo should be in Black and White to colour.

When I’m shooting on a wedding day I’m not specifically thinking about black and white or colour. I’m primarily focusing on the moments that are happening around me, what the light is like and what composition I should use to illustrate the atmosphere and mood. It’s only during post-production I really think about making a photograph black and white or colour.

Approximately 95% of my wedding photographs that get delivered are in colour. So my default “setting” if you will is to deliver the images in colour.

When will you change an image to black and white? I hear you say!

I make an image in black and white if I believe that the moment within the photograph is so special, that I don’t want anything distracting from the moment itself. For example, the image above is a beautiful moment between a bride and her father during their sorrento wedding at Villa Zagara. The colours are actually super nice in these images if you look at the full blog post in the link. There are plenty of similar images of the duo dancing under the tungsten lights on the Amalfi coast. But this specific moment of the dance, to me, was perfect to select for black and white. This exact moment in time isn’t about the colours but 100% about how much this man adores his daughter.

Another example;

black and white moment of bride kissing her grandma

I get a lot of comments from my couples about this photo. Perhaps a stronger example of why I make a photo black and white when boils down to making the moment a priority over the colours or anything else distracting from the moment. It’s still one of my favourite wedding photos I’ve taken. Firstly because I just think it’s a great-looking image. Secondly and more importantly this moment will mean so so much to the bride and her family. This is my job at the end of the day. To capture what matters most to people.

Creative Black & White Photography

Another reason for me selecting an image to be in black and white is from a creative perspective. Now we all know that creativity is super subjective so this really is my own creative brain taking the lead here. Though maybe you’ll agree it was a good choice in this example below. This photo contains several of the world’s most famous alcoholic drinks. That are themselves black and white. I thought making the whole image desaturated would harmonise the image, bringing it all together to make a great photograph.

black and white suits and black and white drinks

Black and White Portraiture

Almost all of my work is documentary based. I spend most of my time shooting everting organically and naturally. Capturing moments, setting the scene, and making photos of the events as they happen. Though when you have a professional photographer at your fingertips, you’re looking absolutely incredible, you have the perfect setting and you want a few snaps to illustrate this. I love to make portraits of my couples.

Here on the Amalfi coast, this newly engaged couple Yana + Travis had me over to make some great photos of them. I’ll mention more of this further down, but most of this photoshoot was shot and delivered in colour. I love to mix it up a little adding variety to the final set of photographs. You can see more portraiture BW photos in my full portfolio.

bride and groom in italy in timeless black and white world

Timeless Wedding Photography

This is one of the more self-explanatory reasons I use. I’d like to think you’ll agree that there is not a lot in this photo that illustrates the time period that it was taken. I think there is something quite magical about that. Trends, colours, and fashion can all fade so removing the colours from this photo mean that it’s much less like to age. Of course, it helps that in this specific image, it’s a timeless-looking car and the dress is stunning too. Though the desaturation brings it all together for a timeless wedding photo.

timeless black and white image of bride getting out of wedding car

One final reason I’ll share with you that I’ll choose to desaturate an image is when there are several photographs of the same scene. I’m just giving a little variety to the final set of images I’ll deliver to the couple. This photo, believe it or not, has a rainbow in it. Yet I still made this one back and white. There were many images with the rainbow in though I thought the contrast of the bride’s white dress and the dark background made for a great BW image. Hope you like it!

bride and groom walking towards a storm in black and white scene

39 Black & White Wedding Photographs

Here are some more images that I love in BW and I really hope you like them. You can see much more of my colour work in my portfolio and access my blog posts. Thanks for reading 🙂

bride looking down at the ground

girl watches her parents getting married

friend of the groom kissed him on the side of the face

wedding guests sitting around eating pizza at Scarlett hall

groom wiping a tear at Scarlett hall

brides father kisses her on the hand

wedding guests dance under lights at italy wedding

bride getting emotional before her asian wedding

bride looks out of car in timeless black and white

groom laughs during speeches

couple close together laughing at speeches

bride doing her finishing touches at Liverpool wedding

groomsmen put on groom tie at wedding gin Ireland

groom being dressed by mum at wedding

mother of the bride hugs her daughter at wedding ceremony

emotional son at wedding cries at Scarlett hall

bridesmaid crying during church wedding service

black and white portraits of newly weds

bride and groom clapping at Liverpool wedding

grandmother kisses bride on her cheek at Liverpool wedding

bride cries with her groom at Ireland wedding at Adare Manor

bride walks along jetty at Lake District wedding

groom smoking a cigar on his wedding day

bride hugs her sister emotionally before wedding

bride and groom looking happy for Yorkshire wedding

groom fastening his shirt before his wedding

bridesmaid wipes a tear during wedding ceremony in The Cotswolds

italy wedding of couple walking though a gate

bride with her hand on her chest getting emotional at Cheshire wedding

guest falling asleep during speeches

groom reads a letter from his bride

black and white posed photos of bride and groom

bride hugs her dad after a wedding dance

bride wipes lipstick from grooms face at Sicily wedding

groomsmen and bridesmaids standing for wedding photo

bridal party walking from Wynyard hall wedding

couple pose for black and white portraits at italy elopement