Thornton Manor Pre Wedding Shoot

Tara + Edward

When I first started out in photography I knew from the start that I wanted to photograph people. As much as food looks amazing and landscapes can be breathtaking. Capturing the connections between people and making images of the relationships between people trumps all others for me. Especially at weddings when there are so many connections and relationships to be captured. Even on this Thornton Manor Pre Wedding Shoot with Tara and Edward. It was great to meet them, find out who they are and work with them to portray this is the most natural way possible. Although there is little posing, I give some basic direction and allow my couples to be themselves. This leaves me to be creative and make images for them that’ll love.

Luxury Cheshire Wedding Venue

I just love this wedding venue too. I actually included this venue in my Best Cheshire Wedding Venues post. Also being a Cheshire Wedding Photographer this is a place I’m lucky to photograph at more regularly. This is the venue Tara and Edward have chosen for their wedding and now we’ve had a “trail run” I’m so excited to shoot the wedding. Although getting to have a look around the venue with the couple from a photography perspective during this pre wedding shoot. This doesn’t really give me a huge advantage towards planning for the wedding photography on the day. With so many different factors affecting photography it couple be so different on the day. The light will almost certainly be different. Even if the weather is identical, the timings allowed for photography could be different. The huge benifit of having a pre wedding shoot is all about building confidence and trust with your photographer. Although you may trust what your photographer has told you and you trust his work and recommendations. Really spending time with them before hand can be priceless.

Just want to thank Tara and Edward for trusting me as their Thornton Manor Wedding Photographer. I hope you enjoy this Thornton Manor Pre Wedding Shoot as much as we enjoyed making the pictures together.

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