Yorkshire Wedding Photographers

Being a wedding photographer that shoots weddings all over the UK and Europe I get to shoot in some amazing locations. Though if you’ve booked a Yorkshire wedding then you won’t need me to tell you that Yorkshire is breathtakingly beautiful. Yorkshire Wedding Photographers are incredibly proud to shoot weddings here. Having wedding photos on your website from weddings in this region really adds a lot of character to their work. All of the best UK wedding photographers have shot here in Yorkshire and I’m super proud to have shot here.

Yorkshire Wedding Photographers

This is why I love getting into the city of York or the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales. Just being a photographer here is something special and throw in a magical celebration and you’ll not be surprised that it’s a dream place for Yorkshire Wedding Photographers. Here is a little of my experience as a wedding photographer and why I love shooting them.

Yorkshire Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography In Yorkshire

When I’m photographing weddings in Yorkshire, or weddings anywhere for that matter I always want to make sure my couples understand that I’m not one of these wedding photographers that has you and your guests standing around for hours. I’m sure that you don’t want to waste the day you’ve invested so much time in standing around having your photos taken. Hopefully you’re looking for a wedding photographer that just wants your wedding to happen, the photographer is great at their job and just captures it just the way it happens.

If you’re sure you don’t want a wedding photographer that will have you standing around for hours then I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to have a read through the reviews that previous couples have left. Or if you like my style and approach enough then let’s arrange a Skype or telephone call. I love hearing from couples and all about the weddings.

21 Yorkshire Wedding Photographs

Yorkshire Wedding In The Dales

Newburgh Priory At Sunset

Yorkshire Wedding in The Evening

Yorebridge House Wedding Photography

Yorkshire Wedding Photographers

Getting Ready At Yorebridge House

Wedding Reception At Yorebridge House

Yorkshire Weddings

Why Yorkshire Is A Perfect Location For Weddings

Yorkshire is an ideal location to hold your wedding and there are so many great reasons to have it here. So I thought I would write a little about why its so great to have weddings here. Take a look at all that Yorkshire has to offer you and how, over the years, it has become the location that is becoming more and more popular for weddings.

Ideal location for guests to visit

The Yorkshire county is a stunning location that has much to offer both you and your guests. As couples invite guests from all over the UK and the world, your guests will be hoping for somewhere beautiful. This is exactly what Yorkshire has to offer. From breath-taking views to historical grounds, there’s so much that can be done here. Therefore, your guests will be loving the surroundings they are in. In fact from a photography perspective, they’ll be taking plenty of photos themselves, both at your wedding and before and after when they’re in the gorgeous countryside.

Your guests can go ahead and explore different locations as well, before and after the wedding. So, you’re set to go when it comes to the guests. They will surely love what the Yorkshire countryside has to offer and many will already plan their days before and after the wedding. Your wedding guests will be delighted at what a wonderful wedding destination you chose.

Beautiful views 

When it comes to the views, there are not many places that can compete with Yorkshire. In all its nature and beauty, you get to hold one of the most precious events of your life. Celebrate your wedding amidst beautiful barns and other locations that offer you the most stunning and gorgeous views that you have ever seen.

You can also get excited about how beautiful your wedding pictures turn out. No matter which location you choose in Yorkshire, you will ultimately have the greatest backdrop ever for your wedding pictures. What’s better than that? The views will not only add to your pictures, but they will also hold great memories for you. The romantic and picturesque surroundings will make you remember your wedding day fondly as you are bound to have the best day ever. The views and surrounding will also give your guests a feeling of being away and on break from their work schedules. When the guests are enjoying themselves, this always helps to make great wedding photography. After all weddings are all about people. So if the people are good, the pictures tend to be good.

Wedding Food

Great views are not all that you get when it comes to celebrating your wedding in Yorkshire; you also get the option for choosing amongst the best cuisines. With the variety of food available in Yorkshire, you can find something ideal for your wedding without having to worry about the taste- everything tastes great! There are so many great caterers in Yorkshire and they really do take their food seriously.

You need good food for your wedding and every corner of Yorkshire will won’t leave you disappointed in this aspect. Whichever caterer you opt for, you will end up with the ultimate food options to choose from for yourself and your guests. Given how important this part is for your wedding, you can rest assured that things will go right. Many venues offer you suggestions for catering services as well, so things are made easier for you. However, if you have a particular option in mind, then you can always opt for that to overcome all your worries.

Yorkshire Wedding Venues

When it comes to the wedding venues that you can choose from, Yorkshire has an abundance of wedding venues. So many Yorkshire Wedding Photographers I’ve spoken with love shooting here as the venues have so much character.  With many different types of locations available, you can easily pick whichever one caters to your needs the most. Each of them is equally beautiful and your decision mainly depends on what kind of preference you have.

Weddings In Castles

A castle not only holds historical importance, but their ambiance is something that many people like in weddings. Hold your wedding indoors or outdoors while choosing amongst multiple of castles present in Yorkshire county. Castle Howard in York is an exceptional location to hold weddings and is considered a quite popular one as well. There are plenty more like this and you’re sure to fall in love with each of them. This might make choosing the venue difficult, but the greater options you have, the more likely that you’ll get what you want.

Yorkshire Wedding Barns

Another go-to wedding venues are modernized barns all across Yorkshire. You will find a variety of them and each of them has distinct features to offer. A common and popular barn to get married at The Oakwood at Ryther. I love making Oakwood At Ryther Wedding Photography and you have to consider this place if you’ve not yet booked your wedding venue. It offers you great views and beautiful indoors to hold your wedding at. Moreover, barns offer you exclusivity that many other venues don’t. From accommodations to many other services, you will find Yorkshire to have an abundance of them.

Parks and Gardens

A wedding in a completely natural surrounding? Sounds like a dream. Yorkshire is perfect for this as it is filled with a variety of national parks and gardens that you can choose from to place your weddings. Add a natural and beautiful touch to your wedding and make everybody’s experience exceptional. Take great pictures, enjoy the outdoors, and dance away on your wedding surrounded by natural elements that everyone enjoys.


If you are a fan of the coast, then you can also hold your wedding close by to the coast to take in the maximum benefits of the views that they offer. Bridlington, Scarborough, and Filey are exceptional locations where you can easily score the perfect coastal destination for your wedding. Don’t underestimate the views that a coastal wedding offers you. Make your wedding memorable and just go for it!

Yorkshire Wedding Ceremonies

The wedding ceremony is one of the most significant things about the wedding day and I love taking photos of this. Again the ceremony is mainly about people and specifically the two of you. Though the location you choose for your wedding ceremony in Yorkshire will make is difference to your wedding photos. The location adds plenty of atmosphere and ambience to the feeling of it all and will really show when your looking back at your photos in your wedding album.

Yorkshire holds many places and services that you can take a look at and ensure that your day is memorable. You will no doubt be engulfed with what this beautiful county has to offer you. From stunning views to a multitude of wedding venues, you can have it all if you decide to choose Yorkshire as your wedding destination.