Wynyard Hall Bridal Party

A new image in the “why I love this wedding photo” series and this one has so many attributes from a photographers perspective. Even if you exclude the aesthetics and the moments. Which are extremely important and really do help to make great wedding photography. Especially the moment, the moment trips everything when it comes down to such an important day like a wedding. However as much as I love moments, almost all of my images would be moments if I went on that all of the time.

What I love about this image is the composition, the light and the variety in each bridesmaid in their stance etc. The light at Wynyard Hall is incredible thanks to its large tall windows and large rooms. The huge space in the bridal suite here just helps make for amazing images. After all all photography is, is working with light from a technical perspective.

Mary knew she was likely to get emotional when reading this letter. Her husband to be sent it over and I remember her bridesmaids getting both excited and emotional themselves when surrounding her. I get a lot of people ask me if I get bored going to weddings all the time. The truth is, every wedding is completely different. It’s so nice to see people opening up their hearts to each other. I love photographing people and I’ll never get bored of it.

Thanks to Mary and her bridesmaids for making this moment and having me there to capture this but the whole wedding.

Wynyard Hall Bridal Party

Please use the button above to see more from this wedding at Wynyard Hall. A venue in which I’m a recommended supplier and if these images are still not enough from you. You can see more of Mary + Chris on their Wynyard Hall engagement shoot here. If you yourself are getting married here or in the North East. Or know of anyone getting married then I would love to hear from you.