How To Choose A Wedding Venue

Location Of Your Wedding Venue

Although its your wedding, you’ll probably be inviting some very important people to your wedding so take some of this into consideration when choosing your wedding venue.

When looking for a wedding venue one of the first things you may want to consider is how easy it will be for your main guests to get there. I’m mentioning this because you don’t have to get married locally, the world is your oyster and with cheap flights to Europe and places across the UK. Such as Scotland and its coastal areas are so beautiful. As much as many of us destination wedding photographers love to travel abroad for weddings there are beautiful wedding venues here in the UK. 

Do you have any elderly guests coming and if they need to stay over is there appropriate accommodation for them?

When selecting your wedding venue will you be having the ceremony at the same location as the reception?

If they are in separate locations then how practical is it to travel from one location to another?

This wedding I shot for Joe & Verity was in a tree house! OK, you didn’t need to climb a rickety ladder to get to it but it was deep in a woodland and a little off road. A county local to me is Cheshire and this place really does have some of the best wedding venues in the world. See this article on cheshire wedding venues for more. 


Flow At Your Wedding Venue

Once you have a shortlist of location and wedding venues you may want to speak with the lead wedding coordinator of the venue to ask how a typical day flows.

I’ve been photographing weddings in the past and there have been really long pauses in between parts of the wedding and guests have got really bored! Especially when the ceremony and the reception are in the same room and the staff take a long time to turn it around.

If you think its inevitable you can always fill this boring gap with an awesome magician. Take a look at David Burgess. Even if you don’t like magic, it will keep your guests entertained! Though you may want to book him even without a gap!

Its essential for your wedding planning to consider the weather. For a number of reasons really, but will there be an indoor area for reception drinks for your guests?

Maybe contact brides and grooms who have had a wedding at the venue to ask how it went for them.


bride walking down the isle in great hall

Your Wedding at Your Wedding Venue

So you may of already sacrificed your dream wedding in New Zealand so make sure your in charge of the rest of the decision making.

What I mean by this is that when booking your venue. Make sure its just the venue you are booking. Some venues have photographers and caterers factored into their price. Make sure your free to select your own. If your booking for own photographer make sure you ask them some questions too. As well as that, are the venue providing chairs and tables? Is there a restriction on how late the party can go on for? Are you allowed music outdoors.

lake windermere bride and groom

Ask About Your Wedding Venue

After people have taken a look at my wedding photography and booked with me. They have to sign a contract. Well we both do as it protects us both from each other if drastic things go wrong.

I’m super happy that people just sign and book with me though I’m always surprised at how many brides don’t ask any questions. Maybe my contract is super easy to understand. But it got me thinking. When it comes down to finding a wedding venue make sure you ask them every possible question you can think of.

Make a list of questions and before you book your wedding venue ask, ask, ask! In fact if you are ever with someone else from the venue on a tour for example, ask them too! You may get a different answer!

Maybe they have some refurbishments going on that one person may forget to tell you!


Poppi wedding tuscany

Lighting At Your Wedding Venue

Photography will be a big part of your day I’d imagine. Especially as once your wedding day is over, all you’ll have to look back on is your wedding photography. Well apart from your memories. Though if you have the right photographer you’ll be able to relive the day over and over again.

As photography is important. Its also important that the light in the venue is sufficient enough for the photographer to work in. You may have a romanic, candlelit moody wedding but how will you photos come out if they’re important to you.

Are there any places to take photographs with light after the ceremony. Outdoors maybe, though if the weather is bad are there any indoor locations for some great photography with natural light.


sefton palm house wedding