Shankly Wedding Photographer

Shooting weddings in my home city is something I’m super proud to do. Scousers by nature are super patriotic to their home city and when people decide to have weddings here in this wonderful city it becomes music to my ears! Being a Shankly Wedding Photographer gives me the greatest opportunity to make amazing pictures for you and your wedding. I’m sure you don’t want mediocre and traditional wedding photos. Just like when Mel and Liam got in touch for their wedding, they told me they wanted a photographer that was less traditional whilst still capturing all of the special moments of their wedding day.

Shankly Wedding Photographer

Shankly Wedding Liverpool

Liverpool Wedding

Ive mentioned already how much I love to shoot weddings in Liverpool. The Shankly Hotel in particular has a strong connection with the city after the hotel is named after the late and legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly. I’ve no doubt that your wedding will be full of emotion, fun and character. I’m bringing up character as the city has plenty of it which makes it the perfect place for a wedding. City Weddings are pretty awesome and if your having your wedding here I’d love to hear from you!

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I Love Being A Wedding Photographer

People often ask me as a wedding photographer if I get bored of going to weddings all the time. The simple answer is no. One of the very reasons I love doing what I do is because I love people. It can be quite a solitary job being a wedding photographer. Though the people I get to meet through the years is amazing. Not only am I meeting these people, but I’m meeting them on one of the most exciting days. I especially love the morning of a wedding when the bride and her bridesmaids are enjoying really good quality time together. Love how much you can see they are super close friends and I love capturing these relationships. I love seeing the reaction of the bridesmaids when they see the bride in her wedding dress.

A Scouse Wedding Party

Liverpool is well know for its energetic nightlife and amazing people. Somehow the people of the city and the place itself create some sort of magic that make it an incredible place to party. If you are then to throw a wedding into the equation then you talking about a serious good time if your having a Liverpool Wedding. Going back to the question about people asking me if I get bored of going to weddings all of the time. How could I? I get to go to the best and most exciting parties of peoples lives for a living. From the moment the bride and groom romantically hold each other during their first dance as husband and wife to the crazy dance moves late into the night. I love being the one who gets to capture it all and makes me love being a Liverpool Wedding Photographer.

If your looking for a Shankly Wedding Photographer to cover your wedding, i’d love to hear form you and what plans yo have.