New House Farm Wedding

Clare + Richie

New House Farm Wedding

I absolutely adore photographing wedding in the Lake District and Clare and Richies New House Farm Wedding was no exception. I mean you don’t need many reasons to get married here! Clare and Richie booked me as their wedding photographer and also booked me for a pre wedding shoot. We did this sunset pre wedding shoot in Formby not too far from where they live. It was great getting to know them a little more on this shoot and also them getting to know me was beneficial too. Having this pre wedding shoot helped us on the wedding day as we were already both used to shooting together. I love how natural Clare and Richie are in front of the camera in their wedding photos here and I think the pre shoot helped a lot!

Bridal Preparations

Clare and her bridal party all got ready at the wedding venue its self and Richie and his groomsmen got ready just down the road. I was loving the pre wedding vibes during the bridal preparations and there were plenty of emotions too! Some happy some sad but all in all it was a super nice morning. Things got especially emotional when one of Clare’s closest friends and supposed to be bridesmaid was called on FaceTime as she wasn’t able to make it.  Clare’s amazing flowers for both her bouquet and the rest of the wedding were provided by The Floristry.  Weddings always go so fast and especially during the morning and after some drinks, shots, FaceTime calls and Clare was finally in her wedding dress. She looked amazing and I’m super grateful to have spent the morning capturing one of the best mornings Clare has had!

Bridal Preperations

Love In The Lakes

This was the hashtag that the now married couple chose for their any social media posted by any of the guests. Quite a fitting tag too as it was such a lovely day. After the bridal prep and ceremony they had an outdoor drinks reception before Clare, Richie and myself went off for some couple photos of just the two of them at Crummock Water. I love these images of just the two of them and each time I look at them I get super excited about being a Lake District Wedding Photographer again! The Lake District can be super unpredictable when it comes down to weather, though I honestly down think we could of had it any better! We had some sun, we had sunsets, we had moody skies and it stayed dry all day! Pretty perfect Lake District weather.

Lake District Wedding Photographer Bride and Groom Mountain Scenery Lake District Wedding bride and Groom together Lake District Wedding Photography


Evening Wedding Party

Weddings at New House Farm are great for many reasons but one of the things I love about taking photos at this venue is the evening wedding party. Its the perfect room to have the perfect party to end your wedding. What made this one so good though was not only did Clare and Richie look amazing and super happy during the whole day, but the evening was played by Michael Mulholland (who also played acoustics during the ceremony) (he’s pretty awesome) and they had Miranda Rimmer on sax keeping the energy levels super high! Between the two of them they always had the dance floor full and it was an incredible party and the most amazing end to a perfect day.

I want to say a special mention to Lucy of Lucy’s Of Ambleside for the incredible catering. I dont usually have “special mentions” however these guys provided such great food and an amazing service. Ive since stayed in touch with Lucy and would highly recommend her and her catering to anyone!

A Cumbrian Wedding

Wedding Slide Show

Are You Having A Lake District Wedding?

If your having a New House Farm Wedding I’d love to hear from you! Or maybe you’re having your wedding somewhere else in the Lake District they have some amazing wedding venues here. Or maybe somewhere else in the world and you’re just growing here. I’d love to hear from you and find out more about what your wedding plans are. I love chatting to couples who are planning weddings. Sometimes the planning can be as exciting as the wedding! Please get in touch and let’s set up a call or Skype.