How To Find The Best Wedding Photographer

Hey! A huge thanks for coming to my website. I’ve decided to put this article together about how to find the right wedding photographer to try and help brides and grooms to be. Or at least point them in the right direction. I really wish there was a simple answer to this question, though the reason that there isn’t an easy answer is great news for you. The reason is because there are so many great wedding photographers all over the UK. All of these photographers can be found in so many different ways.

However too much choice can be a hindrance so hopefully after reading this you should be able to narrow your choice of wedding photographers down to a much smaller number.

Find Them On Google

This is one of the main ways my couples find me. For example; as an experienced Cotswolds Wedding Photographer I now rank very high on Google for this search term. So if your having your wedding in a specific region like the Cotswolds then go-ahead and type that into google and you’ll find some photographers who regularly shoot in that area.

This is exactly how Devorah and Daniel found me. They’d typed Lake District Wedding Photographer into google and found me somewhere near the top. Obviously you could still spend hours and hours flicking though all of the pages and pages google provide. Though my advice is to type in your search term and look at a few. See which ones resinate with you the most and then reach out to them.

Here is Devorah and Daniel enjoying each others company at their Winter Wedding At Silverholme Manor.

How To Find The Best Wedding Photographer

So why use Google when trying to find the best wedding photographers? Its not an exact science that the best wedding photographers are all sitting at the number one spot on Google. However if they’re up there then Google has every reason to believe that their website is well built, they have good and relevant content for what your looking for and that they should be considered for the service you’re looking for.

Obviously this is only the start of your search and once you’re looking at the wedding photographers who are ranking well on google. You’ll still want to make sure that their style of photography suits you and that the actual person is the right fit for you too. The last thing you want is the perfect images you like and you don’t really connect with the actually person taking the photos.

Search On Instagram

Another main source of my work comes from my instagram account. Its a great place for photographers to publish their work and almost build a portfolio on there. Below you can see a photo of Cherry + Thomas. These guys found me on Instagram after searching the hashtag #franceweddings. This how I became their Destination Wedding Photographer over in Nice, France. I also adverts on Instagram so don’t be put off if they flash when you’re scrolling through stories or your feed. Although my adverts tend to lean more towards adding value to couples planning on getting married. For example; instead of just putting an advert out there saying “hey book me, look at my work etc.” I’ve created a list of valuable articles to help all brides and grooms out and then they can decide if they want to look further or get in touch.

You can see this list of helpful articles here.

Domaine de Bruguieres Wedding photography

Here above is one from my Southern France Wedding Photography.

Why use Instagram to find your wedding photographer? Instagram mainly about images. It’s a photographers dream social platform to showcase their work. So gain you’re going to end up with plenty of choice. Maybe too much, though just spend sometime researching the hashtags that you resinate with and don’t be afraid to click the ads and see what people have to offer.

Ask Your Friends

It’s likely that you will know someone who was married in the last couple of years, and if you’re lucky maybe really recently. These people are really good to speak with. Yeah sure you have seen a couple of their wedding photos, though it would great to know what the photographer was like to work with. What where they like on the day? Were they bossy with your wedding guests? Did they make you feel as ease? Did they go above and beyond for you before during and after the wedding day?

Your friends may even be willing to share their full wedding gallery with you. That way you’ll be able to see the whole wedding photo story from start to finish.

Below you can see an image from Cecile and Pauls wedding. After they had decided on getting married in the Cotswolds and they’d book their wedding venue. It was a friend they had got in touch that had recommend them to me. After we had connected though a zoom call, Paul and Cecile booked me as their Barnsley House Wedding Photographer.

Luxury Floral Wedding In The Cotswolds

I love Barnsley House Weddings. Its an amazing wedding venue and if your considering this location for you wedding its a great venue as far as outdoor wedding venues in the cotswolds go.

You can see more images from this Luxury Floral Wedding The Cotswolds.

Use A Wedding Planner

Having a wedding planner is great for many reasons. Though here I just want to talk about how they can help you find the right wedding photographer for you. The best wedding planners won’t just tell you which wedding photographer to book. They’ll most likely know and will have worked with many wedding Photographers over the years. With this experience they’ll be able to provide you with a short list of the best uk wedding photographers tailored for you.

You’ll be able to let your wedding planner know what type of photography you like, what styles or other things you make be looking for. Maybe you want a more traditional approach to you’re photography or a more laid back approach. Maybe you even want somewhere in between. Either way, a great wedding planner will help you for sure.

Feel free to reach out with a recommended planner Charlotte Elise Events. Part of her services are find the the right wedding suppliers that will be hand picked for you, your personalities and your style of wedding.

Borgo Corsignano Wedding Photography

This image above was taken after I was hired as Megan and Marks Tuscany wedding photographer.

Once you’ve done all your research using all of the methods about and you have a list of the best uk wedding photographers. Make sure you take the time to speak with these photographers. Getting to know the person behind the camera can have a huge impact on your wedding photos. Imagine finding the most beautiful images you’ve ever seen. Then you book the photographer and on the wedding day you guys just don’t click (no pun intended). This may change how you feel around them and this will effect how you may look ing the photos if you feel uncomfortable.

Almost all of the wedding photographers I know are really nice people, though everyone has different opinions and people see each other differently.

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I hope you found this article on How To Find The Best Wedding Photographer useful and you find the perfect person to shoot your dream wedding.

If you would like to know more about me as a wedding photographer or how I approach my weddings, sit back and watch the video below.

How To Find The Best Wedding Photographer