Eaves Hall Weddings

Why I Love To Shoot Here

Based in the North West of England this is a venue thats not too far from me at all. Eaves Hall Weddings are great and being an Eaves Hall Wedding Photographer is something I’ve not taken for granted. The good thing about this is that its great to only be just a short drive away once a wedding day is over. Though I think even if this wedding venue was a good few hours away from me, it would still be worth the travel as its such a great venue from a photographers perspective. I love to shoot weddings at Eaves Hall and here’s why;

eaves Hall Weddings


Preprations At Eaves Hall

I’ve been to enough weddings now all over the UK to know that the morning of a wedding is really exciting for so many reasons. It’s been a day that so many people have been looking forward too. Spending time with the bride and her bridesmaids in the morning is great. The good thing about Eaves Hall is that the preparation areas for both the guys and the girls is amazing.

There is plenty of space and plenty of light. From a photographers perspective this couldn’t be more perfect. It gives photographers enough space to allow the morning to flow with out getting in the way. It really helps us be more subtle. This makes for so mice better candid photos.

The Wedding Ceremony

Photographically speaking,  wedding ceremonies here at Eaves Hall are so nice to shoot. The indoor ceremony room isn’t huge but still holds 120 people making it really intimate. The windows that line one side of the room allow enough light to come though to make wedding ceremonies look gorgeous. In addition to all of this its a really elegant room giving a really good finish to your wedding photos.

Eaves Hall Bridal Reveal

The Grounds

There are not many couples that I’ve worked with that “love” having their pictures taken. Though most of them want really nice photos of the two of them together. At Eaves Hall they have such nice grounds for the couple to walk around and just enjoy each others company alone. This way I can work around them to get really natural images of them and bring the gorgeous grounds into it. You can tell the staff really look after the place here as it always look immaculate.

Wedding Breakfast and Speeches

From a photographers perspective I don’t really take photos of people eating though the dining room here is really nice. Once the wedding breakfast is over though and the speeches begin, the room is the perfect setting for those emotional words. The decor makes for a very elegant and stylish backdrop for the photos.

First Dance + Party

Another perfectly intimate space for a first dance. Its not crammed at all though I have been to wedding with HUGE halls and everyone its too spaced out. Here there is plenty of room for all of your guests to have a great time whist making a perfect atmosphere. This will translate into the photos for sure. They give a strong feeling of atmosphere and energy. Making your wedding incredibly memorable.


Eaves Hall is a wedding venue i’m super excited to get back to and photograph at again. This is because of all of the reasons above. You really can have a venue thats too big and you can have one thats too small, though Eaves Hall is a perfectly sized wedding venue. It has so much potential for wedding photographers to be creative, document and make amazing photos that any couple would cherish for ever. Its one of the Best Lancashire Wedding Venues and any couple would be able to make this dream wedding venue the perfect location for their Lancashire wedding!