Eaves Hall Wedding Photographer

I remember the first time I arrived at Eaves Hall. I was super impressed with how the tree lined driveway welcomes you in. Knowing that the venue is exclusive too makes it all the more special as you know the wedding has a place of its own. One of the very reasons I love photographing weddings at Eaves Hall.

Eaves Hall Bridal Reveal

Dream Weddings At Eaves Hall

If you are on my page here, then I’m guessing you’re on the look out for a wedding photographer to capture your wedding at Eaves Hall? If that’s you then i’d love for you to take a look around my website have a look through some more of my wedding photos and see if you think we could be a good fit! Hopefully that could lead to a Skype and perhaps I could be photographing your dream wedding at Eaves Hall!

Wedding Photography In A Georgian Mansion

I’ve already mentioned that of of the reasons I love being an Eaves Hall Wedding Photographer is because this wedding venue is exclusive. Some of the other reasons I love shooting weddings here include the beautiful ruction room they offer that isn’t too small but ┬ájust the perfect size to create a perfect atmosphere for a wedding. The seven acres of gardens make for beautiful places to take bridal and groom portraits and the photo opportunities are endless. My style of photography works really well at this venue as I love that everything is connected and close by. Meaning that I can really focus on where and when the important moments are happening and be there to capture them. Please visit my portfolio to see more of my work.

Eaves Hall Wedding Photographer

Bridal Preparations At Eaves Hall

I just love the grandeur of the huge rooms available for brides and grooms here. They are so big and there is plenty of light available to either make creative photographs or using the light in a way to make great candids that flatter the people in the photos. As well at the bridal preparations here the grooms often choose to get ready here too. The exclusive venue makes this perfect and there is so much space to have all of the groomsmen and/or bridesmaids with either party on the day. I love this photo of Mara I took at her summer wedding at Eaves Hall. She was just having the finishing touches done before going off to marry her best friend.

Bridal Preparations At Eaves Hall


Lancashire Wedding Photographers

Not only will wedding photographers from Lancashire love to shoot weddings here, but from all over the UK. There are some great wedding venues all over the UK and I actually know wedding photographers from outside of the North West that have travelled to Eaves Hall to shoot a wedding and loved it. I love shooting weddings here and I actually featured this wedding venue in my Best Lancashire Wedding Venues post. If this is a venue you’ve booked and are looking for someone to document your day then I’d love to be considered to be your Eaves Hall Wedding Photographer. I feel its important for couples to book a photographer that’s right for them on a personal level and not only because you love their photos. Thats why I love to have a chat over the phone or Skype with my potential couples to see if we are a great fit.

Find Out More About Eaves Hall

Visit Their Website – https://www.eaveshall.co.uk/weddings/

Email Them – https://www.eaveshall.co.uk/contact/

Check Out Their Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/eaves_hall/

Address – Eaves Hall Lane, West Bradford, Clitheroe BB7 3JG

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