Cyprus Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is usually considered to be a fabulous choice for couples wishing to tie the knot in the most luxurious and grandeur manner imaginable. The charm, experience, and memories of hosting a wedding at a remotely beautiful destination come with loads of advantages. And this is especially true for those jetting off to Cyprus- one of Europe’s most renowned wedding as well as honeymoon destinations. A Cyprus Destination Wedding Is right up there for anywhere to get married on the planet. 

The romantic feeling of marking such a glorious milestone in your life, amidst the stunning Meditteranean islands, is truly breathtaking. Cyprus is all about celebrating love and allowing your wedding photographer to capture all these beautiful memories and moments. This is so you and your loved one can cherish moments like these for years to come. My Style and Approach as a Cyprus Wedding Photographer combined with the beauty of the island is the perfect recipe for a dream wedding.

Whether you’re looking for a wonderful location to say ‘I do’ or if you possess a keen interest in destination weddings, Cyprus is truly the place to be. And in case you’re wondering why here are some fabulous reasons this warm island should be on everyone’s destination wedding bucket list. 

Cyprus Weather

When planning a destination wedding, the climate and weather should always be focused upon. But when you’ve got a fabulous destination wedding in Cyprus, there’s so much to look forward to and truly nothing to worry about.

The island of love experiences bright sunny sunshine with blue skies all year round. That gives couples a whole lot of flexibility and freedom to plan an event that coordinates to their liking. This also ensures that wedding photographers can be given the leverage to embark upon adventurous outdoor shoots with sublime lighting conditions for the win. 

Beach Weddings

Every couple wishes to nail their bridal portraits in more ways than one. And believe it or not, the actual setting makes a world of difference when it comes to photographs. Cyprus is a fantastic opportunity for couples to live in the beauty of the moment while allowing their wedding photographer to capture an exquisite scene of the island’s glorious beauty.

The soft and pure white sandy beaches alongside the magnificently blue crystal clear waters are rare to find anywhere else. It’s here that couples can pose in an array of different ways while allowing their serene backdrops to do all the talking. 

Troodos Wedding Backdrop

Destination weddings are all about getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It also serves as an innovative opportunity to make the most of a vacation where close family and friends are involved. Relaxation of the utmost kind against nature’s alluring beauty is what Cyprus offers to visitors from around the globe. The rugged mountain terrain and picture-perfect countryside give couples a chance to keep their peace of mind and forget about everything else. 

Welcoming Cypriot Locals

They say the first impression leaves a great impact on one’s mind. And we couldn’t agree more with this notion. Cyprus welcomes its visitors with open arms and great hospitality. The friendly and heartwarming nature of locals is what sets it apart from all other destination wedding hotspots from around the world. 

Couples can embrace the feeling of home, even after being miles away in Cyprus. Despite Greek being the native language of locals, English is widely spoken and understood. And this is considered a major plus point for couples and their guests to enjoy. 

Cyprus Beach Wedding Hotels

A destination wedding calls for a memorable celebration. And the venue is of the utmost importance. The breathtaking Cyprus islands offer couples a plethora of locations to choose from. And needless to say, each place has couples spoilt for choice. 

The alluring whitewashed chapels scattered amidst the beaches offer couples a chance to fulfil a Greek-themed fantasy wedding in true authentic style. For those on the search for a more modern appeal, there are plenty of 4 and 5 star hotels whose grandeur and luxurious offerings are unbelievable, to say the least. Did we mention exchanging vows over the stunning blue waters on an all-exclusive private yacht? Now that’s what we call wedding dreams come true! 

Mediterranean Vibes

The festive ambience is sure to be picked by couples when they first lay foot on Cyprus territory. The island boasts of feel-good vibes with festivals taking place all year round. Some good examples include the Agri Cyprus Fair, Walnut Festival and the Great Grape Celebration. Whether it’s photographing memories or cherishing good times with those that mean the most, there’s a reason why the island of celebrations has its claim to fame as being a warm and unforgettable destination wedding location. 

Small Destination Island

Jetting off to an unfamiliar destination has a number of drawbacks with transport being one of them. Thankfully, the small and secluded geography of Cyprus allows visitors to travel from one city to the next with sheer ease. And by that, we mean transport by road in very little downtime. Visitors are also able to tour the different regions of Cyprus in a minimal number of days, giving them a chance to experience the diverse cultural offerings easily.

Cypriot Culture

The simplicity yet uniqueness of Meditteranean culture can be found right here in Cyprus. From food and wine to ancient customs and traditions, the island of love offers couples and their guest’s plenty of reasons to fall in love with the simple way of life. Having lived in Cyprus for 4 years it’s super nostalgic now for me to be a destination wedding photographer for this part of the world.

We’re talking rich and luscious seafood-infused diets, traditional bread-making techniques, the classic art of picking olives, family-style meal servings, visits to historic architectural ruins and the production of traditional arts and crafts, amongst many others.  

Cyprus Honeymoon

There are more reasons than one why couples can extend their stay for a splendid honeymoon by the sea. The island offers world-class water sporting facilities, luxurious spas, renowned casinos, agro-tourism opportunities and more for couples in search of adventure in peaceful surroundings.